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eBE isn't PTO'ed (yet)

Day 2,286, 05:51 Published in Belgium India by Fhaemita The Apostate
Authors note: This is a reply to eBE is PTOed and confusion and not a reply to Confusion part 2.
I will write a reply to that at a later date.

Salut Belgium Citizens,

Contrary to what is being said in the media by a couple of eBelgian citizens eBelgium has not yet been PTO'ed. A small minority of citizens mainly part of the party be Free oppose the current government and the wipe. This party currently only consist of fout people. This minority have taken it up to spam the media with articles that claim that eBelgium is already been PTO'ed and that there is confusion while this isn't the case. They think that with spamming the media with their opinion and that buying 100+ votes to make the article the most votes that it will make their opinion the truth and that spamming will make people believe their stance. I however think more highly of the eBelgian citizens and do not think spamming the media with propaganda is a solution but the eBelgian citizens do need to be informed and that is what I will do in this article.

The story that eBelgium is already PTO'ed is a bald face lie. Although we are under a PTO threat by a few Belgians who let in a great group of Croatians. The current government are both real life Belgians and people who come from other countries in real life but have lived in eBelgium the last 4/5 years. People like Jofroi, NLSP, Critically, Olv007 are real life Belgians and others like MaryamQ and MCKitkat, Konrad Neumann and me have been in eBelgium or at least part of eBelgian community for last 4/5 years. The current government and the people supporting it who've been running eBelgium and keeping it alive ever since it got back on the map after we regained our freedom our of our union with eUNL. How can we be PTO'ers? The person who made these accusations Princess Rapunzel BE has only been eborn a couple of month's ago so you should excuse her for her lack of knowledge of eBE history, eBE community and eBE citizens.

In another article written by Boer Jan about the wipe and the eNL situation he states that we are lost and confused. In this situation he is making some assumptions that are incorrect and some logical fallacy. For instance he says that Daily order from National Military Units are set to fight for eUK. With the current game mechanics this isn't even possible. You cannot set a MU to fight against your own country even if you use priorities. Another thing he pointed out that it wasn't logical that we have to pay for the food, weapons and also have to pay to move to fight for eUK. People who fight have to buy food and weapons already anyway and with the lack of MPP in eBelgium people have already have to move fight. A lot of our citizens are located in eUK or ePoland so they can already fight for eBelgium in either of those countries so I do not see the logical fail in this.

As for your argument about the Natural Enemy that the "eBE gov starts crying" we talked to eNL and we made it clear that we did not wanted to be wiped by eNL. Like I already stated in the previous article for eNL to take our regions there must be a certain degree of trust between both sides and with the fighting between both countries that trust was not there.

It is not about not wanting to lose control or not liking the eNetherlands it's about trust or lack of that. Prominent members of the current government like instance the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have openly supported the PTO'ers in eBelgium, when they suddenly want to "help eBelgium" in our ATO action and with our wipe I think it is only natural for us to be weary. There were also concerns that eNL wouldn't be able to hold the regions if/when a resistance war should be opened before the congress elections and if that happens we would have a congress election. I think that with eNL starting a NE confirms why there was a lack of trust between our two countries and it also shows a lack respect towards eBelgium.

Eendracht maakt macht / L'union fait la force

The Valeyard
Concerned eBelgian Citizen


El Che G
El Che G Day 2,286, 05:54

i dont like PTO-ers

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,286, 09:54

The thruth is that The valeyard is pto'ing Ebe for more then 5 months now... hes strenght is that he is a master in manipulating and writing lies .... naief people believe hes crap. The facts are simple, he is occupying Ebe for 5 months, first with Poalnd and now he used the UK.

Kaad Day 2,286, 05:54


MagicTitans Day 2,286, 05:55


Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 05:57


MCKitkat Day 2,286, 05:58

You are right, your comment is fake 🙂

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 06:04

I don't think so, I am real, very real.

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 06:05

Please re-read my comment, I said your comment is fake,you are real I know that 🙂

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 06:10

My comment is also very realistic.

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 06:16

You took 12 minutes to figure it out though 😛

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 06:20

I am old person.

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 05:57

How many votes are you going to buy this time?

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 06:03

There he goes, the voting has started....

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 06:04

Yes 11 votes, what a vote buyer 😃

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 06:06

11 votes in 15 minutes I must be vote buying *rolls eyes*
I am just spamming irc and shouting it actually that is how I get my votes 🙂

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 06:08

Just buy it; it is simple as that.

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 05:58

TRUTH (it hurts)

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,286, 06:13

Maybe we are not PTOed, but we will become the UK colony and we can thank you for that!

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 06:19

Yes, you'd preferred a NL colony didn't ya ? Well, you shouldn't gamble with such things on the market my friend 🙂

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,286, 07:01

I prefer a freedom! 🙂

Norbengo Day 2,287, 00:31

Than go back to Croatia and fight for it's freedom, or do you like it in Serbia? Freedom fighter much?

Olv007 Day 2,286, 06:53

I voted. Please pay me.

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,286, 07:24

As you propose we can be wiped for a long time, maybe just a few years!
For that time we will be under UK control from now!
We dont need a bonus on products, because you probably dont have a factory!
We dont need a money from tax who are too high but who cares! You can buy products on Poland market!
We destroyed national MU and not need a MPP, for that you have a foreign MU, and we dont need to fight for Belgium!

If you want smaller tax, bonus on product apply for UK CS!
If you want a DO every day, go in some UK MU!

Belgium is becoming a banana republic! Hail banana republic!

Brokenlove Day 2,286, 07:24

Get your facts straight, our president has never openly supported an PTO in your country.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 08:16

I am actually very well informed, I talked to him on this subject 🙂

Brokenlove Day 2,286, 08:20

And i know exactly were you talked about. So please 🙂

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,286, 08:22

He doesn't know different but to lie and buy votes with his cheap propaganda. 🙂

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,286, 08:21

Nice, you're again paying for votes from the eBe treasury.

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 08:30

Yes 31 votes bought, what a shady deal I'm sure everyone on Wall Street would give him a job for such a good buy ...

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,286, 08:45

Waiiiit for it... 🙂

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,286, 08:47

Maybe he spent all of the eBe money already? 😮
Maybe that's why he left BNA and went to tSF? 😮

Viridi Day 2,286, 09:24

There is still money in our reserves.

Niemand Day 2,286, 08:24

Voted for truth.
I do not have eBE citizenship, that was years ago, however I still follow the situation.
PTO is bad, PTO-ers use comforting lies, the truth sadly hurts.

Hugo Lilly
Hugo Lilly Day 2,286, 08:24

PTO's suck, hang in there friends.

Ely.nea Day 2,286, 08:26

it's maybe time to talk about the definition of ptoer's : )

We don't have the same. In the past, ebelgium was lucky to have good relations to help this little country.

You are lucky to have friends everywhere in this eworld.

Chihiroh Day 2,286, 09:44

"You cannot set a MU to fight against your own country even if you use priorities."

Actually you can. If your prio is 'Fight for UK' and they figh against eBE, the daily order will be set as such.

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,286, 10:03

Yes, I said that also in a comment below.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 11:03

I stand corrected 🙂

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,286, 09:52

Fake and gay... Valeyard is a liar and PTO'er pas it on!!

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,286, 09:59

The thruth is clear.... Valeyard is a liar and a thief. 4-5 months ago we had over 3000 gold and nearly a million CC. This was the process of years of careful management and budgetting. In a matter of months, they blew that all away. They organised massive give-aways, tournaments and aid programs. Some people received +100 gold. All people? No, only the ones who where active on the forum and part of the forum elite clan, meaning a handfull of 15-25 people who ran off with all the money. The rest of us got "nada", nothing.

Now we are out of gold, our treasury is completely empty and we see them all leaving in large numbers. They sucked eBelgium dry, like the parasites that they are, and now it's time to move on. Tell me then, "Who is the one that's out for eBelgian money? "

-In the nearly 2 years that we have been fighting to get a rightful place in eBelgium we have been PTO'd numerous times, we have been insulted countless times, we have been reported daily for multies (but never banned), we have been branded almost every vile name you can imagine, BUT NEVER have we made any attempts to steal anything (even when we had the chance), have we shown any clear signs that we work for some other government/country, or shown any sign that we are indeed a PTO-party rather than just a group of eBelgians/RL belgians who want a share of the power in eBE and help shape the country into the nation that we envision.

GoopyPants Day 2,286, 11:19

i never got any gold

Nohjis Day 2,286, 14:08

^_~ never ?

GoopyPants Day 2,286, 14:08

nope. whatever grand treasury distribution happened none of it ever ended up my way

MaryamQ Day 2,287, 00:59

That's pretty logical, since you have not been an eBelgian citizen for a long time.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,287, 02:47

Nice that it has been flooding up MQ and Jofroi's ways... 😛 sick

Nohjis Day 2,287, 11:07

Didn't land my way either Goopy, I haven't been eBelgian for a year but I'm glad it got spent on the eBelgian people and that everyone had a real chance to get their part.

Jofroi Day 2,286, 12:38

Actually, you're all wrong. The eBelgian treasury has been mainly build on a 2-3 months period basis when the economy went nuts a couple of years ago. The reserves have been decreasing every month ever since (although it has recently be faster decreasing).

Nohjis Day 2,286, 14:02

You're also forgetting the Backwards donation and the National competition.

Nohjis Day 2,286, 14:06

Who managed that money, who saved it ?
Even more importantly what good does money serve sleeping inside an account of eRepublik ?
Lastly, the money was spent based on activity in game (ex. Obtaining a top 5 in a battle based on government orders), the fact that you don't play the game means you didn't get money.

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