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Dont know who to vote for.....? (ENG/HEB)

Day 1,647, 07:24 Published in Israel Israel by PowerToys
Dont know who to vote for CP?

Perhaps this simple and easy breakdown will help:

Hate, Egoism, Dividing the country, stealing of the treasury, self-centered, FXP and 12 year old schoolboys?
Then you choose: ArikAharon

UNITY, Together, Transparency, pro-eIDF, progress in eIsrael, higher level, honesty?
Then you choose: Joe Franco

- Voting has never been so easy!

לא בטוחים למי להצביע לבחירות בנשיאות?

אולי ההסבר הפשוט הזה יעזור לכם:

שנאה, אגואיזם, פילוג המדינה, גנבה מהאוצר, אנוכיות, אף אקס פי וילדים בני 12-
אז תרצו לבחור ב: ArikAharon

אחדות, ביחד, שקיפות, בעד צה"ל, התקדמות וקדמה בארץ, רמה גבוהה יותר, כנות?
אז תרצו לבחור ב: JoeFranco

-ההצבעה מעולם לא הייתה קלה יותר!



danis1982 Day 1,647, 07:51

it seems to me that lying to campaign, is not a good advertisement.
anyway, Arik Aharon and Joe Franco are both great players and whoever win, im sure that they are going to do the best for the country.

PowerToys Day 1,647, 09:29

danis1982: Its based on facts my friend! Every single word!

I fail to understand that any single person with a IQ higher then 70 would vote for Arik!
Unless you are 12....and Arik promises these boys something!

Comnir Day 1,647, 11:12

This article contradicts, in my opinion, the exact things Joe writes about.

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,647, 12:19

Pathetic !!!

isabusl Day 1,647, 13:55

Both are not bad. Your motives for writing such a text are really incomprehensible. Your motto seems to be: divide et impera.

Amun Nefer
Amun Nefer Day 1,647, 14:32

I don't trust Arik based on his actions. He also just doesn't seem to be a very mature or trustworhty individual, I'm sorry, but it's true. I trust Joe more partly because he is better known and liked outside eIsrael, and now that I think about it, he's also better educated (there is a certain point at which age does matter) and has better organisational skills, especially when it comes to money management. The economics module might be broken, yes, but his knowledge could be of some use there.

isabusl Day 1,647, 14:53

"I don't trust Arik based on his actions."

How dare you attack him personally? Do you know about him at all personally? That is absolutely politically incorrect.

"He also just doesn't seem to be a very mature or trustworhty individual, I'm sorry, but it's true."

It seems that every time someone says something foolish or not provable, he claims simply that it is true.

I personally also think that Joe Franco would be a bit better suited for Presidency, but ArikAharon is not much worse.

Amun Nefer
Amun Nefer Day 1,647, 15:19

His actions? That is not an attack on his character. You are supposed to judge a person based on their actions as opposed to preconcieved notions. That is common sense. He has acted in ways that are hypocritical, especially with regard to MUs (telling our boys that they are recruiting and then trying to recruit ours).

Whenever someone does something he doesn't like, he says things like, "I thought you were smarter than this" or similar things. It is not a mature approach to dealing w/ people.

Dio Wolf
Dio Wolf Day 1,647, 15:46

Amun Nefer +1

isabusl Day 1,647, 18:12

@Amun Nefer
Your statement: "That is not an attack on his character."
is wrong, earlier you wrote this: "He also just doesn't seem to be a very mature or trustworhty individual, I'm sorry, but it's true."
That was what I have criticized. I wantet to cite that sentence. But instead of quoting the correct sentence, I accidentally cited: "I don't trust Arik based on his actions."

Amun Nefer
Amun Nefer Day 1,647, 18:25

Ah, that makes more sense, but it is because of his actions that I draw those conclusions (the also that I put should not have been included). I have not seen much in the way out of positive behaviour from him lately and so based on his actions as of late, I consider his behaviour to be both immature and not the behaviour of someone I can trust as Country President.

Bellaz Day 1,647, 21:11

Isabus, if Amun says he does not agree with his actions and concludes about his character, it doesn't mean he attacks him personally.

isabusl Day 1,648, 04:11

@spunk BG: This is not a conclusion:
"He *also* just doesn't seem to be a very mature or trustworhty individual, I'm sorry, but it's true."
No this is not a personal attack at all ... However, he corrected his statement in the comment above yours.

Shoham Israel
Shoham Israel Day 1,649, 03:35

Lieber7 for CP P:

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