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Dohring Tree Corp. Week 14 Financial Report

Day 1,763, 15:00 Published in USA USA by Jdohring3

Again this week things have been going down. It sucks i know. Some of yall have been asking about selling back shares. Id be willing to do this but I would not be able to sell them back at the original price of 100 USD because i used the majority of that for upgrading all of the corps companies. So if you want to sell your stocks back we will work on a price that works for the both of us, basically what ever is the lowest you will go essentially and such. This will help me out when i have to figure out what to do when i have to leave for 8ish months. But anywho here are the stats:

Total Income
Total Retained
Dividend Payment
$ Increase in Dividend Payments
End of Week Equity
% Increase in Equity
SGP* Equity
% Increase in SGP* Equity

*SGP is a Standard Gold Price that was set at a standard of 1:2270. The gold exchange was at this price on the onset of the company and it is a benchmark for the growth of the company.

CEO Dohring Tree Corp.



Dr. Indubitable
Dr. Indubitable Day 1,764, 05:41

I bought shares in this company a few months ago, spending 20,000 USD. They paid me my share for only 2 - 3 weeks. After that, I never a saw another cent again. At first I thought jdohring was on vacation or something, but as time past I slowly forgot about my issue, until now.... Unless they haven't been keeping paper work, I should be in the records.

Mafanikio Day 1,764, 10:28

0.3USD per share? this is bullshit, buy farms/saltpeppers in the name of christ!!

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,764, 15:00

Vote and sub.

Jdohring3 Day 1,764, 16:21

@Dr. Indubitable

Somehow you were taken off my records when i switched to a new gdoc for all corp information. You have been payed all of the dividends you should have received since i moved over to the new sheet.

Dr. Indubitable
Dr. Indubitable Day 1,764, 17:13

Thanks for fixing the problem!

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