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Division 1 on the Rise

Day 2,159, 10:08 Published in South Africa South Africa by Yarmee

Division 1 has been dominating in the North West Province. Its a force to be reckoned for. Watch out World



El Reto
El Reto Day 2,159, 12:33

I love when multies are knockin' to bans door.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 2,159, 12:50

Look at that!
And here I was thinking the President declared for Argentina.
Zealots rarely listen to what their government tells them though
Or is it perhaps that you know full well what you're doing?
Think hard on the resilience of eSouth Africans,
All things considered we're prepared to
Ravage our country rather than give it away to
Dubious organizations.

El Reto
El Reto Day 2,160, 13:23

You had just wrote comment like 5 times longer than this whole article.

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 2,160, 17:44

Like the Russian peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars.

Miyagiyoda Day 2,160, 13:11

Comment deleted

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