Drowning in Gold

Day 4,403, 01:53 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
D4 Epic
This is a Public Service Announcement. At 11:00-11:30 erep there will be a D4 epic between USA and Thailand. Thank you.

How much gold do we generate
Quick Facts
D1 BH gives 2 gold
D2 BH gives 3 gold
D3 BH gives 4 gold
D4 BH gives 5 gold.
Air SH gives 30 gold.
Battles in my experience go about 10 rounds.
So per battle for the USA side we get a total of
D1 generate 20 gold
D2 generates 30 gold
D3 generates 40 gold
D4 generates 50 gold.
Air generates 60 gold.
For a total of 200 gold but the other side also generates the same numbers.
So in total, between the two nations we generate 400 gold.
And we have a total of 14 training wars.

So we generate over 5000 gold a day. This doesn’t include any of the true patriot medal CC or the 50 gold generated per successful resistance war. In other words, this is very profitable. Be active. Join us on Telegram :https://t.me/joinchat/N5gEvBRqssOQi4hB792r5Q Work as part of the team and become stronger and richer.

The Eagle Has Landed
The eUS operation in the Balkans is going well for now. We have landed successfully in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; and are working to move through the region as needed by our allies. While the eUS isn’t the power it once was, who could beat back strong enemies like Serbia by itself, we are still a decent mid-tier nation and our organization and flexibility is our strength. Working together with our alliance, we intend to try and stay in Europe. Stay tuned!

President of the eUnited States of America.