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Day 1,807, 10:31 Published in Sweden Sweden by thomas82karlsson

Här kommer en liten artikel om ni vill se vad man får
vote and sub

Gather 5 parts of the Batzooka
2 energy bars

fight to inflickt more than **** damage
10% rank points and 50 strength

1/2 defeat 60 enemies against your natrual enemy
10000 rank points and 60 strength

2/2 defeat 20 enemies in 3 different resistance wars
4 energy bars 3 bazooka booster

complete daily order for 4 days
kommer om ett par dagar

increase your strengt with 100 points
100 strength



SockerConny Day 1,807, 10:45

v + s

itas Day 1,807, 10:54

Fint, tack för infon

Slirus II
Slirus II Day 1,807, 11:04


Fredrok Day 1,807, 11:09

Voted! o7

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