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Downfall of Hungarian empire and rise of Ukraine

Day 2,130, 15:23 Published in Russia Russia by chugaystyr

Dear allies and friends of eRussia, a very significant event took place this day. Today, yes, today Hungary stopped being an empire. Yes, i know that we crushed them on the battlefield in the middle of august, stripped them of half the world. But we know that it is not regions that make a nation strong, it is the morale, reputation, the desire and ability to fight and conquer other nations. Despite the fact that Hungarian occupation stairs Russia in the face once again, I can gladly announce - we thrashed Hungarians. But first things first.

A beginning of the end

I would not like to explore military history, it is very simple. Russia, the USA and Mexico united against Hungarians and simultaneously with their brave allies gave them hell. Major part of Ukrainian population decided to take advantage of weakening of their invader with the help of their ex-EDEN friends too. Everybody pulled at once and almost threw Hungary back to their home regions.

What I want to explore is the behavior of our rivals. At first Hungarians tried to resist severely. We remember the first battles in Mexico, which were very hard. Nobody could predict if we can rise superior to stronger enemy from a potent alliance. Hungarians fought fiercely and did not want to surrender an inch of land. However, we showed courage, endurance and stood our ground. By the middle of the war came the news - allies of Hungarians had persuaded them not to grasp more than they can hold. We felt that on the battlefields - they gave up on the USA, they wanted to play real politics and concentrated on on Ukraine and Russia. It was the first warning bell that proved: we castrated their imperial ambitions. But the story of the decline of Hungary as an empire was not over.

Volga Vyatka as an apogee

According to new realia, Hungary focused on fighting for Ukrainian and Russian colonies. However, they recieved a news that shocked and enraged them at a time: France, ally to Russia, in order to preserve the congress, entered the war and struck Volga Vyatka occupied by Hungary. Hungarians went all out. And lost.

It was after Volga Vyatka they completely lost heart. Russia and Ukraine took back their regions with little resistance. I could feel the impotence of Hungarians and collapse of their morale (they almost impeached their president for his failures). But I have seen other things too. A nation that lost huge territories in a minute raged itself out, but accumulated rancour. We all waited for the spring to start unwinding. And we did not have to wait long.

Time of cold-blooded premeditation

The next Hungarian campaign to the North-East was not so doughty. We saw the cold calculation. We saw that hungarians did not hesitate to turn on Combat Orders for battles (wow, they were ambitious before and didn't waste the money to keep weak colonies), until the last minute, so as not to risk losing at the very end. We saw that they do not take their time to make it to the Pacific. This nation has not yet been broken, but we saw that it singed feathers on its irrationally inflated self-conceit.

So we came to erasure of Russia and the last region left to Ukraine. It was difficult to take a stand in a direct battle. But we knew that our time comes at the morning dawns and our way is resistance "partizan" war. Ukraine, insulted by Hungarians, finally decided to show that it is not a country of slaves, as the world previously thought, but a country where one can still find strong people. And then began the rebellion that brought us final victory.

They own our regions, but they are crushed

We learned that Hungarians can be defeated. Our chief weapon is unity, courage, perseverance, desire to go all the way and not give up even if the enemy already has more than 50 points in a battle. And what did we see? It turns out that Hungarians have not been able to recover psychologically. We overthrew them in all the battles. Ukraine took back several regions in a row and won a direct battle. Russia regained the North Russia. The fighting could go on, probably Hungarians could manage to nail down both us and Ukrainians, but the most important event in the last year occured in our part of Europe: Ukraine began to dictate the terms to the Hungarians. As states Ukrainian MoFA, Hungarians realized that to restore their former power is beyond their capacity and capitulated.

So from now on the empire will not hold on power and will of the invaders, but only on a set of agreements, concessions and permissions from the colonies. WE HAVE WON! And i think that we need to continue using this strategy for another enemies.

P.S. Thanks for Mahogany Zen for her help in writing this article.



Maxymillian97 Day 2,130, 15:36

...a country of slaves, as the world previously thought...
oh really?

Basaev Day 2,130, 22:31

благодаря Упоркам - ДА !
именно так считал Весь еМир ..

потому что не одна страна в этой игре - так жестко не прогшибалась , и не рпадовалась , от косточки брошеной Хозяином ..
ай ай ,, извените КОРОЛЕМ !!

Если вы не знали , то Президент Венгрии - попросил Украинцев - называть его КОРОЛЬ ...
и Упорки это делали с радостью , в надежде что им бросят очередную кость с имперского стола !

Власть еУкраины в РЖ живет востновном в Галиции .
там люди своеобразные ..
у них такой Национализм -- Плевать на Нацию и Украину - лиж бы дупа в тепле была .
Кому они только не служили , лиж бы только против Украинского народа

Askold7 Day 2,131, 03:06

дурне ти бася і не лікуєшся.

navigatorr Day 2,131, 03:23

тру стори

Zmenko Day 2,130, 15:45

Залишу це тут:
Да я империя! xD

Askold7 Day 2,131, 11:35

ти школота ).

l u t o r
l u t o r Day 2,130, 15:50

Hail AntiHUNA! o/

l u t o r
l u t o r Day 2,130, 16:25

Росія завжди знайде підтримку в адекватних українців, битиму за вас!

Franz Augsberger
Franz Augsberger Day 2,131, 02:30

роісся ніколи не знайде підтримки у адекватних людей.

l u t o r
l u t o r Day 2,131, 02:51

не про тебе говорилось.

Baron Sawada
Baron Sawada Day 2,130, 16:02


HeapSeppo Day 2,130, 16:05

I voted for a decapitated Hungary. I like them that way.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,130, 22:07

Lol how many regions you and russia has? : D

nimnul Day 2,131, 02:39

Why small countries care so much about pixel regions?
^ __ ^

l u t o r
l u t o r Day 2,131, 03:32

nimnul, HUNPIXEL Empire! 😃 HAIL...HAIL...Hail...hail... 😃

chugaystyr Day 2,131, 03:41

I have written - number of regions is not always rules but the way how empire hold it and how long. So new ukrainian government can easily break you again and you need take it into account now. Time of mighty has gone for you.

Macovei Red
Macovei Red Day 2,131, 09:57

Decimus,go home you are drunk

Odonacer Day 2,130, 16:06


uaporschee Day 2,130, 16:10

o7, но уже продались...

Xoma Bughaj
Xoma Bughaj Day 2,130, 16:11

вчитайся ще раз у ці слова:

Ukraine began to dictate the terms to the Hungarians. As states Ukrainian MoFA, Hungarians realized that to restore their former power is beyond their capacity and capitulated.

мабуть Чугайстра упорки змусили це написати )

Xoma Bughaj
Xoma Bughaj Day 2,130, 16:10

слог великолепен, ничего не скажешь.

Xoma Bughaj
Xoma Bughaj Day 2,130, 16:18

All that started when Hungarians stopped showing their respect to other TWO allies, I guess. And when they missed the moment that Ukraine gets stronger and stronger, while they still considered its to be their colonies forever.

Justjosh Day 2,130, 17:28

Hail Ukraine
Hail Russia
Hail the Fall of Hungary

YutuKaron Day 2,130, 18:01

Hail Great Turanian Brotherhood!

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,130, 18:09

erm, whut? : ) what is this slavic propaganda right here? Just tell me how many millions you used up trying to break this empire. You say this but in reality, they never even wanted to be in USA and mexico. they got there, and thats all Big fail from your ,,brotherhood, allowing many nations to be wiped for months. Russia? Runs away from a fight to Africa? Great job.
ukraine insulted? You mean you purposly made them break the NAP they had for your own selfish goals? Great job.

Jutix Day 2,130, 19:30

lol, the fact is that you have failed. Everything else is irrelevant.

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,130, 19:41

where exactly did we fail? Biggest empire in the history of eRep?

Jutix Day 2,130, 20:02

You were defeated in a situation that is described in the article.

Gorzius Exmaster Day 2,131, 01:09

Comment deleted

Justjosh Day 2,130, 20:56

Breaking the NAP was not against their own interests. They agreed to it because they were tired of being wiped and doubted that they could take Hungary on if they decided to attack again. Now they know that they can and won't let you forget it. Does it support our interests, sure. Hungary's a common enemy and that makes us allies by circumstance.

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,131, 03:24

Agreed to it? Government didnt. So your officials are making deals with non governments? Thats great, working against the peoples wishes. Guess thats how it goes around your part, and it gets your butt deleted. Should work on that a bit a more.

nimnul Day 2,130, 22:13

I understand that it's hard to admit, but now you have to concede the Ukrainian victory.

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,131, 03:25

where did they win? Winning 1-2 battles against loosing 10-20? Where is the glorious victory in that?

Pan Xenonchik
Pan Xenonchik Day 2,131, 02:33

Russians know that when UA and HUN will sign new NAP their country will be erased again, colonized and divided. And now they are trying to prevent it. Using such primitive flattery.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,131, 02:36

but they are divided and colonized right now : D

chugaystyr Day 2,131, 03:56

Xenonchik, yes it is not good for Russia, it is obvious. But all ukrainian profit is "yes ukraine is colony but ukrainians can live with it because it bad for RU"

Pan Xenonchik
Pan Xenonchik Day 2,131, 03:58

Russia is a colony - a colony of Hungary, Belorussia and Ukraine.

Jutix Day 2,131, 04:31

only in your dreams, Ксюша

Basaev Day 2,131, 07:21

Упорки даже говно жрать будут , если москалей от этого зрелищза будет мутить ..
Они и в РЖ так по всей истории ..

Свою страну и народ - на растерзание , взамен на разрешение - воевать с Россией ..
С.Бандера - именно так и делал ,, он готов был пожертвовать 90% украинцами , лиж бы только насолить Москве .

Basaev Day 2,131, 07:23

Пусть Москва - обьявит на весь мир ,,
что Смерть всех упорков - это большая потеря для России ..
И Уже завтра упоротые - будут вешаться на березах , ( Москалям на Зло )

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,131, 03:23

Erm defeated? You are defeated yes. I can see that. No regions, or barely any. We? Got some nice stuff going on you know.

Jutix Day 2,131, 04:35

you're confusing time frames

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,131, 08:21

i am? where? i dont really see much of you on the map, while i can see much of my country on the map.

Jutix Day 2,131, 10:52

here, this article isn't about current situation, try to read it again

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,131, 11:00

oh i read it. All i saw in it, is jealousy.

Jutix Day 2,131, 12:19


Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,131, 12:29

yes. your jelopusy is what makes you write such a bad propaganda for yourself, so you might feel better. but obviously you wont, because you dont have any success. If winning 1 battle for 2-3 million CC is your success, then you dont have much of it.

Driver of ufo
Driver of ufo Day 2,130, 21:33


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