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Did Abdulhamid Khan establish Portsmouth FC?

Day 1,705, 12:52 Published in Ireland Ireland by KhanAlves

Hi dear eIreland citizens! I want to share about a good novel about ottoman empires old sultan (Abdulhamid Khan) to you.It's a good story about this football club and Abdulhamid Khan.

The place is Yıldız Palace. The clock ticks one at midnight. The palace is all surrendered with darkness, except the hall and one single room. The light filtering from oil lambs and candles burning in the hall and in single room is almost digging into this utter darkness and gloomy ambiance. Outside, there is a mild southwest. The whistle of the wind is amusing branches of the tree in the yard. Silence prevails everywhere. Literally, there is no sound...

This deep silence is disturbed by footsteps of two people. Footsteps are directed towards one single room radiating light and finally the door is knocked: Knock! Knock!

A loud, self-confident voice is echoed inside, as if he were already expecting company: `Come inside!` The door is slightly half opened and one of the comers Yaver Ali Rıza Efendi enters the room. The other one is waiting outside the door. `Come inside` is the order of 2. Abdülhamid Han...Ali Rıza Efendi, almost in a whisper; `My Khan, the DERVISH you have been expecting has arrived` says. Then Abdülhamid Han utters: `Do not make our guest wait, let him inside right away`. Yaver Ali Rıza invites Dervish into the room. Dervish with `Permission my Sultan` in his words puts his right foot first and enters the room and greets `Peace be with you, wish you a good night my Sultan`.

Abdülhamid Han responds to his wish: `I hope `goodness` has honored our night with your presence.` Dervish by saying `I hope so` puts his right hand over his heart and bows in Mevlevi way... Abdülhamid Han, slightly changing his sitting position, points at the chair next to him for Dervish and wants him to sit; `Please`. Dervish is around 75-80 years age, white haired, thick white browed, with thick mustache and thin beard in one finger length, red faced, in middle height, almost shortie.

Dervish sits on the chair Sultan points by uttering `In the name of God`. Sultan Abdülhamid Han calls Yaver Ali Rıza Efendi: `Let CONFIDANT come in!` and adds; `Yaver, get prepared right now, you will be going to Rumelia, Salonica tomorrow morning!`

Yaver Ali Rıza in a voice reflecting sadness and happiness bows: `If you wish so,` and leaves his presence without turning his back, in great respect and humility...

The door is knocked twice once again: `Knock!` `Knock!` Again the very same voice orders: `Come inside!. The door is opened; a tall, old and yet robust man around 60 with long black jacket, with a thick mustache gets inside...

Year 1912.

The place is Beylerbeyi Palace. It is one o`clock at midnight. Khan Almighty has returned from Alatini Manor in Salonica, where he stayed for a little more than three years, to Istanbul. It was as if the meeting in Yıldız Palace was repeated. The ceremonial picture of Yıldız Palace recurred just before the eyes of beholders however during the time interval there also had occurred many differences. Dervish was now really old and so was the Confidant; that 60 year old, tall, old and yet robust man with long, black jacket and thick mustache was no longer himself. Abdülhamid Han too lost his loud voice but still that did not stop him from preserving his woeful haughtiness. Dervish and Confidant seated themselves in chairs Sultan pointed. Sultan Abdülhamid Han turned towards Confidant and said; `Now open that Black Covered Notebook`. Confidant said: `If you wish so my Sultan`. Abdülhamid Han glanced at Dervish. When realized his glance Dervish bowed and humbly uttered; `If you wish so my Sultan` and put his hand over his heart. Abdülhamid Han talked as if he intentionally glanced: `Great Dervish, a long time ago you told me; `we do not crown you as Sultan. We crown you as Khan to lay the foundation of World Empire that will be built soon, to delay the collapse of Ottoman Empire and to fool the world.` But now you call me; `My Sultan`. Sultan in a way worded his long regret. Great Dervish`s mild smile revealed the humor in Sultan`s words.

Khan nodded, turned to Confidant and asked: `What is next?` Confidant opened the so-called `Black Covered` notebook in his hand which was in black leather, embroidered with gold plated lace and Star and Crescent, once again embroidered with four gold Crescents on its edges. Pulling one amongst many papers, he started to read:

(Black covered...The great Ottoman Star and Crescent in the middle is the symbol of Ottoman Empire, four crescents symbolize four corners of the world)

`My Khan, 1890s...Attack plan against British sneakiness ...` Upon Khan`s command of `Read!`, Confidant kept on: `Secret organization of British founded a Sport Fitbol (Football) Team in Istanbul to conduct their operational and information gathering activities. This team composed of Rum (Greek) and Armenian youth caused many damages (deceitful events and activities) inIstanbul and all Ottoman lands.` Great Khan ordered: `Let there be Fitbol Team in Britain immediately, Let it be called `Blue Army`. Let all the expenses be collected from Imperial Treasury.` Three days after this dialog, Confidant asked; `Is the team`s emblem appropriate my Khan?` asked by showing the amberish particles sized like a small coin in his palm which looked like red button, composed of Star and Crescent ...`(below picture)

Khan on the other hand suggested; `Would not it be better if you made this star in 8 corners into Ottoman Star and Crescent (by making some additions, changing it into a figure representing four seasons and four regions)?`, `If you wish so my Sultan` said they and action began...

Year 2009...

`I made research in England. There was a team which reminded Abdülhamid Han`s Football Team...Its emblem and colors were just like the ones recorded by Confidant...

Of course there are many rumors taking place about this team. However I strongly believe that this team was perhaps a declaration operation of both Ottomans(A sign that shows their great aims reaching even to England) and most importantly Great Khan`s (Against British intelligence)`. While the British, with their spies, were playing `game` in Istanbul they were totally unaware of the counter attack in their very homeland. In other words as the British with their spies were `strolling` around Istanbul, they missed the ones `stroking` in their homeland.

Below is the emblem of one of the Football teams currently playing in England. Portsmouth FC playing in the 1st League attracts attention with its Star and Crescent emblem

This is just a historical story.I hope, It makes you fun. Best Regards


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