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Day 4,278, 02:40 Published in Netherlands Indonesia by BangIades

The reason I am writing this article is because I received an award from the Ministry of Home Affairs, for the best article of the term, chosen by Dutch citizens. Therefore, I came up with the idea of ​​sharing this money, and about how to participate, you can read in the second part of this article.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of the countries that are so quiet in this game, that we can sometime forget they exist in the e-world - Singapore and Malaysia.

Not so long ago, a dynamic political and military life was also taking place in these countries. Now, these communities that peacefully participate in periodical training wars with neighbors, have only a few active citizens, who are mostly, or not at all, native citizens of Singapore and Malaysia.


Singapore was added into the game on the 11 February 2009. The capital region and the only region is Singapore City.

From the very beginning, this article I found, testifies about very active political life.

In addition, the interesting information I was able to find were two wars this country waged against Malaysia in 2011. The first war was marked by battles for Singapore City and Peninsular Malaysia, in which Singapore won. "After two decisive round victories for Singapore, Malaysia conceded the battle was a defeat". Malaysia entered into negotiations with Singapore for peace, mediated by Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs (Austria was Singapore's ally in this war, next to Ireland). Shortly after, both sides agreed to follow an Austrian drafted battle plan known as "Operation: Everybody Lives."

The second war also began with Malaysia's attack on Singapore City, in July 2011, although not all Malaysians supported the war. This time, with the help of Croatia and Romania, Singapore, in addition to defending its only region, conquered both Malaysians and thereby wiped out Malaysia.

Today, only Singapore's military unit is Semper Pro Patria, where all significant players are based. Singapore has 4 political parties with about 10 members all together. With less than 10 votes, Morphine, the only presidential candidate has won the election race.

Singapore has no MPP's signed at the moment, lead a TW against Indonesia, and Singapore players deal about 5 billion of damage weekly. On the economy field, region of Singapore City gives 45% bonus on food production and 10% on weapon production, Work Tax is 1% (I'm not giving ideas to Janty).


Malaysia was added into the game on 11 February 2009, at the same day as Singapore. The original territory of Malaysia is composed of three regions: Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

Sources testify again to a very active political and military life as early as the first months of existence, since players from other countries joined Malaysians in building this young society.

An interesting event in the history of Malaysia are Southeast Asian War Games
(since August 2009), in conjecture with the Philippines, in which a large number of countries participated. Interesting to note is that during this war, the Malaysian Sabah region was attacked more than 90 times).

Today, in Malaysia, like in Singapore, there are only few active players, mostly from Romania, organized into three identical political parties - Brothers in Arms. There are several military unit's, mostly the wings of the Romanin unit Brothers in Arms, but also the old Malaysian military formations. However, they are not particularly active and Malaysia is among the countries which deal the least amount of damage weekly.

Malaysia currently does not have any signed MPP's, its original regions does not have bonus on production of any resource, but(!) Work Tax is 1% (again 1%, what a coincidence).


We came to the part in which I want to thank you on the award I received by your choice, as I wrote at the beginning of the article.

What is the Contest about? Well, I was citizen of 5 countries which are not listed on TP section (I've been there before Day 1,619 of the New World or I didn't deal any damage as citizen). Dutch citizens, who guess correctly which countries are those, will receive 5,000 of NLG, per correct answer.

You can only guess one country in the comment. Once I answer if you guessed right or not (after a certain amount of comments), you can only guess one more country. Good luck to everyone who decide to participate!

In the Netherlands,