Easy Company Set To Expand

Day 2,614, 09:41 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Make It Rain (Mandatory listening)
Day 2614 of the New World
January 16, 2014

Let's begin with a few facts about Easy Company (EZC):

eUSA's most decorated Military Unit

Weekly placing in the top 20 for MU damage in the eWorld

Regularly accounting for at least 25% of all eUSA damage...

...and at least 20% of eUSA's kills.

Has many different members who contribute to its success

Stacked full of former and current leaders in eUSA

Full of many up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow

We are fully dedicated to fighting for the priorities of eUSA and her allies.
We are decidedly non-Political, welcoming members from across the Party spectrum.
We are international in membership, welcoming citizens from around the eWorld.
We routinely win MU competitions in every Division, with awesome prize benefits.
We are innovative, independent, classy, talented, well endowed, and we kick @ss.
We are Easy Company. Together, we stand alone.

It is easy to see why, though you will rarely hear us tooting our own horn (present article excluded!), we really believe that we are the most awesome unit in the eWorld. I hope you'll permit us that indulgence.

And it might also be easy to understand that, with all these laurels, we might be satisfied.

We are not satisfied.

And so I am pleased to announce that Easy Company is officially recruiting new members. We have just launched an innovative new approach to equipping and supplying our membership for battle.

If you are reading this, consider yourself invited to join us as we pursue our goal of becoming a top 5 Military Unit in the eWorld.

What can you expect as an Easy Company soldier?

Our active fighting force is guaranteed the following:

1 free Q1 House weekly
Between 50 and 80 currency for each Overtime work click
Half Price Q7 Weapons through the Easy Company Armory
5 Gold/week for all Training Program members
...and other benefits

An example:
Ed Z. Coontz, an Elite D4 fighter works 4x per day and averages over 75 kills.
He gets a Q1 house from EZC weekly.
He gets $1680 for his 3x daily Overtime clicks.
He gets tanks for $3.03 per Q7 through the EZA.
Meaning his potential total weekly supplies are 1 Q1 house and 554 Q7 weapons.

Another example:
Erma Z. Cunningham, a standard D2 fighter works 2x per day and averages 25 kills.
She gets a Q1 house from EZC weekly.
She gets $350 for her 7x daily Overtime clicks.
She gets tanks for $3.03 per Q7 through EZA.
Meaning her potential total weekly supplies are 1 Q1 house and 115 Q7 weapons.

We are convinced that our new system is perfectly suited to accommodate both very active and semi-passive playing styles, as well as those who do not want to fight but instead "hibernate" while gaining strength through gold training (we give 5G/week).

All you have to do is contact any of the following members for your invitation to join:

Commander Deepchill
Supply General Gnilraps
Second Commander Trekker Tlumac
Second Commander WhydoIbother

Or fill out this: Request to join EZC

You will be asked to join our Forum, our commune, and our dynamic community.

With your help, Easy Company can and will become a major force in the eWorld.

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You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking