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eBE is PTOed

Day 2,285, 14:32 Published in Belgium Germany by Princess Rapunzel BE

I was thinking.. "Why are we getting wiped every month, before Congress elections." And, now, I understand, it's because eBE is PTOed.. PTOed by people that are in our GOV. for long time.. Who are not willing to give chance to eBelgians.

They just want power, and they are using "PTO" to create fake picture of opposition. They know that they can rule eBE long as we don't have Congress.

eBE is poor, yes it is, they stole everything. They destroyed BNA and citizens supplies.. they moved to UK MU's and getting supplies from them.. now, UK want to wipe us... something smells here...


We want referendum! WIPE or FREEDOM!

eBE is not under PTO threat, it is PTOed by those power/money hungry people!



Viridi Day 2,285, 14:57


Jofroi Day 2,285, 16:51

Well you know, the country president is elected every month by eBelgians and not by foreigners. As long as he's in favor of the wipe it means that the eBelgian citizens are still willing to be wiped to avoid such a PTO. This has nothing to do with strangers or people who left eBe, it is all about people who are still in eBelgium.

And for your information, there ARE croatians PTOers that are still trying to take control of the country. And the money that was spend was spend on all eBelgians, not to a restricted minority and everyone who was willing to take the benefits of it was able to request it (information was given in several official newspaper and therefore not hidden to only a "happy few"). On top of that, most programs targetted new players who aren't usually the old players you're reffering to.

Now if you want my opinion, the people who left for eUK have done much more for eBe than most of the citizens who are still currently in eBe and they deserve respect.

Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 2,285, 17:41

Again some people aren't informed enough or are jumping on conclusion.

Like Jof' said there are really foreigns PTOers in the country. The money was spent in citizens programs, for exemple I remember the lottery tickets that rewarded EVERY citizens. It was used in battle order to allows citizens to get money from fightning.

For exemple, the battle order was often showed as a way to waste money. The reality is that it was used as a way to give the money to our citizens who were fightning in these battles. A way to pay back for the tanks they used. So yes every citizens in eBE were able to get their part of the treasury, it was given to citizens !

Why the previous Govs did such spending or more correctly "giveaway" to citizens? Because there is a REAL PTO threat that is acting in eBE, no it is NOT the GOV like you said but a group of people able to bring a many multi accounts and friend as they want.

Many says or thinks that during elections multies are removed. Yes many are banned but their votes aren't and most of the time they aren't even banned. The current situation is that if the country isn't wiped these people will use many accounts and friend accounts that are in eBE with the only objective to take power with "normal means" to take the control of the country, so the treasury, when it'll happens they'll be able to control 100% of congress and bring even more foreign PTOERS.

I'm not trying to make people fear this is just what is happening or what they want to happens. They use proganda to make some people believe the gov were bad guys but this is false.

You should try to look things from another side. Why so many people are fightning and trying to show the danger they represents since a very long time?

Why some people are using the same progagandas everyday (which are non sense) and why are they attacking or even threatening some people in private message? (they will recognize themselves)

They want the power but a few citizens do their best.

Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 2,285, 17:44

They do their best to counter their PTO attempt. Yes at the moment the country is wiped and there's no congress. Yes it can be dangerous since it makes the CP all powerful but this is because some people are able to use congress to bring even more dangerous people.

And with that they'll be able to gain even more power to the point of having both CP and congress in their hands.

Did you ever heard about the snowball effect?.. This is what they are doing.

Sadly many people refuses to see the reality.

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,286, 05:21

How someone can be multi and be banned, but his votes NO! I mean no need to lie and terrify people. If some player is really a multi and Plato finds out he will be permanent banned and all his vote he gives!

Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 2,286, 08:19

Simply because multies are often banned AFTER elections which made the previous results definitive, and anyway the multi lords can always use Proxies to by pass verification that's why they don't get banned.

Ramato Day 2,285, 22:08

Comment deleted

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 00:22

Like said by Jofroi and Kiyonori this article is full of things that are incorrect or I would even say lies.
This is nothing more then propaganda

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 00:52

And your responses are your propaganda. The people are opening their eyes and are seeing what is the real truth and what are your lies.

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 00:30


You are telling what nobody else dares to say.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,286, 01:31

the question is if you have divided the money amongst yourselves for safekeeping will you return it once the PTO threat is over.

tbh diffying a countries money sounds like a scam. probably perpetuated by 1 individual with the aim to sell off the money to other players for rl cash. i can remember when i investigated this you were a prime candidate for this.

your country president is probably some nigerian scamsters and they are true crap.

BaraBum Day 2,286, 01:45

There is almost no money left, as they've spent everything on their programs, enriching themselves and we ordinary citizens haven't received one penny support. But still we represent threat, as we want to stop this nonsense rulership of few chosen ones.

BaraBum Day 2,286, 02:22

4/5 of your CP-s were coming from your party Res Belgica, as you have imposed yourselves to be the rulers and the proprietors of eBelgium. And all the rest of eBelgium gets bits and pieces. I have transcription screenshots where I can see waht other people think of your party and I can tell you frankly they are not very happy with your rulership and the way you are running the business.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,286, 02:37

yet your in power [confused] truly sexual preferences does have nothing to do with it but it seems you are creating a dangerous precedent. if you truly get pto'd they can just say but you stole everything and kept the money in your accounts why cant we. or probably they will just create sound finances and brand you as thieves which you will be if after 5 or so months of no incident you still have the money.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 02:18

Before making such statement maybe you should know the facts and not just go on one (biased) article that has a lot of facts wrong. All of our presidents are people who've been in eBE community for the last 4/5 years a lot of them RL Belgians.

The money was moved from our bank org to Bank Managers to keep it safe from PTO'ers if eBE truly get PTO'ed. All money is kept safe and accounts are kept on a google sheet.

The current government are the same people who've been in eBE for 4/5 years ago, people like NLSP, Critically, Olv007, Jofroi who are real live belgians and other like MaryamQ who lived all her e-life in eBelgium. How can we be the PTO'ers?

BaraBum Day 2,286, 02:27

Comment deleted

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 02:29

"We eBelgians don't have rights, but Queer association has all the rights."

And you keep insulting us based on sexual preference.
How is that even relevant if we are "queer" ?

BaraBum Day 2,286, 02:43

How is it relevant? It is because you and your gang of Fellas are imposing your agenda on us. We don't want to be a part of it. I don't want to know nor am I interested to know what are your sexual preferences, what is your race are what are your religion beliefs. This is simply not the place to bother other people with it. But you and your friend Konrad are just doing that, constantly provoking and behaving that way. eRepublik is a free-to-play massively multiplayer social online game, web browser game and not the place to spread your agenda.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 03:07

"Fellas are imposing your agenda on us."

Oh right the "gay agenda" xD
You're just homophobic

BaraBum Day 2,286, 03:08

No, you are.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 03:23

"No, you are."

You are making comments about sexuallity of Konrad and me that we are gay and we are homophobic? How does that work?

BaraBum Day 2,286, 02:50

Comment deleted

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,286, 02:56

ah although i do not agree with everything she said i no longer have any problem with her. problem I am seeing is that government cant play the monetary market only relying on taxes. this cant be healthy.

for me this is just wrong on so many levels

BaraBum Day 2,286, 02:50

Comment deleted

BaraBum Day 2,286, 01:48

Hardly voted, it is the truth and only the real truth that exists what you are saying.

BaraBum Day 2,286, 01:54

The end is approaching very soon to their Empire.

BaraBum Day 2,286, 02:08

You have became my favorite Princess. 😛

BaraBum Day 2,286, 02:10

I will directly download this movie about Princess Rapunzel to see what is all about.

Nohjis Day 2,286, 13:50

It's a great movie with great music. 🙂

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,286, 03:35

Voted, i invite you and your party to work together with Defiance and bring our Belgium back.

shadowukcs Day 2,286, 04:10

Voted! You are saying what most are thinking, Princess!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 04:39

haha somebody is buying a lot of votes for this article it went from under 20 to almost 80 in no time.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,286, 04:55

Well, so far you were the only one buying votes for your bs propaganda so maybe it's time someone buys votes for something that is worth it.

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 05:00

I think it was just smart marketing move.

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 05:47

You haven't been here long enough or else you'd know who's the real vote buyer 😃

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 05:51

We know it very well; who is it. It's Valeyard, he is buying votes all the time and he admitted it himself.

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 05:51

He probably bought those votes as well; he is just pretending he doesn't know who is it behind.

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 05:52

Jesus Christ,

really, such blindness is the main reason that a lot of good people leave eBelgium.

Instead of just complaining how about you (everyone who is complaining) give real ideas and actions to take instead of just shouting out "PTO PTO".

Seriously, such kind of articles just make me less fond of eBelgium and willing to leave this place for a long while. Wherever I go, I get more respect for my work then here to be honest.

But please, go on with the bitching and moaning, because one day all the ones who actually care for the country and did something for it will be gone and you will be lost, because the only thing you (I'm not talking to one person here) can do is shout blindless around instead of offering real actions and proposal.


the very very very tired of this moaning MCKitkat

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 05:55

Drink some strong alcohol; it will help you and you'll feel much better after it.

MCKitkat Day 2,286, 06:00

Sorry but I don't drink.

Lioncoeur Day 2,286, 06:02

You should start to drink little bit, because you will feel better; and it will give you more courage and confidence.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 06:05

Too much time in eBE will make you drink ( a lot) these days 😛

Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,286, 11:16



Gyantse Day 2,286, 11:23

I would suggest you to keep money that you using to buy votes for your own grow and get know better politic and other thinks on erepublik

BelgiumGeneral Day 2,286, 12:31

Why is somebody buying votes?

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 14:30

They think that having the most votes legitimises their opinion

J. L. Torrente Day 2,286, 15:55

Comment deleted

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,286, 15:57

Did it legitimize your opinion?

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,286, 15:57

When you were buying your votes in the past?

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha
Pargali Ibrahim Pasha Day 2,287, 02:38


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