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eAlbania needs your help !!!

Day 1,570, 08:56 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Dear friends, I wrote an article few weeks ago in which I asked u to help ur truly brothers and allies, eAlbanians. Trough that action we collected a lot of equipement and money. All goods r sent to eAlbanian MoD, and trought distrubutions goods r given to our soldiers.

It was really helpful, but that’s not enough to fight agains our enemies, and u know that eAlbania have many of them around us. eSerbia,eMontenegro and eFYROM r our direct enemies and we have attacks every day. We r very weak and small country, and with enemies like those we have no chance to survive Only with ur help we can fight them, and win !!!

We have program helping each other as much as we can but that’s not enough.

Last few months our brotherhood is stronger than ever, and we show that with ur support we can resist. Their attacks get stronger last few days, and now Im asking u to help us again. We spent all godds collected till now. U r much stronger, u r our big brother, and ur small is huge for us. PLS donate for Special Staff of Albania (eAlbania National Army) as much as u can. Money, Food, Weapons, all that u don’t need.

pls, if its not problem, sell food and wep and donate oney, cuz i have only 10k storage 🙁

just click on banner to procede

Thank you all in the name of the SSA....

Also, there is a special program of my regiment, popular 8th reg. This reg is only for players from Kosovo. If u want to help them too, pm me with note that donation is for them. Ty o7

For shout:

eAlbania needs help

all donator will be placed here

Bajira has transferred 400 Food to your storage.
Bajira has transferred 70 Weapons to your storage.
ILLYrian.y has transferred 370 Food to your storage
ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER has transferred 5 Weapons to your storage.
Daniel Isarat has transfered 168.16 USD to your account.
Gant tommy has transferred 60 Food to your storage.
Adem Jashari 01 has transfered 200 USD to your account.
npaidi has transfered 10000 USD to your account.
npaidi has transferred 69 Weapons to your storage.
npaidi has transferred 3000 Food to your storage.
Brave heart_95 has transferred 600 Food to your storage.
Dragunovrifle has transfered 537 USD to your account.
AvenirSpa has transfered 400 USD to your account.
AvenirSpa has transfered 0.3 Gold to your account.
Zi spiderwoman has transfered 300 USD to your account.
ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER has transfered 150 USD to your account.
ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER has transferred 100 Food to your storage.
Xrix Max has transferred 1000 Food to your storage.
Patrick Gottlieb has transfered 5000 USD to your account.
Yaffi has transferred 5000 Food to your storage.
sokolsokoli has transfered 2000 USD to your account.
sokolsokoli has transferred 50 Weapons to your storage.
sokolsokoli has transferred 50 Weapons to your storage.
sokolsokoli has transfered 2 Gold to your account.


Astral Macedonian
Astral Macedonian Day 1,570, 09:02

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija.

crashlboomlbang Day 1,570, 09:12


M A M A D O Day 1,570, 09:14


Mr.borros Day 1,570, 09:15

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +1

N e x F o X
N e x F o X Day 1,570, 09:15


Grushti Day 1,570, 09:18


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,570, 09:18

pls, if its not problem, sell food and wep and donate oney, cuz i have only 10k storage 🙁

ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 09:43

@ Astral Macedonian
Quintus Curtius Rufus, VI, 9, 37 said: "During the reign of Alexander the Great, the Macedonians spoke their own native language, the native language of Alexander the Great was not understood by the ancient Greeks."....... this is whats writen in your profile.... and:

Yes, it was a language greeks could not speak, it was Albanian (..illyrian language)
at the time real macedonians lived in today FYROM your ancestors where up in the carpathians mountains...

@ United4Macedonia... in yours it was writen this:
Born like macedonian. die like macedonian ...
The only way you could be born like a macedonian its only by having Illyrians or old greek roots
other way its wrong if you belive your ilusion created by your goverment to make you think you have an identity, its not true... Today Fyromania was created from the propaganda of yugoslavia in 1945 after 2nd WW

If you have any problem see you on the battlefield, even if we lose its not a problem its just a game after a wile it will be the other way... you be deleted for ever from eRep FYROMANIA : )


ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 09:45

V + Donated

ReaL.K Day 1,570, 09:46

haha MonkeyManiaa Fuckk off

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,570, 10:35


Astral Macedonian Day 1,570, 10:39

Comment deleted

anija Day 1,570, 10:51

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +2

The Vision
The Vision Day 1,570, 10:59

Kako te bre ne mrzi? xD

ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 11:16

what the f..k are you saying now ... Slavs are Pelasgians ??? where the f..k did you study history little boy
And yes i could be even from Kosovo got any problems??? and...
do you think logicaly or at least understand what you study??
you are saying that the real albanians are tosks... ok and the gegs???
Kosovo is Geg "Albania" and if it was like you say , Kosovo is a today stan countries... how is that they speak Albanian??? if they were not albanians and they were anything else (i dont know turks mongols or even chinese if you prefer them to be chinese) how the f..k it comes for them they speak Albanian????
How you can explain this since you know everything about history and about albanians???
What they are albanized in the time of the ottoman rule because the turks sent them froma asia to today kosovo to live there and learn Albanian???
Your logic doesnt work as you see you have no facts and your words total bullshits as i stated before because now all of you belive everything your propaganda has told you after a couple of years you will bigin to say that USA is slav that you went there before of Kristforo Colombo because you dont learn history you recreate it from the bottom as you wish it to be using it for your own interest... so at least when you want to say something think twice or read a book dont listen to the national propagandistic news and refer it to us like you were an expert in history, your just a little boy with the empty head thinking you know everything but the truth is that your mind is fu..ked up, i dont blame you for this being stupid is not your fault, i blame your government and any national or even religious "organization" for misleading your thoughts...
I bett they have told you that all albanians are muslim and they want to make jihad in balkan instead you are the chosen one by the god (who by the way was from FYROMANIA too) and you are all christians beacuse you did resist the ottoman rule... am i right this is what you all think

ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 11:45

but the truth is that what you know is wrong,
1. All over the balkans there were chritians(orthodoxy and catholic), muslims and even jews...
but in the time of the balkan wars all the people that lived in today serbia, fyrom, montenegro, greece especially in those country but even bullgaria... all the people as i said, that had a different belief from CHRISTIAN ORTHODOXY(In this group were included islam and even christian chatholic )
were forced to change it, killed or expelled to other countries (turkey or any other bordering country excluding the one i mentioned above).
But in Albania we didnt do a national religious war against each other just because crazy, mad, cruel, conservator individuals (being part of the govern or the church) where asking for that.
We were tolerant and accepted every belief peoples wanted to have and thats why you have in Albania all the 3 bigest beliefs mankind has invented in all his history... i Dont belive in any organization like the church or the islam, I belive only in god and god doesnt need any organisation to represent himself
Instead today as Albania is a tolerantand a secular(laik) state mostly of the country i mentioned above are still controlled from church directly or indirectly.
This is why we as citizen of free will, without giving importance of where we are from Albainia Kosova Greece, Serbia ect, we have all this hate and misleading ideas about one-onether because bad people want war and control in the balkans. I know that serbian goverment doesnt represent the majority of the will of serbian people and the same in greece , macedonia and even albania because we are still governed from ignorant/dictatorship government even they say it is democracy.
The truth is that even now more than 100 years from the ottoman rule, the balkans are still a big ignorant village....

V Peace to all and learn the truth dont belive everything others say to you V

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,570, 11:55

Wow FFS guys leave your real world issues in the real world, this is just a game.

What is with all the hate you guys have for one another. We're all humans, guys. Race and ethnicity are socially constructed, we're all the same.

ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 12:24

Captain Kushskins i agree with you but i have to comment when some hypocritical/ignorant people make comments accusing and representing facts wich are not true about all the big reality created in the balakans
after 2000 years of history, peace and war, love and hate of people who lived with no real border for a long time in the biggest empires created through the time, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman just to mention the biggest one of them, there are still some peoples not to say some countries that still belive that they are superior and they havent changed for 2000 years the stereotype, social and even genetic composistion of their society ???
does anyone belive this???
this is why i become angry , and more when ugly things happens that nationalists did and still continue to do in today balkans, wars, killing inocent people... for them it's like a trophy doing this things
If the governs of any country doesnt stop thier maddnes war is inevitable
This shouldnt happen again everyone is tired of suffering and destruction and this things obviously dont help anyone involved in this big dirty game.....

Mancha HQ
Mancha HQ Day 1,570, 13:03

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija.

Mancha HQ
Mancha HQ Day 1,570, 13:04


Tex_Willer Day 1,570, 13:14

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +4

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,570, 13:17

Awkward moment when someone writes a comment longer than the article... xD

Maverick_Max Day 1,570, 13:18

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +5

Lord Oli
Lord Oli Day 1,570, 13:19


Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,570, 13:25

"and ur small is huge for us"

You hear that America? Your small one is actually huge for them, and they apparently like it when it's huge, so why won't you give it to them?

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,570, 13:29

@Caca thats cuz we have tiny holes...not like urs 😉

Brdar Dragan
Brdar Dragan Day 1,570, 13:29

Ti najbolje znas da Vas ja podrzavam i ubuzavam!

SpirOooO Day 1,570, 13:30

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +5

Vojvoda Trivun
Vojvoda Trivun Day 1,570, 13:31


PITTBOSS Day 1,570, 13:41

türk siker lan

SmkD Day 1,570, 13:46

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +100000000000000

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +100000000000000

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +100000000000000

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +100000000000000

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +100000000000000

alibabatqi tam
alibabatqi tam Day 1,570, 13:46

ok stop now lets try this war in a real life if you want and let me see how many of you serbian will gether to make real war u mfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

Faceless Man
Faceless Man Day 1,570, 13:47

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija. +

Colonel Landa
Colonel Landa Day 1,570, 13:51

I will give my kidney for the Albanian army, like many other Serbs against their will, in a yellow house.... 🙂

Rodrigo Crettaz
Rodrigo Crettaz Day 1,570, 13:53


priviticeruI numa praz
priviticeruI numa praz Day 1,570, 14:06

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija.

ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 14:16

Yes the comment is longer than the article and it has became itself the article right now,
but this only becuse you care about Albania : )
in almost every article you can find comments that have nothing to do with the article itself
I dont want to accuse including their nationality because everyone represents itself, but the problem is that this "game" is played from a lot of ignorant people and little school boys who realy think that this is a war and they use nationalitic tone and hate in their comments...
Everyone is welcomed to comment the article but anything else he has to say, find another place for that
History and anyother type of comments that have hate and racist tones should be left away from these game but mostly of the comments continue to do that...

Since this game has became very anoying with the last changes at least let use this type of communication for something good and try to have some fun....

So lets leave history and all the RL and talk about something else...

You can propose anything you want(respecting the rules)..

So i propose RAKIA... how much shots of it can you drink (or you have allready done it ) : )
mines- 8 shots...

PS dont forget to donate for eAlbania if you can...

ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 14:20

As for the " deletion of Siptarija." we really dont care, you can have all the regions , we will have them back, you will atack again and so on... pffff funy? its very anoying but this is the game, at least we still have the "comment power" maybe the admins can ask gold even for that, it could happen : )

Astrit Imeri
Astrit Imeri Day 1,570, 17:44


ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Day 1,570, 19:06

@ Astrit hhahaaha
Ju pershendes qetesoni pak nervat : )
Just for the atmosphere will help everyone relax ; )

nem01able Day 1,570, 22:38

You are the only Albanian who i have ever respected and i have know over 60 Albanians in the past 6 years....

We must stick together and push out the stupid people of our race but im just a little disturbed by the fact you drink rakia which is traditional slavic alcohol ; )

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,571, 04:58

but im just a little disturbed by the fact you drink rakia which is traditional slavic alcohol ; ) hahahhahahaha

dedo mraz 78
dedo mraz 78 Day 1,571, 05:19

Raki is Persian word for an alcoholic beverage . And Alexandar has brought to Balkan.

Also I bought Raki Rusi - rakia from grape in Valona last year .

I forgot Valona is Macedonian city . 🙂

nem01able Day 1,571, 05:29

deda_mraz82 wrong source my friend it was created in the 16th century by bulgarians

Deqan 007
Deqan 007 Day 1,571, 05:42

hahahah yes maybe Valona is Macedonian city olso raki , raki rusi and everything what you sey
but you must to know that you're not even Macedon , Macedon's population is Albanian , Bullgarian , Greek, Roms you are this way formed as a republic without name hahahahahh pffffffffffffff

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,571, 05:57

STFU about Rl issues and help us 😃

45 comments and less than 20 donations ?!

PRC PRC PRC Day 1,571, 06:06


Junak II
Junak II Day 1,571, 06:07

unsub xD

Nebojsa Novakovic
Nebojsa Novakovic Day 1,571, 06:09

Enjoy your deletion Siptarija.

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