Despatche #015

Day 4,399, 14:59 Published in Switzerland Ireland by Cat Sith

4.0 2nd Commander Joe "Jackdaw" Quigley, White Stag Unit, Rasa Blank

"... and that's all the info we have on the Monolith." Ratel finished his briefing. He'd briefed me beforehand but I insisted he give it to others so they'd know what they were walking into. "You boys should be able to handle it right?" He stared at us with a stern expression. "Sir! Yes, Sir!" we responded immediately. "Muis here will fly you in the newer helicopter in our fleet, not the Banshee." he gave a slight smile at the relief that must have been in our eyes. That death trap of a machine was going to kill someone one of these days. "Just give him a call when you ready to leave and he'll come get you. He's also the closest for help if needed. I've sent Gad and Flinch to the other base in case you need backup. " he added.

"When are we leaving?" a voice spoke up behind us. We turned around to see Jackie o’ the Liberties standing there fully equipped for a mission. "It's a job for commandos Jackie you're not going." I said calmly but sternly. "I have every right to go Jackdaw, they killed my best friend. Plus, I'm a paramedic you will need me if it's as dangerous as you say." he said with uncharacteristic authority. "The danger is exactly why we don't need a rookie DB soldier along." Winters barked sharply. "I've proven my worth getting here from Skibbereen." he continued. I glanced up to see Mick standing with a thoughtful expression on his face. "He goes you may need him." Jackie’s posture puffed up a bit. "You sure Bro?" Claire asked. "I was around him for *cough* hrrm.. Days he will be more useful than you think." Mick struggled through his words, but it was better than his attempts to express himself with his hands, before he got his voice back thanks to Dr Ali tricking him. "It's settled then get whatever else you need and say your goodbyes, you all leave in one hour." Ratel barked before leaving the room with Claire, her fox Sheeny at her heels. Mick nodded at us before following.

Muis looked up from where he was cleaning his fingernails with his knife, a habit he has when feeling nervous or bored. "See you at the helipad, dress warm." he said putting away his knife in his boot before walking out. I looked at the others "Collect your equipment from stores and meet up at the helipad in one hour. " I ordered. Mick followed us to the stores. “Be careful out there Jackie...:” I heard him say quietly to him. “Its hrrm *cough* not as simple..our trip here.” “I need to do this, for Graham.” Jackie replied fiercely. “I know his killers need to..*cough*.. I feel the same Jackie.” Mick patted him on the shoulder before walking away.

4.1 Lieutenant Lionel "Orphan" Winters, Blind Unit, Rasa Blank

Muis dropped us off close to the base of a mountain about 20km outside Geneva, Switzerland where the Monolith apparently was. He managed quite a feat as there was a full blown snow storm happening. As we bent our backs against the wind and headed towards what looked like an entrance, I turned my head and saw him heading directly into the teeth of the storm back the way we came.

We were shivering as we reached a door and huddled around it. A small charge opened it and we entered out of the storm. There was an atrium where we entered but it was empty. After a quick discussion with Jackdaw we headed deeper inside. The place was a maze cut into the mountain with long extremely tall corridors cut into the granite and lit with fading wall mounted electric lights. Our footsteps echoed loudly despite how carefully we moved. "This map is useless!" Quigley growled after an hour of wandering aimlessly. "Where the hell did Ratel get it from!?" None of said anything we knew he was just letting off steam. "Anyone bring something so we can mark intersections and know where we've been?" Jackie asked. We all shrugged. We hadn't expected to need anything.

After some more walking we came around a corner and met some strangers, the leader spotted us immediately and ordered them to attack. They had a similar dead eyed look that I had seen in Mac Allistar, one a male wearing a dress was swinging an enormous hammer like it was a toy. We all turned and ran, I got separated from the others as we came to an intersection with multiple entrances. I could hear gunfire, shouts and screams echoing through this labyrinth.

As I followed the noise down through the corridors I was in, I saw the leader of them disappearing down a passage. He hadn’t spotted me. I followed with my rifle at the ready. I saw him open a heavy iron door before disappearing. This corridor was shorter and broader with whitewashed walls and clean white tiles.I entered a room, quickly scanning for traps. It was a simple, plain office with a desk and cabinets. The desk was clear except for a single sheet of paper placed right in the centre. Curious, I picked it up. There was a list of names with their designations for something called The Academy.

4.2 Ceannasaí Jack Moore, Dublin Brigade, Rasa Blank

We had been split up from Lieutenant Winters, Jackdaw, Alex, Artjom and Arthur were still with me as we headed deeper into the maze that was the Monolith. The weeks spent being guarded by others like those we had just met, had ensured I didn't get the same shock as the others seeing them. I followed the others instinctively to keep us together.

We entered an area with random empty counters and suddenly we were being fired upon. We all dived for cover and returned fire, we were pinned down. They waited until we were halfway into the room before opening fire. "Tideman!" Alex spat the word out in fury. "Traitor from ELF who sold himself to Goshawk." he said in explanation his eyes full of a blazing anger. Looking at the other two A’s from Nero Unit, I could see the same hurt and betrayal in their eyes.

"We need to get out of here, before the others arrive." Quigley said quietly but firmly. "Alex you and I will give covering fire the rest of you make a break for that door over there." he pointed to the door directly to our left. "Once there you can cover us. On my command." Alex nodded checking his rifles clip was full. Him and Quigley started firing concentrated fire at the enemy as the rest of us ran for the doorway.

Bullets pinged around us as we moved but were erratic due to the covering fire. I stifled a cry as a bullet grazed across my ribs. I heard both Artjom and Arthur stifle cries themselves. We reached the doorway and turned just in the entrance to cover Quigley and Alex. I emptied my clip and replaced it, before I saw Quigley say something to Alex and then Alex was sprinting towards us firing as he ran towards the enemy. He got hit in the shoulder and leg and dropped just meters from us. I rushed forward and grabbed him pulling him towards safety. I had barely got him inside the doorway when looking up I saw Jackdaw making a run for safety. We tried to cover him but he took a number of hits and dropped to the floor.

I didn't even think about the danger but ran out to him shouting at Artjom and Artur to cover me. I reached him with bullets pinging around me. I gritted my teeth as a few found their mark in my flesh but I managed to grab him by the shoulder and drag him to safety. "Check if there's anywhere down there we can defend." I said to Artjom and Artur both had wounds in their shoulders and across their ribs.

I bent over Alex and tied a tourniquet around his leg to stop the bleeding and slapped a wound patch on his shoulder before turning my attention to Jackdaw. He was barely conscious as I turned him over. I felt for a pulse in his neck, it was faint. His breathing was labored, he had taken a bullet high on the right side of his chest, one to his right thigh which was spurting blood, another just below his ribs on the right side, and a couple had hit his right arm. I was panicking I had never had to cope with anything like this before. I drew a deep breath as I looked up to see the others looking at me waiting for me to do something. One thing at a time stop the bleeding from the leg I thought to meself. I tied a tourniquet around it, then proceeded to place wound patches on his other wounds it would have to do for now.

"They're gone." Artjom said quietly as he came back from checking the room we had just left. "Is there somewhere up ahead?" I asked. It appeared I was the only one thinking straight right now. "Yeah there a room with counters placed in such a way it would be defendable if need be." Arthur said, looking panicked. "Let's get them there and try to call for help." I said. They nodded and together we moved them to the room. I moved to one side and activated my Comms, hoping the signal would get through and Muis would hear me. Static came through but I kept trying our lives depended on it.

4.3 Captain Muzikayise "Muis" Eric Peter's, Chance Unit, Rasa Blank

I sat to one side as Ladybird did our daily broadcast, I had a really bad feeling about the mission I had dropped our people off for. The long range comm unit remained silent as I sat there feeling itchy all over for no reason. It was about three hours before I heard a faint frantic voice over it broken by static. "This is Captain Muis Peters reading you can you repeat that over." I shouted loudly to be heard. I heard Ladybird jump startled behind me. And turned to look at her as I turned the volume on the radio all the way up and leant in close to listen. "Monolith trap many inju… Nee- *static* Need help.. Do you.." a young voice came over which could only have been young Jackie's. "Copy that will notify command, hang in there we'll get there as soon as possible." I shouted back hoping he had heard as only static answered me. Ladybird was staring wide eyed at me.

"Muis." Dr Ali spoke quietly behind us. "What do you want Ali I need to get an urgent message to command.." I froze as I turned around to talk to her. She was standing with the shell of a man who used to be Commander of this place. He looked different somehow. He had a fresh uniform from our supplies on and his hair was cut and beard shaved.. Ali was smiling as she saw our faces. "Muis, Ladybird I'd like you to meet Commander Tadgh Mac Allistar." she said with a grin. Wait what why was she introducing us to the meat puppet? "Good to meet you Captains." he spoke hoarsely, looking at us with a slight smile at our faces. "You know I like working out puzzles Muis, well after we figured out the type 4 cure, I had time on my hands so I worked on him with adjustments to my nanobots with the info they kept giving me. And an hour ago I found the hidden switch. Once I had it off. The Commander here woke up so to speak and started talking to me. " I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open. I closed it with a snap. "Ratel and White Fox need to know and there's trouble with the team at the Monolith, they stepped into a trap." I gulped out. "Who is still alive from our people Ali." he suddenly asked her. "White Fox, Silent Fox, Quigley, myself and Stevie. We lost Blind Fox to sniper fire and Ghost on regaining Liberty Hall." Ali replied with sadness in her voice. "White Fox?" He queried a puzzled expression on his emaciated face. "Ah, Claire O'Malley. She was Valkyrie before Liam was…" Ali replied softly a deep sadness in her voice. “You have a team in trouble? May I suggest a backup team would be more effective in getting the job done of destroying this eh… hideout? Are there any explosive experts available?” Mac Allistar asked hoarsely. Commander Meat Puppet was now speaking proper English.

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