Dinnyin for eUSA Country President

Day 4,398, 04:51 Published in USA USA by Dinnyin

Good morning my fellow eAmericans:

Today each of us places 1 click to shape the future of our nation. I urge you to place that click for me.

There is quite a bit of misinformation going around about some actions that I committed the first time that Chickensguys ran for Country President, just last month. The whole of those actions were declassified by the then sitting president, and posted to Public Congress where all could see. What is confusing for some is the part that I had in what went down.

Most of you are aware, but some choose to forget that my opponent is a former Enemy of the State. This isn't a designation that Congress throws around willy nilly. This player has earned that designation through his participation in multiple attempts to engage and participate in attempted political takeovers of our nation and its top political parties. Some may say that this is all just a mechanic of the game and that if he was successful, so be it. However, enough people who were in Congress at the time believed that his actions were enough to give him a designation which, to my knowledge, was only ever held by 3 people including himself.

My actions last month were to protect the country I have defended and actively helped to shape since the first day that I started playing in this community. eAmerica is my community, always has been and always will be. I committed those actions in the best interest of the country, and I would gladly do it again. Things may be going well now, but that is my opponent's modus operandi. Eventually, something is going to break, and when it does on what side of that history do you want to be sitting?

My platform is simple:

1) Better domestic programs to give more back to the people.
2) Mending fences and building bridges between various factions in our community.
3) Continued support of our allies and participation in our alliance, CODE.
4) Facilitating fluid communication between both branches of our government.

DINNY4CP - More 4 The People!