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Day 1,882, 13:53 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by SakiNight
Well I've hit a snag.

I started to at other documents, and tried to get involved in the IRC, even though no one seemed to say much when i was on...maybe i did it wrong.) But i couldn't find much info.

So this issue~ I'm going to have a little fun perhaps...don't know what to do but i will do something. Maybe a story? no that'd be boring, a game? no i have to no clue how to do that. hmm... perhaps...a little bit of both, no that sounded way better in my head. oh well...hmm i think i got it, at the end of each issue i will add a small portion of ChaoticHizaku's Book, it's a kind of long short story, sometimes a may add large parts others i may add little....who knows~

(ironic pic)

Well.....cough...this got awkward while writing since i had nothing to do and no clue what to do to make a fun article so on with his book.~ (this one is a bit longer since this article is empty~)

Warriors Of The Night - 夜の戦士たち
Idea's By: Hizaku Unadate (ChaoticHizaku) & Sayi Shishioh

With Support from: Sakino Hendara (Me) & Uzaki Uzumaki

Chapter 1- A Small History Lesson~
Have you ever wondered what happens after the sun sets, Does another world come to life? Could the tales and legends be true. Everything you know is a lie, right below the surface lies an empire of creatures feared by the living, being's who roam and crave the taste of blood. Hiding amongst the Humans hide other races, Monsters only heard of in myths, creatures like Werewolves, Vampires, Angels and even Demons. The Angelic and demonic race are said to have been the start of the universe, the two wages war against each other for millenia creating massive fortresses to do battle on, known by the Humans as Planets. As the war raged on the demons began to lose and had to retreat to the first Planet created, known as Earth. This was the planet the war started on, The first of the new races had been created here back before the war when the Demonic and Angelic races were at Peace, The Human race, the planet was vastly populated with this race and many other creatures, but now The Humans were enslaved by the Demons. The Demonic race was on the verge of defeat when they created yet another new race, The creature they made was born of a Human with the ability to shift into a beast with the senses of an animal and speed, but most importantly its power, Thus the Werewolf Was Born. These Beasts held the line against the near endless Angelic forces, The Angels High Council thought the worse when suddenly, the Werewolves became flawed, No one remembers just how it happened. Could it have been The demons Forsaking the whole of the Werewolf race for the sins of One who tried to gain his own freedom. Or Maybe it was payback by the Humans who were forcibly turned into a beast. Either Way The second generation werewolves began to lose there ability to shift freely, and only turn when the Moon is full in the Sky. Pure werewolves who's blood was no longer Human could freely shift but there numbers were low.

The Angels saw this change and decided to unveil the new race they had created to combat the werewolves, from there Front line command base on a Meteor Floating just outside of earth's Atmosphere they were born. Beings who seek the darkness, possessing powers ranging from elemental control to invisibility, from Telekinesis to Sonic speech. They were pale, as the sun was there enemy, They craved blood to keep there undead bodies working and there powers strong, The Vampires. They were created as the enemy of the werewolf, there blood made specially so if ever the Blood of werewolf and vampire mixed stone would take the place of both types. The Angelic race sent these beings to the Earth and the battle began to quickly turn in there favor. (~To be continued)

~Stay together, yet be separate~
: I dont own any of the pics, or the book~:


Chaotic Hizaku
Chaotic Hizaku Day 1,882, 15:07

whew.. Ima have to step up my game now that more people are going to be seeing it..

Aryzn Day 1,882, 21:20


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