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Do You Remember When....?

Day 1,432, 11:31 Published in USA USA by Kara Zor El

Times like these, I have the time to reminisce

How many of these things can you remember? Please feel free to add your own in the comments. This could turn out be to be fun and educational. I will give 2 Q5 tanks to the author of the comment that literally makes me LOL. I will give 2 Q5 tanks to the author of the comment which makes me say "Oh wow!" I will give 2 Q5 tanks to the author of the best "burn".

Oh Wow!
Just wow me with your comment. Needs to be clever, interesting, and in the format of "Do you remember when...?.

September 5, 2005 Urban Word of the Day
(1) slang: to disrespect someone (to diss); to make fun of someone; used by a third party after a first party makes fun of a second party. Brought back to life by the ever-popular That 70's Show.

Do you remember when...?

1 Gold was worth 50 USD

you could afford to hire employees

owning a company was an accomplishment

it took time to reach level 20

you didn't have to login to eRep every ten minutes you are idle

moving tickets mattered

you could only fight 5 times a day

eIreland kept attacking us

Congress proposals were listed on the home page

the login page wasn't insulting to RL Americans

you could send gifts to your friends

zero health was a dead citizen

eRep didn't copy facebook success

feeds were called shouts

country leaders had their own place to shout

the Feds were a 6th party

the Feds were a top 3 party

we bought USD from the CBO

the eUS only had one territory

the eUS had no territories

UIP was top 5

we had orgs

you could donate to orgs and store there

MU's were an alternative to the military, not the norm

we needed training wars just to be able to fight

there was a shout limit

you could subscribe to comments in an article

you could see everyone's past shouts on their profile page

If you win the prize in all three categories, I will double it.


sonix Day 1,432, 11:43

the thing is I do remember all of this.
I remember when the day came when I upgraded my Q4 to Q5. what a feeling.
I remember the walls we crushed in the last 5 min.
I remember the economy wars when we worked with 10 Wellness.
I remember wellness.

great stuff

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,432, 11:43

Do you remember when, Spain started kicking out asses, and pointing it out got you called a troll?

VinylScratch Day 1,432, 11:44

I remember when the UIP was above the Libs. That short period of time was so blissful.

Big Guns Jim
Big Guns Jim Day 1,432, 11:48

Having been dead for a couple of years, I don't remember much of this.

I got to experience a new kind of pain, though, that being orange juice through the nose when I looked at the Lionel Richie poster. I don't recommend it. My hope is that, like so many other things, I went through it so that nobody else will ever have to.

Kooguy Day 1,432, 12:08

Do you remember when Kara Beth was a fed?

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,432, 12:35

I remember almost all of that, except some eUS stuff as I was in eSwitzerland

ballmonkey Day 1,432, 12:43

i remember doing quiz's to do any task 🙂

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,432, 12:51

I remember everyone's damage mattered, from the newest civilian to the older tank, since we didn't have unlimited health packs allowing people to do millions of damage, making non-gold buyers insignificant.

creitzell Day 1,432, 13:00

I remember when we didn't have tanks. I remember struggling to keep my health above 20. I remember being constantly fired because my health was so low. I remember saving the crap out of my gold to buy my first company. I remember the admins changing the game to get people to buy gold so much that I'm suprised I remember the rest.

Garmr Day 1,432, 13:02

Do you remember when not fighting barehanded was quite an accomplishment?

Do you remember when this country was not littered with Italian fast food?

Leland Palmer
Leland Palmer Day 1,432, 13:02

I remember funneling all my gold savings into getting my military skills up when V2 came out, only to have the admins entirely kill V2 and set my strength to a measly 400.

Tiamati Day 1,432, 13:27

I remember when it took a new citizen a week (sometimes more) to even reach full health for the first time...

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,432, 13:31

I remember Ligtreb and will always remember him. I remember when I thought Emerick wasn't a douche. Well at least I didn't think he was. I remember the 10 health thing. I must've been eBorn after the eIreland thing. I remember being fired all the time even before I worked and I had full health. I remember when you could win a BH with less than 200k damage and you could see a "sniper" coming from a mile away. So many eMemories.

I also remember being eBroke and trying to find someone to donate to me so I didn't eDie. LOL

Devill Day 1,432, 13:32

I remember when the Admins banned ALL OF TURKEY.

I remember when if you multied, you got banned.

I remember when my nick was xxmattxx1.

I remember when the JCS military was loved by all.

I remember GF day.

I remember the day Ajay Bruno was banned.

I remember the second day Ajay Bruno was banned.


Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,432, 13:34

I also remember the need to fence the stuff you made at a low price and having it bought out from under your nose.

Rick von Ruger
Rick von Ruger Day 1,432, 13:39

I remember the bugged battle of Western Australia
I also remember when articles used to get hundreds or even thousands of votes!
(that was my first article on eRep)

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,432, 13:40

I remember when this game wasn't full of morons.

Does that count?

George Pumpkinette
George Pumpkinette Day 1,432, 13:49

remember when you could actually donate and see you receive

code0011 Day 1,432, 13:49

I remember when 1 gold = $25
In fact, I remember most of that. Most, not all.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,432, 14:00

I also remember the 17th of September! The day LONDON fell! \o/

JohnGreenetherealone Day 1,432, 17:40

Remember when the game
-First started?
-Josh Frost was here?
-The days when the US was composed of Florida?
-Black Market goods weren't widely known?
-Taxes didn't break your back?
-The eUS Gov't wasn't corrupt? Yeah, I don't either.
-When salaries were at max $5, Much less $100?
-When there was no o7?

Devill Day 1,432, 19:09

There was always an o7:P

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,432, 19:42

I remember all that.

Myst Forever
Myst Forever Day 1,432, 19:46

I remember being able to tell at a glance how healthy a player was by how "filled up" their male or female silhouette was.

I remember being killed multiple times as I patiently tried to draw a smiley face on the battle grid. : )

I remember being able to not only see the enemies, their cs etc., on the grid, but you could pm them during battle too and watch for their reaction on the grid.

I remember pm'ing an enemy player on the grid and asking him not to kill me and his very polite reply and his friend request. : }

I remember when everyone thought Kara Beth was a sweetie!

Ok not really but I was going for the burn heh. 😛:P

I may have misunderstood the burn. -.-

Myst Forever
Myst Forever Day 1,432, 20:02

Do you remember when you were rewarded with Treasure Maps for gaining Hard Worker achievements?

Do you remember finding a treasure containing 5.89 Gold by using a treasure map?

Do you remember that you had 30 days to use your Treasure Map before the markings on the brittle paper would fade away?

Screenshots ftw!

Battle Dino
Battle Dino Day 1,432, 22:24

bahahaha. i remember all this..

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,432, 22:25

^^^^^ \o/

VinylScratch Day 1,432, 22:35

I remember being a surveywhore...

SPC91X Day 1,432, 22:35

do you remember when...

- traveling by air was fun?
- when we were afraid of gun violence from urban youth instead of tea partiers?
- spanking your friends with slapwrists?
- when all your friends were making those awful/awesome noises while/after listening to the fatboys?

ugh... i'm making myself sick.

General Cornrow Wallace
General Cornrow Wallace Day 1,432, 22:44

I remember hospitals and gifts, when defense systems meant something, and attacking a country did not activate the attacker's MPP's.

I remember when I actually felt like my small contributions to the battle could make the difference in a key battle, now, I get shit on by goldbeasts.

I remember the epic OT battles that would happen, where you'd see the tanks either tear a wall down, or build it back up.

I remember when the US was left with Florida as PEACE raped our states, but we slowly fought back and regained what was lost, that was easily the most fun I had with this game.

I remember the"Three Pillars" campaign, Lionking, Hellokitty, and Karmataco.

Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Day 1,432, 22:49

I remember there were more comments here until someone deleted them.

Kyle321n Day 1,432, 22:53

Oldfag incoming

Do you remember:
When there was no war module?
When the UK were allies to the US?
Loving Atlantis, but not really knowing why?
Hating Phoenix?
The gold-sh*tting donkey of eRepublik?
The original eUS Forum?
That one time Zoli ran such an elaborate troll of the US that he had even some congressmen believing what he was posting?
Praising the Messiah!
When 2 Term PotUS's were the thing, and a 3rd term was only for the first president ever?
Eating once, at day change, automatically?
Houses, that last forever, and only healed you 5 wellness maximum, but cost $1000's?
1 cent food?
20 storage spots?
Food bombing tanks with that 1 cent food during crucial points of battles so their storage would fill up with food instead of their QMG's tanks?


Dishmcds Day 1,433, 04:06

Do you remember when the AAP actually won a Presidential Election? 😛

Also, do you remember when Gold could be bought with 24 USD?

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 1,433, 04:14

I remember being so happy participating in economic warfare.

I remember fighting only in the Aegean Coast of Greece and Turkey for days in end.

I remember not knowing what would happen if the financial crisis got REALLY bad.

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 1,433, 06:49

hello? is it me you voted for?

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,433, 17:34

Do you remember when we had ads?
Do you remember when parties had a use?
Do you remember when Spain purposely retreated their last region to France, in order to clear their slate of open wars, and help the USA defend herself?

BeRT2me Day 1,433, 17:39

I remember when I made a vpop account because it sounded like what all the old fags remeniced about.

I remember when Glove was Love.

I remember when I invited my first RL friend to this game and then thought, damn, what have I done to this poor man.

Michael Raab
Michael Raab Day 1,433, 19:35

Do you remember when Ajay Bruno/Pizza the Hut/etc... just gave up...?

Sadly, no.

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Day 1,433, 20:00

I remember belonging to a group that made feel like I belonged.
Now I am part of a half dozen things but I get no emotional charge from any of it. I had a job that took RL work to get things done, now all the jobs I get are nothing more exciting than the two-clicks it takes to stay alive......this article makes me sad.
I miss my party.

Mark Valshannar
Mark Valshannar Day 1,433, 20:37

I remember everything you listed. The game still sucked.

icekamikaza Day 1,433, 21:50

Remember of great and magnificent days of Antlantis,beautiful empire of Romania and our biggest rivals,Indonesia 🙂
Nice days indeed 🙂

Onishi Day 1,434, 09:56

I remember all of those things Kara Beth. Do you remember me?

s0beit Day 1,434, 09:57

I remember when Indonesia put up fake citizen ads contradicting DoD orders in WWIII

Morrigan Alexandros
Morrigan Alexandros Day 1,434, 09:59

I remember when to kamikaze was to fight to 50.

I remember when you could engage in economic warfare with another country (working at low health for high wages).

I remember watching the wall.

I remember when eRep gave out cake.

Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Day 1,434, 10:04

eRep gave out cake?

s0beit Day 1,434, 10:06

I remember when Emerick cared


Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Day 1,434, 10:11

Ya, Emerick is a great writer. I miss his constant troll-type involvement.

L7.QualifiedWarrior Day 1,434, 10:11

Do u remember when i was a weak fat kid that everyone pushed around? Well look at me now:D

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,434, 10:17

the cake was a lie.. I remember.

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,434, 10:23

you remember when kara wrote this article?

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