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Day 29: Spain Loses 16K Gold, France Pushes Onward Into Spain

Day 629, 15:12 Published in USA USA by Desertfalcon

A major setback has occurred for F/E forces as Spain has lost 16,000 gold to PEACE. From what we know right now we believe that PEACE had been tracking the donations of the Spanish treasury and noticed that a large amount was being directed into one company, they also noticed that one company was on sale for 35 gold. Jumping on the opportunity PEACE purchased the company and found 16,000 gold inside the companies accounts. Some in Spain are calling this a hack and a cheat however from what we know right now PEACE obeyed all game rules and just exploited a flaw in the security of Spain's treasury. Some also believe that this could of been the work of a mole in the Spanish government who supported PEACE.

The loss of the Spanish treasury couldn't of come at a worse time as now France has repelled the Swiss attacks and fended off a Spanish resistance war to attack Castilia Y Leon. If France were to succeed here they would gain a border with almost every Spanish region and the high iron region of Asturias. Leon also has dual Q5s and a high population so a loss here would be devastating to Spain. Right now France has a considerable lead and the 16k gold has been frozen while the admins investigate however its still not a good spot for Spain to be in. Also in Western Europe the Swiss have been eliminated, currently the game shows that they still have one region however this is a bug.

Out in Greece the Greeks have managed to move from the defensive to the offensive by fending off the last wave of Turkish attacks and are now attacking Peloponnese, a region originally held by Greece but currently controlled by Turkey. Due to the game mechanics once a country goes on the offensive its very hard to switch them back to the defensive so F/E could take advantage of this opportunity to put pressure on PEACE however without any hopes of taking Central Greece PEACE probably won't have that much interest in Turkey.

Back in North America we have still yet to see any country re declare war on Canada. Now would be a great time for PEACE to step in and try to take out the regions they let slip away since Canada is much weaker right now with most of their citizens gone to other countries however it doesn't appear that most Canadians are coming back to the newly liberated region so they could be waiting until the 20th or so to invade, this would also be a good time to invade since if they were to keep Canada region less on the 24th and 25th they would keep Canada from electing a new congress which would prevent them from renewing any MPPs and make them a sitting duck. The American front has slowed down lately with only two attacks going on right now, one by Russia in Illinois and the other by Portugal in North Carolina. Indonesia is currently blocked from the rest of the country so it appears that their campaign into North America is over without a region swap.

Also I will start releasing these updates later in the day as its easier on me and will allow me to get a better idea on what has happened since PEACE very rarely launches attack this late in the afternoon.



Charles Nimitz
Charles Nimitz Day 629, 15:13


mariposa37 Day 629, 15:13


mariposa37 Day 629, 15:13


Amun Nefer
Amun Nefer Day 629, 15:13


Amun Nefer
Amun Nefer Day 629, 15:14

You suck, Navy 😘(

Also, how could the Spanish be so foolish? O.o

marquis.esoteric Day 629, 15:15

lol @ Spain

Charles Nimitz
Charles Nimitz Day 629, 15:15

it may have been a hack

seeker1 Day 629, 15:18

Great report, as usual.

Lawliet94 Day 629, 15:18

Someone else made an interesting point about the 16,000 gold.
When On3dl lost his gold, they were crying to "do the right thing and give it back!"
Spain loses its gold and it's "Sucks for you!"
Funny isn't it?

RIddle16 Day 629, 15:24

Something really has to be done about that Spanish gold. Whether they did it by mistake or by hack or by a mole. It hope they return it as to get the scales tipped back to a fair fight.

Brendan E Austerion
Brendan E Austerion Day 629, 15:24

"Someone else made an interesting point about the 16,000 gold.
When On3dl lost his gold, they were crying to "do the right thing and give it back!"
Spain loses its gold and it's "Sucks for you!"
Funny isn't it?"


William Duncan
William Duncan Day 629, 15:47

Thank you as usual DF 🙂

Von Seelard
Von Seelard Day 629, 15:51

"Someone else made an interesting point about the 16,000 gold.
When Spain loses its gold, they are crying to "do the right thing and give it back!"
Ond3l lost his gold and it was "Sucks for you!"
Funny isn't it?"

Quoted with a twist 😛

Lawliet94 Day 629, 15:57

@Von Seerland

A good point.

Zoli Day 629, 16:36

Correct me if I am wrong but 1. there is no more Switzerland and 2. by attacking Spain, France opened a war with Canada.

eVon Day 629, 16:53

I feel sorry for the spaniards 🙁
Of course they are claiming that this was a cheat, this is their last chance to get back a foolishly lost money.
But here are some facts: at least 2 days have passed between the two event:
- the money is missing from Banco de Espana (Spanish National Bank)
- we bought the company with all the money
Now, they say we cheated with hacking account, donating money to the company and buy the company.
Honestly, not even one person has noticed in 2 days that money is missing!?
LOL this sounds even more stupid compared to what actually happened.
The fail was that: one of the former governments put the company to the market, but FAILED to tell the current one this. The current one FAILED to notice that this q1 wood company is on the selling list.
The next spanish FAIL was their unfortune, that we have good strategic intelligence 😛

Chadwick0585 Day 629, 17:08

i smell a conspiracy.....spain is in on it

Baturinsky Day 629, 18:10

You mean, company with Spain treasury was on sale FOR DAYS?
Oh, Jesus.

SketchZ Day 629, 18:24


Alpha Zette
Alpha Zette Day 629, 19:08

As the game progresses and the stakes are raised higher and higher...the need for care and diligence increases! This applies to ALL of us...especially to those entrusted with large accounts.

BUT...if the 16,000 g stays in PEACE...what, POSSIBLY, could happen to us ALL? The following is my opinion/prophesy:

_______________________A DIRE WARNING!____________ ANY and ALL loyal Americans who might read this:
Worst case scenario? Fast destruction of eUSA...followed by continuous march across eRepublik until current Supreme Commander of PEACE, Feherlofia Koppany is declared..."WINNER OF ENTIRE GAME"!
From there (in lieu of admins stepping in) things would go down hill from there BIG TIME. I intend to publish a paper, soon, to draw a picture of some of the, OTHER, abhorrent possibilities open to such a powerful dictator. I SINCERELY hope this prediction does NOT come true. But just in case...remember my name.

PS: It would take an ENORMOUS, well coordinated, GLOBAL, RW effort to do much. We would, clearly, be subject to the whims of PEACE

Arbryn Day 629, 21:10

Swiss got taken out DF. The region that looks to be Swiss is actually a bugged French region. Big surprise huh, more bugs.

Swiftstar Day 629, 21:18

Spain, it seems you have royally f***ed up. It sounds to me like it is unlikely that they will receive that gold again. With everything to lose, this happens. Right now there isn't much more that we can do besides sit back and see what the admins decide.

John A Kelly
John A Kelly Day 630, 00:37

Can someone explain to me why Spain put 16000 gold in a Q1 wood company in a French territory where the income tax is 50%? Wouldn't that mean they'd have to pay 8000g in tax to a PEACE country to take the money out of hiding?

"Why, yes, rookie businessman, I believe you're right."

Would Spain intentionally do that?


Would any experienced business owner not notice the taxes when "hiding" money in a company?


Is it possible that Spain put 16000g in trust of an inexperienced financier?


Are we getting an accurate version of events?

"Not bloody likely."

eVon Day 630, 00:44


Yes, the company was for sale before the money was put into it.
Still, the most important thing is (and it is an undeniable fact), a lot of time passed between they invested the money into the company, and when we bought it.
And of course, they should have done better anyway: why put the money into a company owned by the National Bank instead of playing out the money using the monetary market to another company owned by the state (there are plenty of them). It would have been untraceable.
So yes Alpha Zette is right, former Atlantis members should be FAR MORE CAREFUL, because we took advantage of you lack of attention to details so many times you don't even know about most of them.

eVon Day 630, 00:49

@John A Kelly

That does not work that way you describe it.
How can you play out the money from a company without paying taxes? It's easy, you put an offer with your org to the monetary market, 1 FRF for sale for 16000 gold. Then you switch to the company account, and buy this 1 FRF on MM for 16000 gold. No taxes payed, NO RISK AT ALL.
The spaniards are not fool, the knew it and intended to act like this, just missed "some" details.

pesgores Day 630, 05:09

Spain should not get its gold back. They deserved loosing it. THEY ASKED FOR IT LULZ

eVon Day 630, 05:18

Now it is official that we can keep the money:

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/all</a>

There was no cheat, it has been officially investigated that more than 60 hours past the investing the money to the company was the company actually bought.
Furthermore the selling offer of this company was put on the Canadian market before Canada first dissapeared, wich means it was very old.
So this truly is a LEGENDARY FAIL from the spaniards. Thank you guys again!

Raynor Vikrant
Raynor Vikrant Day 630, 07:43

dammit spain

Karzard Day 630, 07:58

Spain losing 16k gold!? Goodbye America. See you a hundred days or so after we escape PEACE oppression.

Man this sucks. Big time.

eVon Day 630, 08:29

I only ask you guys not to quit from game.
Lots of spaniards are speaking about quitting. Well it's easy for me to say, but imho quitting proves how sore loser somebody is: good to play when everything is fine but gives up immediately if things look bad.
Always remember that back in time Hungary had only one region because of the Romanian occupation.

Carter Chapman
Carter Chapman Day 630, 09:03

First of all, how did Spain not know that the company that held all of their money was on sale? And if this was known, how was the transfer of the money approved? There is no way that this wasn't a hack.

Fargus Industries
Fargus Industries Day 630, 09:43

...and Spain falls into chaos:

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]12166</a>

Pactra Day 630, 09:46

So, because of this, isn't the game basically done except for the crying?

ThugMaloy Day 630, 10:13

@eVon it isn't that things look bad it's that 16k gold is a devastating lose and basically ensures PEACE's victory in this war the fact is it's all over but the rest of the conquest.


It may be so but not forever. Anyway, I know exatcly what it means to lose 16k gold to your (ingame) enemy, but giving up is definitely not the solution, and leads nowhere. Nobody will die so anybody can find a decent occupation and fight/live for his/her "ingame dreams" 🙂
I know it's easy to say, but just think about it.

Phineas Nutleberg
Phineas Nutleberg Day 630, 12:10

Oh well, it was sort of, kind of, but not really fun playing this game.

Enjoy an empty world PEACE.

eVon Day 630, 12:18

sorry it was me with the SGI org

Enjoy empty world? LOL man you should blame F/E for the empty world not PEACE.

Arken Day 630, 13:02

This story doesn't make any sense. Why would Spain intentionally store 16,000 gold in a company account rather than the main org account? What benefit does this provide? The claim that this was not a hack doesn't hold water.

To allow one of the most pivitol conflicts of the game to turn on this shows a fundamental deficiency in the way this game is administered. I'm not planning to quit myself, but I can't find fault with anyone who does.

Apnea Day 630, 13:08

eVon, things haven't immediately gone bad. This is just the biggest setback yet in about a month long string of pure setbacks.

Apnea Day 630, 13:14

Plus, I doubt PEACE would make the tactical mistake of leaving us even 1 region by the end.


Spain intended to hide those money, that is why they put it a company. But this case is over, no point to say it was a cheat or hack. There is an official decision by the admins.

@Apnea: Yes, unfortunately it is a major setback for you indeed. I could write tons of pages about what you should do and should have done, but it's against our best interest. So I only can repeat myself: Hungary was conquered by Romania almost entirely, yet were are one of if not 'the' strongest country. So there is an example why shouldn't anyone give up despite the terrible times 🙂
And make no mistake, we aren't strong because we are many, we are strong because we are extremely well organized and because there are a lot of contributions with huge importance from average citizens.
I don't want to be arrogant, my point is this latin saying: "Fas est ab hoste doceri" We have done this back then too.

Longbaugh Day 630, 14:26

ATLANTIS/FORTIS/EDEN are finally showing just how worthless they are. Seriously though... if you can't even agree on a single alliance (much-less a single name) then how can you expect to win anything? Sixteen-thousand gold?! MY GOD!

Your disorganization is a serious disservice to all of your patriotic and loyal citizens. And, it will be the end of you.

Specter PL
Specter PL Day 630, 17:01

There is resistance war in Alabama, so if you can - go and fight!

Salem Lovenkraft
Salem Lovenkraft Day 630, 18:44

a world takeover of peace wouldnt be possible for very long if there are coordinated resistance wars all around the world, they cant stop them all

boer-boeti Day 630, 19:52

Someone on our side is either a traitor or incompetant. Doesnt make a difference which.

Troy Henderson
Troy Henderson Day 630, 20:58

france is all gonna starve to death.
have fun

DeaconNorth Day 631, 02:10

"When On3dl lost his gold, they were crying to "do the right thing and give it back!"
Spain loses its gold and it's "Sucks for you!"
Funny isn't it?"

Well said, but I think we all know that there are different ways to play the game. You can go all the way to the top by using cheap tricks and loop-holes, but funny thing is that once you're there it just don't feel the same as playing it fair...

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