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Deathwatch Guard Mobile Unit

Day 1,685, 19:31 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by CrackShotNZ

So everyone is probably wondering about the latest formed eNew Zealand Military Unit. We are known as the Deathwatch Guard, we are an elite military unit and are made up of a bunch of fun people who are all IRC active. In the falling article I will outline the fucntionality of our Military Unit, and you can decide for yourself if our Military Unit is right for you.


The commander and captain positions are shared equally between three of the founding members of the DWG; Dizzy Ramone, Crackshotnz and Valentyme. Each month a different member is Commander and another one is Captain, while the previous Commander is put as 2nd Commander. Once new Units are formed more leadership positions will open up.


The key component of the DWG is IRC activity. Each of our members has to be IRC active so that we can work together as a unit and help our country and our allies as efficiently as possible. Currently we meet on IRC at 1:00 erep time every night on our IRC channel, #DWG .


Our main goal is to rely on the government supplies as little as possible. This means we need to sell our damage on a daily basis for tanks/gold/currency in order to afford supplies for our MU. We also have one MU factory that people can work in for 12 tanks a day. In order to recieve supplies, members must log onto IRC and fill out a form. Once the form is filled, Dizzy, Crackshot or myself will send out supplies to the member.

~Getting into our unit~

In order to become a DWG member you must fullfill a few requirements. First of all you have to be at least ranked General (we do make exceptions). 2ndly, and the most important, you have to be IRC active to get into the MU and you have to remain IRC active to stay in the MU. You also need to follow the captains/commanders/2nd commanders orders every day, which means coming onto IRC when you are asked to, and fighting where you are told to.




E.L.E.A.N.O.R Day 1,685, 19:47

why there's picture of valentyme at the end ? xD

Valentyme Day 1,685, 19:54

Cause I wrote the article nub

CrackShotNZ Day 1,685, 20:08


LanyIsLost Day 1,685, 21:12

I voted! ; )

H KraToS
H KraToS Day 1,685, 23:40


Burnlikefire Day 1,686, 00:15

isn't Sharks NZ the newest MU?

EternalLightStream Day 1,686, 01:27

Show me the real proof and fact that DWG is real strong MU !

EternalLightStream Day 1,686, 01:40

Valentyme > dizram.

I n f 0 r m e r
I n f 0 r m e r Day 1,686, 02:52


D O N G S A L Day 1,686, 03:22

isn't Sharks NZ the newest MU?



+ u wrote is that your goal isn't to protect NZ, and when NZ doesn't have the battle then to sell your dmg.

my own opinion is this MU only opened because KMG is on gov. refund, and this will not be, but still KMG are in there, only active ones, and just to give you the reason to sell dmg.

bad time to make merc MU in NZ.

Sharks at least wrote they sell their dmg when serb or NZ doesn't have battles, when they do have they hit 3-4 times.

D O N G S A L Day 1,686, 03:23

and when they are free, they hit 2 times per day.

Valentyme Day 1,686, 07:27

@krupan & Burnlikefire depends on how you look at it, they way I see it is Sharks is not a new MU, rather a new Branch of an MU that has expanded into NZ. Also DWG has no relationship with KMG. Also we fight for NZ when it has battles, for example last night we lead the attack when the Tasmanian battle was opened.

Valentyme Day 1,686, 07:36

@EternalLight Here's your proof mate:

Aleda542 Day 1,686, 08:25

Dang Val just owned all you guys.

McGinty.dc Day 1,686, 09:20

@valentyme You got it right, we just expanded to NZ...

Don Luchiano
Don Luchiano Day 1,686, 09:38

Black Hand is with you.
We operate in the shadows.
Good luck!


ArchangeLNS Day 1,686, 09:39

SK is making that huuuuuge damage because ive joined that MU one week ago : D Ý

Dont argue! We all fight for NZ and that is the most important thing!


Oboacer Day 1,686, 10:39

Humm interesting article and good luck to the DWG!

EternalLightStream Day 1,686, 11:18

oh damn! why KMG members so lazy to fight? c'mon defeat DWG man!

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,686, 12:58

WTFever. Everyone knows that the AA is the best unit in the game, and I could care less if you agree with me or not 😃

I actually think the DWG is a good thing for eNZ... diversity helped make this game what it is, and that's what will continue to make it better! DWG & AA FTW o7

Valentyme Day 1,686, 18:15

Hail our overlord Master Zaiban!!!!

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,686, 19:06


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