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eAustrian Wall of Shame

Day 1,884, 15:21 Published in Austria Austria by ZoltanB
eAustrian Wall of Shame

Communism killed almost 100 million innocent people and you guys really support this inhuman disgraceful ideology? Sad.. : (



Versuchskaninchen Day 1,884, 15:50

You used a poster that was used by the Nazis in 1936, are you thus a Nazi?

ZoltanB Day 1,884, 17:49

Maybe I'm used a -poster- and not nazi symbols! And my party name isn't NSDAP.
I absolutely agree with anti-bolshevik policy and war of 3th Reich, so God knows maybe I'm a nazi..

hippie007 Day 1,885, 00:07

This are words of a child without a brain.

Tabitha Maganti Day 1,885, 00:31

Comment deleted

Cratinus Day 1,885, 00:50

all should be banned forever

Harzakc Day 1,885, 01:40

we now that most of you hungarians still think that far-right-wing is the only ideology.

but u do have a communist party too in hungary.

so mind your own business 😉

ZoltanB Day 1,885, 01:52

Maybe because our people (like rest of central and eastern europe) suffered 40 years under evil communist regime.

ZoltanB Day 1,885, 01:55

For you communism is only a 'romantic' revolutionary ideology or maybe just fun. Because you don't have any experience.

Harzakc Day 1,885, 01:58

and austria suffered under evil nationalist regime.


ZoltanB Day 1,885, 02:01

You really think that was suffering? Austria suffered only because of world war. That is 'normal' consequences of any war.

Harzakc Day 1,885, 02:07

ah. i think now i understand: you don't suffer here in austria but in hungary you do! that's why you are here in eaustria!

ZoltanB Day 1,885, 02:12

Ok I'm done with you. You are just below average troll. : )

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,885, 02:16

Austrian germans suffered under GERMAN rule? Did they make german the official language in Austria?XD

Germans didnt opress their own, Austria welcomed the Anschluss.

Harzakc Day 1,885, 02:23

okay enough of it, i won't teach you history here 😉

stop mixing up real live with this game.

fact is, we do have a communist party in austria in real live.
so there's absolutely no reason to get upset if there's one here too.

and yeah.. you are all invited to join 😉

hippie007 Day 1,885, 03:32

In RL in Austria there is a communistic party in Austria, this is left sided sozialistic party. (This is a legal party)
So if they started or renamed a party communistic party in this GAME in eAustria! why should this be not legal? - This is not hungary or ehungary or other "EX - Ostblock" country.
If you have a problem with this ....

Schwrzwolf Day 1,885, 04:16

"You really think that was suffering? Austria suffered only because of world war. That is 'normal' consequences of any war. "
"Austrian germans suffered under GERMAN rule? Did they make german the official language in Austria?
Germans didnt opress their own, Austria welcomed the Anschlus"

By these standards, the Stalinist regimes in Eastern Europe didn't make their people suffer either ^^
In reality, both systems killed and oppressed. The autocratic system that the Soviet Union spread was not very different from other dictatorships. The difference is that "ideal" Communism still regards all humans as equal whereas "ideal" national-socialism says some are worth more than others. I believe this party is dedicated to this ideal Communism that was never realised in RL. This is probably also the reason why the admins allow Communist parties and ban National-Socialist ones.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of splitting the "leftist" people in eAustria into two different groups. Workers are stronger united : D

Vreath Day 1,885, 05:34

The only wall of shame is when I see a nationalist party like the NF with the Austrian banner next to it. As some have explained before: Many of our ancestors were also killed by the nationalists without any reason, and NO, Austria did not voluntarily welcome Germany...there was much oppression in the election cabins...

I understand fully that you, the Hungarians who suffered from communist regimes, do not feel to love the leftern movement. But you can turn this example right around for the Austrians.

So do not talk about useless stuff like your ''ideology'' is better. Both are very very dangerous once manifested in Real Life. And both usually cost many lives.

Eheslo Day 1,885, 06:41

Kommunista mocsok, örök szégyen minden szemét jeti eistenre és tetű cenzorra aki ezt hagyja és tűri.
A kettős mércéjüket előbb utóbb feldugják nekik, hogy a taknyos ormányukon jön majd ki, oszt ajvékolhatnak megint 100 évig, miért nincs szerencséjük.

yst31 Day 1,885, 07:07

In Austria the nationalsocialism (nazis) make uite more damage than communists,or don't you remember this concentration camp,shame to you.

ZoltanB Day 1,885, 07:17

Vreath we had rightist regime between the WW-s. But that was one of the most glorious era of european history. We (germans, austrians, hungarians, italians etc) reconstructed our countries after the WW1, we have shown to the world once again our power, our nations regained his old dignity.
The national pride united our nations. We defeated the poison of pseudo-humanist bullshit. Of course that era is demonized by modern 'humanist' (freemason) power.

ZoltanB Day 1,885, 07:26

yst31: I think its bigger shame if you don't rember (or know nothing about) to these:

Of course I don't speak about Austria, I know that wasn't communist regime there. So I understand that you have no experiences.
But it's a little bit weird that you (as many others) think that so called nazi concentration camps was biggest crime of humanity.

yst31 Day 1,885, 07:33

ZoltanB: I don't think that we should discuss about who made most atrocities all around the world,I'm just saying that in Austria the far right ideology hurts quite more,maybe i can't understand your point of view but i think it's properly to talk about Austria because you have published an article about an Austrian party.

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,885, 10:06

Its just a game right? Why people include RL actions with game ones? We started it? NO
U guys want Austria, because some were once Hungarian, but in RL. Who implemented Hungarian parties and MUs in Austria? Probably not me. But that's the biggest problem in eRepublik, people have to heal complexes somewhere, and why not ruin the fun in this game.. So if someone can be hardcore nationalist, that wants Austria along with Hungary.. yeah why shouldn't I be commie? Red till death! : )

yst31 Day 1,885, 10:18

God save the Prince 🙂

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,885, 12:48

Only God can judge me ^^

ZoltanB Day 1,885, 14:35

God .... the 'Prince'

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,886, 23:24

Commie speaking about God...right

Cratinus Day 1,886, 05:40


hippie007 Day 1,886, 06:07

Prince of Austria you are absolute right

Kurt Tucholsky
Kurt Tucholsky Day 2,039, 19:38

omg zoltan, omg..

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