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Do you want some gold?

Day 2,223, 09:42 Published in Canada Canada by Mr. A. Smith

Do you think the eCanadian government should give every eCanadian 10 gold as an economic stimulus?

PM your Congressman today to voice your support!

Time to get some gold act proposal.

Fine print, this is just for lutz and to prove a point.


Chochi Day 2,223, 09:59

What's your point?

Mr. A. Smith
Mr. A. Smith Day 2,223, 10:04

Is this what we really want to pass as a proposal?

Chochi Day 2,223, 10:17

Oh, that's your point. Wasn't sure if you were just talking about wasting tax money or something. 😛

But even under the current rules, you can't pass a proposal through articles, only introduce an amendment to the Charter.

I actually have no problem with people raising ideas here through articles - it's not a bad way to see if there's support for an idea. I just think that any proposal that would go to a vote should be proposed on the forums - either in the public section for a Charter amendment or Congress for any other vote.

Mr. A. Smith
Mr. A. Smith Day 2,223, 11:18

ofc if someone wants to create an article to sway public opinion of an issue have at it

Mr. A. Smith Day 2,223, 10:03

Comment deleted

olivermellors Day 2,223, 14:09

1. Who will qualify? All or only select players with eCan citizenship?
2. What is the estimated outflow of gold?
3. From what fund will the gold come and what is the method of transmittal and verification?
4. What concrete benefits are anticipated?
5. How do you propose to count and report on the actual benefits obtained vs. initial target.
6. What is the anticipated downside beyond the expenditure itself; how to you propose to track etc.
7. Do you believe that players who aren't in congress have nothing beneficial to offer when a concrete proposal is made?
8. Have you made your point? It is a poor idea, a fleeting benefit of enormous cost which is unmanageable.

olivermellors Day 2,223, 14:14

Or have I missed your point? Was it that there are enormous opportunities for an eCanada which is ready to leverage the potential of the general population in your country and others?

Like: establish a llittle fund of a few hundred gold to be awarded as prize money for achievements which benefit the game and the community.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,223, 14:57


Chopp Day 2,224, 09:20


Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 2,225, 08:48

I think you have this backwards.... all eCanadians should donate 10gold to the government so we can increase our MPP's and fund a successful War campaign ... 10 gold is nothing to a player... but 10 gold from each player to a government is a very useful tool

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