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Defense Shields are dumb

Day 2,429, 06:47 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by clanky4

All they do is provide a pointless amount damage to a battle that only disadvantage smaller nations. Militarily apt nations have shown time and time again that they can bring one down in a single battle. Quit making them appear erepublik.

Defense Shields are dumb



SoharaSama Day 2,429, 08:00


Hazwani Hanum Hashim
Hazwani Hanum Hashim Day 2,429, 08:03

better to protect us from become airstrike target from medium size countries

clanky4 Day 2,429, 08:53

it'll just be wiped as soon as there is another training war

Aalrev v2
Aalrev v2 Day 2,429, 14:35

Can the government save Defense shield ? To prevent the DS usage of training war ? Or it just automaticaly used by system ?

clanky4 Day 2,429, 17:08

it automatically gets assigned

Fxal Day 2,429, 21:52

Plato just trolling with us XD

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