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E-Pub Omegle TPOP Contest April 2009: And the winners are....

Day 519, 17:57 Published in Australia Australia by Ranger Bob

Good Morning eAustralia

A little under 2 weeks ago, fellow e-pubbers and I established the first Inagural E-Pub Omegle Competition.

This competition involved TPOP - (Taking the Piss Out of People) on a website that is arguably designed for that purpose: - .

We received 12 applicants, representing a lot of places around the world - including here in eAus - as well as eIndia, eRomania and eSingapore.

The prizes were substantial. And may I offer a thakyou to Nina Ayu as well as Red Dawn Foods for their most generous contributions to this contest.

12 submissions were received, and they can be viewed at

However, there can only be one winner. And this time around, the winner was............................

Derek Apollyon!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Derek has won the 5 gold first prize, as well as 3 Q4 eBeer food. Well done, Derek 😃

Now, to the other prizes...

In a tight contest, second place went to.............


Cozza won 2 gold, as well as 2 Q4 eBeer Food.

Third place went to Timothy Rogers with a most inventive run for congress.

Timothy won 1 gold, as well as 1 Q4 eBeer Food. Congratulations!

The consolation prize, which was awarded to the most unoriginal, boring response went to Boyd - which we think he might have been aiming for all along. So, 5AUD has gone his way. Congratulations?

Anyway, thankyou to my fellow judges Ben P and Preditorian, as well to all who participated and sponsored this event.

Keep your eyes out for future competitions from E-PUB, the ONLY pub in eRepublik!



Preditorian Day 519, 18:36

Awesome Job ePub, Congrats to all Participants, I enjoyed reading the entries.

Br0adside Day 519, 19:02

nice job guys 😃 and thankyou for the comp Ranger 😉

whoeva commented about my fail entry is a bully 😛

scotywest Day 519, 20:03

Congrats winners

Timothy Rogers
Timothy Rogers Day 519, 23:41

yay, I get some beer, time to get drunk over my success 😛

Derek Apollyon
Derek Apollyon Day 520, 09:54

*does happy dance*

SyrkiusAFK Day 520, 16:56

Congrats guys 😃

Cooper James
Cooper James Day 521, 03:45

Horse shit! Other than that though, good job guys!

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