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Don't worry! ~ Не брини!

Day 1,809, 22:33 Published in Thailand Thailand by Mystela

They'll never see us coming! ~ Ви никада нећете видети да долазимо!

Short History ~ Кратка историја
On 17 August '12, I was promoted to Commander of the eThailand military unit (MU), FREE THAI, a responsibility which I accepted with some hesitation, from BertoHZ. For a little while now, I had been considering re-branding the MU & assigning a new mission statement. Recently, a similar wish expressed by a member of the unit, made me decide that now was a good time to revamp the MU's image.

FREE THAI's mission statement was “Resistance, resistance, resistance!”, no doubt a reflection of the turbulent history of power plays for control of eThailand. However, thanks to the selfless initiative, generosity & guidance of some key players*, eThailand has experienced a long period of national, economic & political security. As a result, this nation & her military units have developed into a friendly community of competitive players from around the world, ironically making that original mission statement somewhat redundant. 😉

Key Players*
Skyhook, ifke, Blagota, Stormy Knight, salojkoPancevo, John So & Sisic01

Butt we like to have a good time! ~ Бутт смо желели да имамо добар провод!

♪ Cue the music! ♫

Despite eThailand's small population, its citizens are fortunate to have two MU's & today, I proudly introduce REAR GUARD! We're here for a good time, and a long time!

We may not appear to be as mobile as our official National MU, the Mobile Infantry of Thailand (MIT), but with the blessing of Garuda, our mystical mascot, we can easily traverse the New World from end to end, destroying our enemies' faith, while trampling their sacrificial lives into pixel dust!

Why an elephant? ~ Зашто слон?
Historically, elephants in Thailand were trained for warfare & the nation was traditionally referred to as, “the land of elephants.” The Asian elephant is one of several National symbols of Thailand. The Garuda in the victory stance, splashing in the lower right hand corner, is another revered symbol of Thailand. The combination of these two in this bold, yet stealthy design, makes this the ideal MU avatar for REAR GUARD! \o/

About the MU ~ О МУ
Our noble mission statement, “We are REAR GUARD! They'll never see us coming!!”, reflects the vulnerability of our enemies to our rear defensive abilities, regardless of the real or imagined strength & endurance of each REAR GUARD. We take pride in the fact that our rear defensive abilities are extremely offensive! No matter which way the wind blows... 😛 Other than this wondrous pride, in order to join there are no requirements, except that you must be a citizen of eThailand.

As we don't have a commune, our members are self-supplied. However, in times of epic warfare, on approval, the MIT welcomes our members at Rizon eThailand's five political parties work in harmony & as a result, these two military units have no political affiliation. You are free to join any political party of your choice or none.

Although it's to everyone's advantage when members are active, completing the Daily Order etc., it's understood that real life often interferes. Members who have been inactive for one month or more & who are also eDead, are removed but are welcome to rejoin if they come back to the game.

✪ Honorary Members ~ Почасни чланови ✪
Fuson 100s

MU Uniform ~ МУ Униформа
As both male & female Asian elephants have tusks, this uniform is unisex, an unintentional yet indirect reference to Thai's ladyboys! I can assure you that unlike Thailand, eThai's sexes are well defined... at least judging from all of the pictures that I've seen so far. \o/

I have posted links to individual member's uniforms in the MU feed & will continue to do so over time & as new members join. Please copy your personal link, together with the instructions & save them to your hard drive. REAR GUARD members do not have to wear this uniform. However, if we ever go into action as a team, to honour someone or for some special mission, I may ask members to wear it. Even then, members are under no obligation to do so.

New to eRepublik? ~ Нови на еРепублик?

If you're new to eRepublik & are having trouble getting off the ground, then these links to some basic information may be useful to you. Also, please feel free to ask your fellow players for assistance.

Useful Links ~ Корисни линкови
Military Tutorial
Military Unit

Mobile Infantry of Thailand (MIT)

Thailand Chat Room Rizon #thailand
Thailand Army Rizon

Disclaimer! ~ Одрицање!
I had already thought of it myself & since BIagota had the same initial reaction to the MU avatar, I just want to reassure everyone, that despite the resemblance, we are not owned or operated by TemujinBC, eRepublik's legendary butt! 😛 That said, his multi-faceted influence is always respectfully appreciated. o7

I shamelessly trolled Temu for a comment, which being the good-natured guy that he is, he generously provided. 🙂 Thank you Tem. o7 Coming from the man who, “can say 'butt' in 9 languages”, not only does your comment really mean a lot, but it has earned you the rank of Honorary Member in REAR GUARD! ~_^

tl;dr ~ тл; др
We are REAR GUARD! They'll never see us coming!!
Ми смо ЗАДЊИ ГАРДА! Они никада нећете видети да долазимо!
เราเป็นกองหลัง! พวกเขาจะไม่เห็นเรามา!



Mystela Day 1,809, 22:40

REAR GUARD! Our defensive abilities are offensive!!

Plugson Day 1,809, 22:42

What Q# is a war elephant?

Mystela Day 1,809, 22:52

At the risk of being perceived as unduly offensive, we're mired in number 2's at the moment... :{

ScimitarInd Day 1,810, 00:37

Hail Garuda \o/

Hail Rear Guard \o/

Hail Elephant \o/

BIagota Day 1,810, 01:10

Mystela POWER :😁

milladin Day 1,810, 02:12

Mystela POWER : )

Vojvoda Trivun
Vojvoda Trivun Day 1,810, 02:15

Mystela POWER x2

VUJ! o7

Ramphoei Day 1,810, 02:50

pew pew : )

Ludooki Day 1,810, 02:59

Guglj trenslejt, kao da nema Srba na tom eTajlandu. :😁

Queen Reptila
Queen Reptila Day 1,810, 03:30

Mystela POWER \☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/

Georgian woolf
Georgian woolf Day 1,810, 04:03

Hail TRANDZE \o/

PutinPOWER Day 1,810, 05:14

Mystela POWER \☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/

GadjahMadaa Day 1,810, 05:17

Mystela POWER x100 d=

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,810, 05:49

Let the enemies tremble in fear! PHAI TOWER! I mean, THAI POWER! : )


Mystela Day 1,810, 06:20

Thanks guys! 😃:D

@ Ludooki, yes, yes I know, but you know, we are all very busy here in eThailand & seeing as how I can talk for a very, very long time, about nothing really, it's not an easy job to translate my epic pieces of journalism. I really don't expect volunteers. 😛:P

Mystela Day 1,810, 08:38

Made final edits, a bit more text, a little humour, some music, smiley's... I'm done. 😛:P

andrie wade
andrie wade Day 1,810, 09:17

Rear Guard \o/

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,810, 13:38

Don't happy be worry : )

Borislav Gojkovic
Borislav Gojkovic Day 1,810, 16:26

Mystela POWER \☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/

TemujinBC Day 1,810, 16:35

I know a thing or two about butts, and I can say that Read Guard is buttastic.

Mystela Day 1,810, 17:30

Thank you Tem! You just earned yourself a special rank! \o/

TemujinBC Day 1,810, 17:51

Honorary Member \o/

Butt.... in Canada we spell it "honourary"


Mystela Day 1,810, 18:15

Yeah I don't know why my open office is doing that? Spell check kept kicking it out, so I changed it. It accepts honour... so weird? xDxD

Thanks again you! Mr. Honourary Member. \o/

jat238 Day 1,810, 21:20

Suerte y felicitaciones!!!! \o/

Mystela Day 1,810, 21:52

¡gracias jat238 🙂

elveon Day 1,810, 23:21

: )

ElRoi Day 1,811, 00:48

Continue the good job. Bravo!

markiano Day 1,811, 07:21


Yebiwetar Day 1,811, 09:11

Mystela POWER

Mystela Day 1,811, 09:59

Big thank you to everyone! \o/

mojlek Day 1,817, 07:11

thats the article I can read : )

not everone know how to get to IRC and join the chanels
u can get online:
and I don't know yours server but we use #rizon

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