Day 3,008, 04:52 Published in Ireland Portugal by Martinho69

First things first, today I am proud to announce that a new rag is online on eRepublik. The Gaeltachtai Chronicle – I wish you luck with the pronounciation – named in tribute to the western Gaelic regions, shall be the voice of a free and sovereign Ireland.
But let us not rejoice today, for that we are in a fine stinky mess right now. Although the number of inactive citizens is dramatically high, after the Balts broke our defenses as if our borders were made of paperboard, feeling themselves at home in our land, it is probably time to look for another method.

"Whitch way is Tempeul Barrr?"

I’ve become the Eire Aonair party president two mounth ago, and this despite my low level, right a couple days after I joined it in December. So let’s be honest : people here have balls. The future of this country is not actually embodied by lazy two-clickers who gain access to high functions just because they look « experienced » and have a nice profile picture. Everyone down here is actually waiting for measures that might provide responsibilities to new or less experienced players – but nothing is coming.

Tried to tap "dictator" on Google but couldn't find anything except Sasha Baron Cohen's vacation pictures.

If the government, especially those who have been ruled it for a while, is not convinced by a common efficient action, well parties and little newpapers like this one, are. Giving a voice for everyone, supporting needy players by provinding them grants, food or weapons, organizing fair democratic elections or letting the Congress decide for national economic policies ; seem to be some ways to build an active national community.

Here is what I call an active national community.

Of course, some of us will call it utopia, saying that all these solutions have been discussed without success, or might be unappropriate for some reasons. However, what we can see right now is nothing more than an invaded country which needs a decisive renewal. It is not that simple for sure, but who cares ? Our job in eRepublik is just to watch people do politics, not making it.