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Dutch Intelligence and Ambassador Service

Day 2,197, 02:02 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Dutch Intel. Ambass. Service

On wednesday the 20th of November, the eNetherlands congress accepted the DIAS law. Since then, the Dutch Intelligence and Ambassador Service is officially in office.
But what is DIAS? Well, here is the law in the lawbook.
We are tasked with gathering intelligence for the eNL government and managing all outgoing eDutch embassies (our embassies in other countries).

Why this combination of intelligence and embassies? Well, our ambassadors are the first people to know what is going on the the specific country.
Mind you that not all of our work is secret, the ambassadors are well known people and work out in the open.

We also have other people in our organisation, they are our agents. Together they are the National Security Group (NSG), they are all agents and spies combined. They work in secrecy, and their identities are unknown.

DIAS gets its orders from the eNetherlands government, and handles requests from the congress.
We are lead by the DIAS management, consisting of the Director of Intelligence and the Director of Embassies.
The Director of Intelligence manages the secret work, done by the NSG.
The Director of Embassies manages the outgoing embassies and ambassadors.
Both directors are appointed by congress, and stay as long as they do not resign or are removed by congress. This makes being director a long-term job, much like keykeeper.

We still need a Director of Embassies! Arcanic Mindje, the most experienced in this work, has stated that he would like to see somebody else try, but he will candidate anyway if there are no other volunteers before wednesday. Feel free to volunteer.


DIAS is now recruiting NSG agents! We need readers, willing to go through newspapers all over the world, being able to read in other languages then Dutch or English is certrainly something we could use!
We also need NSG Spies, willing to go into another community.
Not certain you want to do either? Do not hesitate to volunteer for work anyway, we might have something else to do!
Apply here: Recruitment

We need a logo, and we have opened a forum thread where you can post your suggestions. Feel free to design the best logo you can.

Have any other tips or do you have any questions? Feel free to send us a message on this org, or contact the Director personally.

Flando, Director of Intelligence


2.D.G Day 2,197, 02:25
100% neccesary to watch.

Gwom Day 2,197, 04:19

You blood on my suit...

MaartenW Day 2,197, 07:00

I like the Halloweenhats in this game.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,197, 03:35

Does eNl need such a Intelligence agency? I hardly doubt it

GEN. DE LA REY Day 2,198, 00:29

Of course we need it, if you sneeze we want to know about it.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,198, 00:31


djirtsdew Day 2,200, 02:02

As far as I can see, it won't be highly sophisticated. Main aim is to streamline our foreign affairs (the ambassador part & the reading foreign newspapers part) and to streamline immigration (so intel on specific people).
I don't think there's a lot to spy upon in eRep...

Flando Day 2,197, 03:58

Apparently, we do

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