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Do you want the truth or pure lies? [EN/ES]

Day 2,265, 22:35 Published in Argentina Argentina by Ga.brik

After reading the lies written on Spanish MoFA newspaper (, I've decide to publish the logs of the "NAP" talks.

These talks were an effort from HQ's TWO, to avoid Spain and Argentina to waste damage on each other. Ian Kieers (sorry for involving on this issue, mate), was the guy to mediate between both governments, this time.

As you may see, noone from both governments agreed on the text becouse of an article, arguing that it need to be improved before going futher (that means, taking it to their respectives Congress for aproval of the deal).

The day after this event, TWO disolved and we never talked again about this text. There were meetings, yes, with greeks representatives as mediators, but nothing about this log were talk again.

The Spanish MoFA article is just a way to wash their hands of the responsability and FAILURE of aproving a deal that wasn't validated by us at all, and aproving a deal that SOLD an ally becouse negligence.

Noone deserves to be lied, even the Spanish citizens deserve better representatives and the way this were managed, proofs it.

I publish this article not as a member of the government but as a citizen, in other to allow everybody to know the truth behind the acts of their representatives.

Despues de leer las mentiras publicadas en el diario de AAEE español (, decidí hacer publico el log de las conversaciones por el tan famoso NAP.

Estas charlas fueron un esfuerzo del HQ de TWO, para evitar que España y Argentina sigan tirando daño contra el otro. En esta ocasion, Ian Keers fue la persona que medió la reunión.

Como pueden ver, nadie de ambos gobiernos acordó continuar con el texto debido a desacuerdos con un artículo en particular, y que necesitaba ser trabajado antes de ser llevado a cada Congreso y en consecuencia ser aprobado.

Al dia siguiente de esta conversación, TWO fue disuelto por sus miembros y no se volvió a hablar sobre este texto ni esta conversación. Hubo mas reuniones, si, con el gobierno griego como mediador, pero nunca se volvió a traer este NAP a la mesa de conversación.

El articulo de AAEE español es una manera de limpiar sus responsabilidades por haber hecho aprobar un texto que nunca fue validado por nosotros en primera instancia, y en consecuencia VENDER a un aliado.

Nadie merece ser mentido en la cara, incluso los ciudadanos españoles merecen mejores representantes despues de lo que hemos visto.

Publico este artículo en calidad de ciudadano, con la intención de que los ciudadanos conozcan la verdad acerca de sus representantes.


Abisay Day 2,265, 22:39


jhonatan94 Day 2,265, 22:39


Lord Juan
Lord Juan Day 2,265, 22:42

Votado! Ahora a leer

Ektonosiakos Day 2,265, 22:42


Ektonosiakos Day 2,265, 22:45

in greece this nap as well as your mpp with chile was presented as a proof that argentina has moved in making setlements with regards to alliances without greece.
It is told that argentina would remain nutural and will not follow greece in an alliance
personally i never believed it.
I wonder how much of it was true and what part was propaganda???

Millo75 Day 2,265, 22:53

Leaving outside greece brothers is the BIGGEST lie in eRepublik
Tnis and Plato had fixed the economy maybe the funniest things I have read.

DDRazorback Day 2,266, 23:32


ViriathusLusitania Day 2,266, 01:43

spanish governments are professionals in doing this sort of manipulations. The only book they read was 1984

Yeridan Day 2,266, 05:55

Do you actually BELIEVE spaniards that we are likely to leave greece ???? man, to believe such bullshit. We will never get tired of calling FYROM, FYROM...

JJParis Day 2,266, 20:35

You can believe what others tell you, or you can believe what your friends tell, we will not to let our brothers, Hellas, Romania, Turkey, CUA and Portugal aside, we will never spend any FF against ours brothers

santirub Day 2,265, 22:45

Galletita chamuyera j6j1j9

Yulrod Day 2,265, 22:45


MONITOR HUASCAR Day 2,266, 23:25

Podio antichileno

punta Day 2,266, 02:35

osti tú, pero si no dices nada

Marchao Day 2,266, 06:02

v because 😛

Nimoht Day 2,266, 06:21

Y qué es lo que decía el artículo 5? Para entender, digo...

AlejoDiaz Day 2,266, 07:53

"5. Where possible, countries will try to recompense damage done by their side by fighting on the other side. This is open to discussion."

RevGreen Day 2,266, 17:50

Comment deleted

RevGreen Day 2,266, 17:51

So after what i read, spain was ready to backstab Brasil but also Arg were ready to do the same to Portugal. 😶

Pibasog Day 2,266, 22:18

NO. Argentina said if Portugal don't win whit the NAP we don't sing it.

RevGreen Day 2,267, 01:23

ohh K i was scared Arg would have done the same Brazil did to us:X

Emilio Z
Emilio Z Day 2,266, 18:49


Pibasog Day 2,266, 22:17


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