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Dispatch Dispatch Dispatch, 3 cheers to it!

Day 2,129, 04:38 Published in India Hungary by reborn from the ashes
[Yuuva] Dispatch starts from 20th September 2013

"Today's youths, tomorrow's citizens". It is a great initiative which we have taken to dispatch 3 Q7 weapons to all D1 and D2 players

All D1 and D2 players please apply for it , Just for your information eRepublik day change happens at 12:30 PM Indian Standard Time

Some of the initiative which we have taken from Yuuva party -

1. Educating newbies with game knowledge as well as political knowledge

2. Giving newbies a chance to take up various position within party and prompting them to take up some responsibilities

Erepublik? why I like it?
It is because of fights and politics, as a young kid I used to think politics is rubbish. Now I know, that it is real fun if you play it well :)

Dispatch link ->


vinayak.s009 (

Please show gratitude towards Vinayak as he will be spending his real time to do dispatch

Thanks Vinayak for taking up this job :)

Invite your friends to this game, and to our beloved Party Yuuva , lets grow big as each day passes :)

We stand united as eIndians!

Hail Yuuva!
Hail eINDIA!!!

Reborn from the ashes aka andy_sush


Rudraneel Day 2,129, 04:46

Great job, RFTA; if this continues, it will boost our current strength base.

Isengard13 Day 2,129, 04:52

good initaitive

Kushal Friggin' Agrawal
Kushal Friggin' Agrawal Day 2,129, 04:57

Good job man I may soon rejoin the party if things keep moving up like this You are going to be a great PP.

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,129, 05:23

To all all who think dispatch is a bribe, "well mind ur own business poor fellows"

Rudraneel Day 2,129, 08:07

A debate or potential debate on dispatch brings Abhinay back from temporary inactivity, doesn't it?

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,129, 09:45

Yeah..m always alive for YUUVA...!!!

Adithyavarman Day 2,129, 06:00

great job man,,,

Fighter100 Day 2,129, 06:46


C Roland
C Roland Day 2,129, 06:51

thanks Vinayak!

Broken1 Day 2,129, 11:38


Terciopelo Day 2,129, 19:42


reborn from the ashes
reborn from the ashes Day 2,129, 22:53


Bruce Stark
Bruce Stark Day 2,131, 00:38

LOLWA. Beggar's Party. Cannot sustain their party with ideology so they resort to cheap gimmicks like Dispatch. Bribe Bribe and Bribe

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