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DERBI !!!! Cestitka od grobara

Day 1,824, 11:03 Published in Serbia Serbia by cajbert1984

tri gola na jednom mecu nase lige svaka cast

drugo poluvreme apsolutno pripalo Crvenoj Zvezdi
cestitke jednog grobara na pobedi

i naravno



Nizam l Cedid Day 1,824, 11:08

Comment deleted

Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman Day 1,824, 12:16


Drke John
Drke John Day 1,824, 12:27

otišo žuti razarat turske prvoligaše, zvezda odma procvijetala...

cajbert1984 Day 1,824, 12:29

xaxaax tako nekako

Cemi Kmdz
Cemi Kmdz Day 1,824, 13:28


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