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Easiest Way to make Gold?

Day 1,454, 11:10 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Prince Imran Khan

Many people work very hard in this game for Gold. Many don't get it. But the current Resistance war system makes it very easy for hundreds of players to earn gold easily.
All it takes is 1000 Currency, equal to 1 gold, and it transforms in 5 Gold.
Not a big amount for some, but a fortune for many.

So today I will help you on how to get Resistance Hero Medals.
I myself don't have any Resistance medal right now, but with collaboration with some Resistance Experts I have prepared this easy 'How to Win Resistance Hero's Guide'.

First of all I would advise you to NOT fall prey to any kind of false Resistance Wars Medal's advertisements, EG. Some document that explains these wars.
Rather trust yourself and your own guts.
1- Look for Resistance wars about to start through different Websites.
What I recommend to you is This Site.. It updates frequently and provides Good information.
2- Make sure you're in the correct region with the correct amount of Money required. It is recommended that you buy currency which has a Buying Value of 0.002 and a Selling value of Close to 1000=1 Gold. This way even if you miss to support the Resistance, you wont be in much loss.
3- It is suggested that you make a good Refresh scheme so you don't miss out on the Support the Resistance. You need to be able to Refresh Quickly. You can do this by staying at your home page 30 seconds before the Resistance is about to start, but make sure its not lagging. If there is a lag, calculate it and make sure you keep a check on your home page at the right time.
Press F6+ Enter[Works only with Google Chrome] on your home page continuously. It will refresh at a surprisingly faster rate than just pressing F5. You need to make sure you have a fast Internet connection so you can support the resistance very fast.
4- Make sure you support for the correct countries. Pitting a small country against Serbia isn't a very good bet. It is suggested you take the side of a ONE/ PRO One country or a Government agreed Resistance war. That is better.

If you want to lose all the fuss and just want to know where the next Resistance war will be, come to #ResistanceWars on rizon. We frequently upate our Resistance war database. We tell you where the next one will be at. And we only give the ones where the chances to win are the highest.
Good luck
And remember to Shout!


zafthfirst Day 1,454, 12:04


Ahmed AE
Ahmed AE Day 1,454, 12:17


Varlosh Day 1,454, 12:49


bozli Day 1,454, 14:57

sell gold, dont buy currency. that way you can even earn money if you miss the chance. Also, not a bad practice is to have a stack of currencies (I personally have 3-5k AED all the time). That way you are sure you won't have to buy currency for twice as much gold.

Forget about estimating the exact moment rw will start. Usually, in good RWs, you have 0.5-1sec to push the button. If it is more, think again about starting it. Find an RW you want, wait for 1-2min before it is supposed to start, and start refreshing.

I can assure you you will fail first 6-7 RWs. I had that luck to practice when no one did this. If I kept my activity, I estimate my RW count to be above 300 by now. But, I don't rly care 🙂

Fighter100 Day 1,454, 18:54

nowdays, its not even easy to win RW medal...mate!

some of people are using fcking bots and its nearly impossible for others to support.

JaFe Day 1,454, 21:06

useless article is useless

EllinwnPneumaHrwiko Day 1,454, 22:16

v s

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,455, 00:41

voted o/

Pet Wussy
Pet Wussy Day 1,455, 08:58

I've got 9 RH medal just by RWing 2 regions in my country. I guess that's the only perk of living in a weak country -.-

Pavlik Florea
Pavlik Florea Day 1,455, 16:14

trust me, it doesn't matter whether it's a strong or weak country .. i never manage to support RWs..

SIKARSI Day 1,456, 04:40

v+s from slovenia

Diffindo Day 1,842, 10:59

is it still available the chat server?

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