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Dennis McVicker and other AIM Leadership put National Security Second.

Day 2,015, 02:20 Published in USA USA by LordRahl2
I suppose putting the eUSA second is better than putting it third but that is a pretty pedantic point.

Below will be tldr so here is the Bottom line:
The leadership of AIM (American Independent Militias) deliberately ignored requests to support ATO (Anti-Political Take Over) operations to further their own personal quest for power. The result when combined with this month's PTO (Political Take Over) of the AMP (American Military Party) has severely weakened the eUS.

This picture has nothing to do with the rest of the article. Now for the story.

You may or may not know my story, I tend to stay out of both politics and the lime light. But since the economy has been nerfed I mainly help new players and focus my energy at undermining PTO (Political Take Over)actors. Last time I had anything to do with official politics was Pig In Zen's Administration working in the Department of Interior handing out gifts (old thing for health). I did ATO work before by opposing the PTO in its relative infancy when it was called the New Conservative Party (NCP). If you think I am politically motivated then feel free to check who the NCP supported for presidential elections (nobody because that would have been too political for my taste for an ATOed party). Oh I also help administer the forums where I provide a small service managing membergroups and moderators.

The only reason I feel the need to mention any of that is because Dennis McVicker, hereafter referred to as DMV, brought me up. I am interested in why DMV dislikes me. I do not think I have ever interacted with the dude other than reading his paper.

Anyway enough about me lets talk about the eUS National Security and what happened or more precisely what didn't happen and what that means for us as a community.


Like the proverb says when we work together the group is strong. When we stand alone we are weak. This is absolutely true in this game. Even the biggest gold buyer requires 3 other divisions (or at least one) just to win a battle.

So one way to play is to work together.

Or, or, you can undermine or chose not to support activities that strengthen the eSUA because they do not line up with your personal goals.

DMV and the leadership of the American Independent Militia (AIM) chose the latter.

During the last Party Presidential (PP) elections I personally reached out to the AIM leadership, specifically Cyber Witch and Cubby, as did the Director of Homeland Security to see about helping with votes to defend legitimate parties and for other ATO activities. Josh Frost tried to coordinate with AIM leadership as well I believe. I will not speak on his behalf.

The replies I received were, to put it gently, less than supportive of ATO activities.

Lastly, out of the blue, Dennis McVicker attacked me on the eUS forums for some reason. He appears to be, at least according to him, the spokesperson or something for the AIM leadership.

What should the AIM leadership have done? Simply asked, not ordered, their Soldiers to swing by the ATO channel on IRC to see what help could be provided.

If they had done so it is highly likely that the AFA would have been defeated in this month's PP elections. Then even the AMP sleeper PTOer would have had minimal impact beyond delaying ATO victory for a month.

Seems simple enough. Why didn't they? I am sure DMV can come up with some reason that he dislikes me personally (I currently have no idea what that fabrication would be) but that is not the real reason.

Having eliminated personal dislike, since I do not know him, I can only come up with one reason.
Personal power.

This is a bit confusing. So some terms/background/players:
Unity - This is the formal agreement between the top 4 parties (minus the PTO party) to hold and adhere to Presidential Elections outside of in-game mechanics. They also informally work together against the PTO.
AIM-American Independent Militias- are a group of non-governemtn funded Militias that work together in different battles. Primary members include but are not limited to the JCS Militia with several subdivisions led by Cyber Witch, the Praetorian Guard (PG) led by Dennis McVicker, and Seal Team Six (ST6) led by Cubby. Again, there are others but these are some of the main actors in AIM.

The real driving force behind AIM is to oppose Unity (not to 'have fun' or something). If the AFA is defeated then Unity would quickly go away as our PTO friends from Serbia and elsewhere went home. Then power would return to the political parties. This would reduce AIM to mainly a channel for coordinating damage and hence reduce the AIM leadership's power and influence.

Defeating the AFA and ending Unity undermines the basic reason for AIM and the political power potential it represents.
Make no mistake AIM is going to become, if it is not already, a political force.
Yes even choosing or influencing people NOT to vote is power.

Do I think AIM's leadership had a malicious intent when they simply failed to assist the ATO? No. At least not in their minds. However, the effect will certainly have, and is already having, negative repercussions across the eUSA. And this makes me sad and disappointed.

I hope this article serves as a wake up call. The path the eUSA community is following is self destructive and serves no interests beyond those of our enemies. It is pure lose lose for us.

Disappointed Cat is Disappointed.

When I wrote the above I realized that I am not so much mad as disappointed in the folks running AIM. So I guess I will be direct.

Dennis McVicker

I am disappointed in you.

Cyber Witch

I am disappointed in you.


I am disappointed in you.


I would like to thank MM2 for all his ATO efforts to include but not limited to:
Max always plays the game his way which I think is fun to watch. However, he always puts the USA first.


I salute you.

By the way DMV, this is an example of how you could chose to spend your Gold if you wanted. Or, you know, just pass out orders to swing by the ATO voting channel to your Soldiers. That would be free and easy.


If you want this BS to end you have to cede power temporarily for the good of the country. You cannot keep well intentioned people out of your sandbox and expect the community to function.

Pre-publication edit. I just read Mazzy Cat's article. I must say i am now disappointed in her too. Who cares if the Feds did this that or the other. That drama is something you could have just ignored. The core interest is defending the eUSA and that is at its basically what happened with Max's help. Lets STOP playing games and pull together. I guess the same could be said for the Feds in a way

Common America, lets pull our stuff together and get this ship sailing in the right direction:

^the right direction.


Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,015, 03:19

Are you surprised?

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 03:26


People need to be held accountable even for their failure to act.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,015, 03:27

I agree, but that won`t change the fact that they`re only looking out for their own interests, under false pretenses.

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 03:30

I agree. Given that, the only way I can figure out to force good action is to make inaction more costly to their power base.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,015, 15:07

You can come to the Vox Party feed and see that there were efforts to stop this. Plus DMV, himself was frantically shouting.

Delyruin Day 2,015, 04:17

He hates you because of the unicorn, he hates unicorns.

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 2,015, 04:25

eUSA is funny country. Circus.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,015, 16:29

I love you.

avrukh Day 2,015, 04:30

avrukh was here

Norbengo Day 2,015, 04:36

Witch burning article... but the fact is, AIM did it's best to oppose AFA and our AMP PTO.

AIM soldiers were instructed by their seniors and did voted by government instructions.

This is just "lets blame someone" kind an article,

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 04:45

No, in fact it is a get your S&%t together article.

And no, they were not instructed to do so.

Your lack of knowledge, in this case and in general, is nothing new.

Norbengo Day 2,015, 04:56

1. I was, until yesterday, part of AIM Black Sheep MU, in this unit EVERYONE was instructed to vote just like the government wanted. That's a fact.
2. Name me one AIM unit where this wasn't the case.
3. Your article is full of accusations and "what if" wishfull thinking, you're just using it for the sake of your personal vendetta.

Point is, you're barking at the wrong door, if AIM wanted, your elitist government would be overthrown months ago, but on the contrary they did their best to fight against us 😉

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 05:19

1. Do you see BS in the article?
2. I did so already.
3. Yes I am applying blame where it belongs.

AIM, and its member MUs, need to wake up.

Cubby Day 2,015, 04:56

Nice pictures! RAWR!

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 05:22


Animis Day 2,015, 04:58

LR, despite you good intentions I think you over-estimate the current operational scoop of AIM. It serves as primarily a battle communication mechanism. While I would agree, and have said in the past "when it comes to ATO efforts, voting is the battlefield weapon", AIM just has not been organized around or agreed to common political actions as part of its activities; "US-AIM (United States Association of Independent Militias) is a collection of independent military units coming together to foster cooperation and to coordinate damage in the interest of national defense...This will be achieved through joint recruitment, war games, and joint deployment operations."

Having said that, getting really serious and achieving success with ATO efforts will get us out of the UNITY and low bonus cycle that most eAmericans dislike. I also agree with you that a very organized, with many volunteers, set up to be high functioning, ATO effort, planned and ready to put into operations prior to PP elections can reduce to the threat significantly and that the Congress or CP elections are not where ATO efforts are most effective Basically, it is all about PPs. Despite this, we have also seen entire parties slide over and reestablish an entirely new top 5 after PP elections just to try to mess with this strategy.

I do not speak for ST6 or AIM, I speak only for myself. I know you feel very passionately about this and wish others agreed with you. It is always frustrating to feel like you can make a difference but are ignored. Having been there myself, going way back to the way back when MM2, Claire, Ron and many others got very serious with ATO efforts during, dare I say it; V1, this will take a serious dedication on the part of all eAmericans to coordinate a block of control in the most likely Top 5 parties. I wish you good luck in this effort and if properly done, IMHO most MUs will see the benefit and help out.

Sorry for the TL factor.

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 05:21

I honestly hope so about the last bit.

I disagree with you about AIM, but I respect your opinion.

Sorry for the short reply. 🙂

Animis Day 2,015, 05:33


Viarizi Day 2,015, 06:08

I just Love tits!

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 06:09

I was thinking of you when I put them in.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,015, 06:43

Is this referencing ATO operations from a few days ago? Or back during the NCP days?

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 06:44

PP elections on the 15th.

olivermellors Day 2,015, 06:50

I speculate:

McVicker thought you were an okay guy. He is now wondering about you cause you wrote this dumbass article. He realizes, thowever, that overall you have your heart in the right place.

Your attempt to be elected President of the AFA party would have succeeded if things were different. If things had been different things would be different.

Your call for unity of purpose and effort in the war against eSerbia is oddly out of place in an article which heaps scorn on a significant military asset. That is a bit dumbass and Denis McVicker probably doesn’t like you anymore. But eSerbia doesn’t much care.

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 06:57

Your speculation is wrong.

olivermellors Day 2,015, 07:21

I am often wrong. Welcome.

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 07:24

No problem. Have a great day.

Cubby Day 2,015, 10:23

He's more right than wrong. Very astute, olivermellors!

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 2,015, 19:03

He is indeed more right than wrong. Especially in the ''finding the one thing that people just won't name'' departement.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 2,015, 07:36

Thank you. : )

PigInZen Day 2,015, 08:02

sometimes I hate politics. correction, I hate stupid politics.

PeVall Day 2,015, 09:06

lol, sounds like someone is upset.

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Day 2,015, 09:07

I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what you are disappointed in. Are you upset that a non-political entity (US-AIM) didn't become political all of a sudden? Yes, there are rumors and predictions that at some point AIM might become political. There are also some outspoken people in AIM MU's who don't like the current government and/or Unity. My difficulty in understanding this article however, comes from figuring out why you expected a currently non-political entity (AIM) to suddenly become political with no discussion amongst its member MUs, and then blame it on some individuals within the MU who have anti-Unity leanings.

Speaking for myself (as a somewhat newb peon), and not my MU (C4, obviously), I will state that our MU is politically neutral, and any political messages in the shout feed are typically forbidden. The AIM charter also mentions nothing about ATO or Unity vs. Non-Unity or being a political force at all. Given C4's anti-political stance (which was one of the reasons I joined C4), if AIM ever did become political, C4 leadership would probably reevaluate its membership.

If AIM leadership did as you suggested, without input from its member MUs it would be going against its charter and potentially alienating its member MUs. Not because AIM hates Unity, but because those are the rules by which the AIM operates.

I say this all as a current supporter of Unity and proud member of USWP and C4.

seeker1 Day 2,015, 12:45

Amazing! Someone actually understands our organization and does not fantasize about what they THINK our goals might be someday in the unknown future.

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 2,015, 09:57

ATO efforts with the New Conservative Party, more like PTO efforts. You are a PTOer, an attacker on difference of opinion and democracy. Now you're playing the blame game, but what I wonder is where are your silly predictions of AFA's doom and descent into irrelevance. : p

DMV3 Day 2,015, 10:27

I laughed so f*cking hard. For the record I do not hate you, in fact I barely even think of you at all (unless I'm fapping). As for your accusations that US-AIM undermined ATO efforts, you are so far off base it borders on pathetic. I will repeat what I said on the forums one last time and hope you're able to comprehend it this time (though I highly doubt it): I am pretty sure the ATO efforts would have been more successful if the candidate running was not perceived as a puppet of Pfeiffer. If you're still having trouble understanding then I honestly believe the education system in this country is highly flawed

Lord Rahl, pull your head out of your *ss, it is not a hat!

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 10:47

Your excuse for why you do not support the ATO stinks. It is a nice try at covering up.

But, unless you are stupid - which I doubt, you know that pluffer and I have nothing to do with each other.

DMV3 Day 2,015, 10:56

If you think I did not support the ATO you're mistaken. I always support ATO. Check my shouts from the 25th, I recruited at least 20-30 foreign friends to come help with ATO.

I don't care if you're friends with Pfeiffer or not, but you're tactics scream Pfeiffer puppet!

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 11:08

Oh I know, avoiding politics and focusing on ATO is very Pfeiffer of me.

Cubby Day 2,015, 11:39

If this isn't politics....

...well, it is.

LordRahl2 Day 2,015, 11:42

Fair enough I guess cubby. I don't know who benefits but it is not me.

Exalted Druid Day 2,015, 11:10

Comment deleted

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,015, 11:11

DMV was in my shout box all day long fighting the PTO. I call BS on this article. All of DMV friend's witnessed it. You Sir, have obviously been deemed unworthy and for good reason.

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,015, 11:12

I wasn't even aware of an attempt on the AFA until the next day. You may be right about all this, I don't know, but it looks like maybe it was a half assed attempt anyway. If you're going to point fingers you should make sure you point them at everyone involved.

Who organized the ATO?
Who was told in advance? How far in advance?
Who was the candidate? Random "I'm there" or planned?
Did you ask for help.. or did you demand help?

I saw plenty of AIM ppl working and shouting to get votes to the USWP on the 15th and I saw just as many working on the 25th.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 2,015, 11:15

And the finger pointing goes on... and on... and on

It's like a fucking circlejerk of blame around here. Get over it, move on. We've got a war to fight in case you forgot.

InsaneKaleb Day 2,015, 12:42

So from what I've been able to gather from reading your article and the comments, you ran for PP of the AFA and lost. So now your looking for someone to blame.

My question is, Why not blame one of the Political Parties who failed to help you? All it takes is a simple look back at the PP results for MAY to see a couple hundred wasted votes (all together) in the top 5 parties. Maybe if the people who are actually into politics helped you all this could have been avoided.

Ruthain Day 2,015, 13:24

Sad little man.

Jasher Day 2,015, 13:41

Maybe we should just blame the whole USA that did not vote or did not read the MANY MANY MANY shout outs and articles NOT to vote for AMP and still voted for AMP.
Yesterday is gone and done.
Tomorrow never comes.
Today is here and now.

Cheers 🙂

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 2,015, 13:48

I loved the rant. +1

I loved the attempt at trying to tell us (AIM) what we are trying to do. +1

I loved that a non-political organization should be political. +1

DMV (and others you called out as un-patriotic...including myself) will prob think twice before helping again +1

Final tally = Future Fail

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