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eAusztria kormányzatának helyzete, sokadjára

Day 1,693, 01:35 Published in Austria Hungary by Eheslo

Üdv, Éhesló


A páncélozott gépjármű fel van borulva.
A benne elhelyezett kormánymű tengelye erősen szöget zár be a talajjal.

Rangeley Day 1,693, 07:35

It is understandable that someone who says they will no longer fight for their country (, would not see that others still do.

Eheslo Day 1,693, 08:10

Rangeley pick out your tongue for one back.
If you manage to do, you can see who betrayed whom.

Rangeley Day 1,693, 08:31

I do not throw an accusation of "betrayal." I simply state, it is easy to see why someone who says they will no longer fight for their country, would not see that others still do.

Mogyi Day 1,693, 08:42


csiripapa Day 1,693, 11:17


Eheslo Day 1,695, 00:27

The power is yours, the one is your "ally", and the eAustria is not on the map too many weeks ago.
Not me qualified your "work" (your empty words, and poor allies), they are

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