Do eAussies have Friends or are we just online nigels?

Day 1,233, 15:02 Published in Australia Australia by StewartB

I would like everyone to look at their profile and how many of us have the society builder award? My guess would be not many of us at all.

I checked the Top 10 of our citizens and only 1 SRG91 had this achievement. What does they say about our community? Australia's population is very low compared to most countries in this game. What are we doing about this? Does our latest CP Venja have a plan to increase our population?

As individuals do we encourage friends to join the game? Do we all play this game as we have no friends and this is away to escape the dreary day to day and feel like we are accomplishing something?

I am interested in peoples thoughts on how we can encourage people to the game and keep them interested past the level 10 point. Do we still have a Ministry of Culture? Does it still welcome newbies and coach them in the game?