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Day 1,883, 21:47 Published in USA USA by Jmaj

This election is coming down to a close, but I know I will go my hardest in this last hour to appeal to voters to win. I believe in fairness and that everyone in the party should vote but not if you are in a different party. That is where I am mad. As much respect as I have for thenorm, he has gotten four votes from four people of different parties, and they were not going to stay here, but they were going to leave. However, I am down two votes with an hour left. SHould I sit back and watch him win or relentlessly fight until the buzzer sounds? I am going to choose the latter because that is what defines my character. I am going to sprint past the obstacle and even if I lose the race I will win in my heart.

I will take this experience win or lose and apply it to next time I do anything. Because from what I know in socialism, everyone gets a fair chance. Fair is not cheating. If you want someone that will not win for personal gain but to win for the Socialist Freedom Party, than that is me. Make the decision, btu no matter what the SFP will live long forever.



TheNorm Day 1,883, 22:38

This election is not even over, and your already attacking me. Is this how I should expect my term as PP? Also, I've been sending everyone I can to vote for the USWP and/or iNCi to help them out as the USWP is under a major attack. If I end up losing, I'm ok with that. HHH and WDIB both left to vote for the USWP, i could of easily asked them to vote for me.

The only person I messaged to vote for me, were 2 members. One who joined the SFP YESTERDAY, curious how you would know about that and a new BC member I was trying to recruit to the SFP.

Your attitude is exactly the problem with this party today. I've been avoiding campaigning, to give you as good a chance as possible. Yet, I'm being attacked. I've read your articles, and you have good plans and ideas and I've also not attacked you because I didn't want you to take it personally. But since your now attacking me before the election is over, each time you run for PP you put out speeches, articles, get more active, and you share your plans for the party.

How come after each election when you don't win you don't try to implement any of your plans or do any recruiting or help the party? Do you have to be PP to contribute jmaj?

I would leave the party to see if that would let you win, it appears thats all you care about. However when running for PP I take a certain responsibility to those who supported me and for them I will not concede. But if you win, good for you.

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