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E-Palarong Pambansa Day 2 Results

Day 1,912, 06:14 Published in Philippines Republic of China (Taiwan) by Al Raposas

Sadly, only two participated in the first two days of the games. The prizes are going to be given as promised. It is encouraged that other citizens also send in their entries so as for them to have some prizes. It can be observed that the results are really tight.

Shot put:

First Place: Boy Pick Up - 25.18
Second Place: Liana Paldrov - 25.01
Third Place: None


First Place: Liana Paldrov - 76.14
Second Place: Boy Pick Up - 75.88
Third Place: None

Games for today, Day 1912:
High Jump and Long Jump

Results of EPP first day, see here.


CobraaAn Day 1,912, 17:09

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Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 1,913, 23:56

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