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Day 1864

Day 1,864, 05:22 Published in Croatia Croatia by Suster Toni

Hello guys!

This is my first article on English. As you can see on my previous articles i am croatian military analyzer. Every few days I publish articles about military campaigns important for Croatia and EDEN.
I can not achieve MM medal for writing just on Croatian, so i decided to write some articles on English. You will probably see that i don't know English well, but during time i hope that it will be better. Okay, i will try to be neutral in my analysis, i won't be able to write about everything that happened/ is happening because that is quite impossible.

1.Balkan and south-west Asia wars

As you can see in the picture, Greeks are holding only one original region – Thrace. Yesterday Macedonians attacked Greeks, but it was failure,even they have had 10% damage advantage. Greeks are preparing to attack Bulgaria now, (Greeks have 10% NE advantage, Bulgaria has Turkey as NE) and Bulgaria is doing the same to Turkey.

Serbs are conquering Beersheba South District at the moment. Serbia wants to go for Turkey, but first they need Al Jawf. Heavy fighting is in that region,Israel wants to lose that region to buy some time to their Turkish allies. If they not successed in losing Al Jawf, Serbs are going to conquer it, and then put NE law voting on Turkey.

Ultimate goal of this Serbian/Macedonian/Bulgarian campaign is to wipe out Greece from Arabia and crush Turkish colonies there. Hungary and Poland are waiting the right moment to join the party.

2.South America

Colombia can't handle attacks from Spain,Mexico and Brazil. After Spaniards lost Pacifica, Brazil putted NE on Colombia to go for Philiphines. Colombia will be deleted in a about 2-3 days, so they will have to look their chances in RWs. Goal of this campaign is simple:

Spain,USA and Brazil want to attack China, which is very important for EDEN. Spaniards are losing Philiphines to make the way for Brazil. This movements are very complicated, one mistake and they need to go all over again…

Luckily for China, RoC (Taiwan) had baby boom so United States can't join in very quickly.

Spain lost Luzon yesterday, so NE between China and Spain is lost – for now. We shall follow the situation development next week.

Argentina and Chile

I hate to follow this guys and theirs ping-pong wars… Argentina had baby boom and now is able to fight with Chileans without NE ( I don't know why the bloody hell they don't put NE law on Chile? ). Chile can conquer any region,but in RW they always lose it.

Argentina's goal is to cut off Chilean bonuses through RW in Otago.

Otago is very important region for Chile, if they lose it - consequences are 5 bonuses instead of 9.


I hate to say this, but looks like my countrymen are preparing tickets for Serbia. Croats can not handle Indonesia so we will be wiped out of the map. After we go home, India will be left alone to deal with Indonesia which is surely going after China. Thailand (hold by Serbs) will also try to get to northern indian regions – clearly for better bonuses.

The good thing about wiping out the Croatia (for Greece and Turkey ofcourse) is that Serbs are going to have problems about war with Turkey. That will be huge drain of damage,and I think Serbs won't be able to hold us under their boots for a very long time.

Knowing my nation, we will try to escape somewhere instead of helping our Greek and Turkish allies.


These guys are completely alone as it is shown…They wanted to attack Spain together with China, but that won't happen.

United Kingdom will delete them without problem, eventualy hunt them down in their original region liberated from Spain domination.

And I would conclude my todays analysis.

You can always PM me to say what is wrong, what do you like/dislike, you can send me information about your country,wars,NAPs,MPPs,PTOs and so on.

Vote & shout



igor loncar
igor loncar Day 1,864, 05:30


DominionHR Day 1,864, 05:31


colour haze
colour haze Day 1,864, 05:33


Sergeant Lincoln Osiris
Sergeant Lincoln Osiris Day 1,864, 05:37


Velibor Dolas
Velibor Dolas Day 1,864, 05:43

dobra i sub...ovo volim kad nema naklonjenosti nego jednostavno reporterski...ovoako stvari stoje, kome se svidja svidja kome ne neka ga pu**

Pyramidicus DVT Day 1,864, 05:55

Comment deleted

SvevladSrb Day 1,864, 06:03

воте и суб, одлична анализа...

SexyCicko Day 1,864, 06:13

ovi srbi jos nisu skuzili da je zdlemmy na novom accu xD

LordRahl2 Day 1,864, 06:23


keep writing in English, this is great work.

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,864, 06:23

Ne možeš da budeš punopravni član EDENa, a da nisi obrisan, ili si pred brisanjem. Zato je Kolumbija sad primljena : )
Takođe, čini mi se da malo precenjuješ kinesku moć u ovom trenutku. Apsolutno je nepotrebno da i SAD, Brazil, Španija, Indonezija i Tajland SVI napadaju Kinu, dovoljna će biti Indonezija i Brazil. Grci, Turci i vi ćete biti zabavljeni vlastitim oslobađanjem, Rumuni se svakako prave Englezi.
A što se novog bekstva tiče, mislim da ćete se načekati, jer airstrike ne radi, a kopnom nemate gde da bežite, nit imate lovu, nit podršku saveza...
Inače, vote i sub

theconqueror86 Day 1,864, 06:23

Not ''Macedonian'' but Fyromian!
Macedonia is Greek

AlenJax Day 1,864, 06:26


Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,864, 06:29

ma Kinezi imaju puno love,i smatram da neće svi uspjet doći do Kine,eventualno Brazil,ali s obzirom da imaju previše RW to će biti promašaj,problem je u stjecanju granica,ovako se mogu poigravat s njima-istjeraju ih na granicu i RW i opet iznova.

theconqueror86 I don't bother with RL problems between Greece an Fyrom, I write sometimes Fyrom,sometimes Macedonia.

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,864, 08:20

Well, since many "friends" avoid to help us in Asia, why should we help them? But we will help them... because we will stay on Balkans without bonuses and drain eSerbia with less people every day, for a long time... which is great for Eden. (:

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,864, 08:27


LegendFromCroatia Day 1,864, 08:47

Knowing my nation, we will try to escape somewhere instead of helping our Greek and Turkish allies.


Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,864, 09:32

Last year we were in Mexico,now we are in India, and that is okey, we don't have firepower to be alone between TWO countries.....

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,864, 09:33

Giovanni 00 sad, but true....

RaviMirza Day 1,864, 10:04

good article, voted o7

oh and your English is not that bad, it is good ; )

Persian Wine
Persian Wine Day 1,864, 10:09


Vilray Blaid
Vilray Blaid Day 1,864, 10:13

Very good analysis. Keep up the good work!

Stubica Day 1,864, 10:16

...I belive this rising pressure will help Eden to get our shits together...if this don't shake us, nothing will...
about FYROM/Macedonia:
(I find Greece as true ally) I just to travel in Skopje and Bitola, and met lot of Macedonians, and not a single 'Fyromans' 😉

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,864, 10:40

Suster Toni I really do not understand the comment about Portugal. We wanted to attack Spain together with China ? Portugal never started a war against Spain in my 4 years in the game. All the wars between Portugal and Spain were started by Spain. There was one moment in time (maybe 10 months ago still with Brasil and USA in Terra) when China came through America to try to help Portugal but the objective was never to "attack Spain" was to remove the wipe.

Being a Croat military you must know that Portugal although doing a relatively low amount of damage, still is able to systematically beat UK in total damage. If we loose is because we are fighting against TwO/CoT/Brasil. The same problem that every other country if EDEN has.

LegendFromCroatia Day 1,864, 11:31

we escaped so we could help our allies and not fight all over again against serbia ..btw we had our core regions but due to our stupidity we had to give them to serbia(instead to slovenia) in order to return(!) our capital to India.

now its over with our journey to Asia and we are back where we belong...and one more thing.. Greece will always have our/my dmg no matter if we were in Asia/Mexico/core reg. or Equatorial Guinea.

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,864, 11:31

John Bokinski, why does Portugal have NE on Spain then,not on England? Portugal wanted to liberate original regions (which has my uncoditional support), and China wanted to rid off great threat of being NE three times. I don't see what is the problem. Yes,i know that Portugal is stronger than UK,but UK has almost entire Cot and TWO behind itself.

Zdravko Mamic 1959
Zdravko Mamic 1959 Day 1,864, 11:34

"Knowing my nation, we will try to escape somewhere instead of helping our Greek and Turkish allies."

sta seres, ti izmisljas te planove za sakrivanje 😃

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,864, 11:35

simazgb people in our govorment were idiots back then...although i can say we are not better....maybe it is good to show more respect to those who don't have congres few months but they continue fighting...

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,864, 11:37

da se mene pitalo ništa se od ovog nije trebalo ni dogoditi,ali me se na vrijeme nije slušalo,sad se ja i moje taktike mogu slobodno slat u pm.....

Zdravko Mamic 1959
Zdravko Mamic 1959 Day 1,864, 11:49

jedinu mogucnost koju ja vidim je napast indiju na primjer u bihar, i istovremeno rw dignit u madhya pradesh. pa bi bili sigurni pok ne sbrisu zilu indiju.

Mr.gREg Day 1,864, 13:18


John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,864, 13:25

Suster we have NE on Spain, to drain Spanish damage from the Philipines since Spain & Brazil are about to attack China. If you noticed we are not attacking directly any region of Spain, we are RW Norte which represents a bonus to Spain.

The only region of Uk we have border is with an original region from Canada which is currently in RW by Canada, does not make sense for us to go there.

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,864, 14:04

okey my mistake

gljivac Day 1,864, 21:54

ovi srbi jos nisu skuzili da je zdlemmy na novom accu xD x2

Xherrz. Day 1,865, 23:13

Knowing my nation, we will try to escape somewhere instead of helping our Greek and Turkish allies.

Čovjek nas realno suočava s trenutnim stanjem, nemojte ga pljuvat radi toga. Stanje jedinstva naše enacije je trenutno ispod nule. Bravo Toni Suster, nisam znao da imaš toliko muda.
Od nacije koja je bila temelj EDEN-a, pretvorili smo se baš u ovo. Glavna teorijska postavka svodi se na ovo: ja sam sebi kupujem wep, pa mogu tuč gdje ja hoću. Odnosi se na preko 30 % eHr igrača. Nek vidi cijeli esvijet kakvi smo. I eSrbi imaju isti problem, samo šta se to na 10000 igrača manje osjeti. Ko moja jutrošnja frizura: svaka dlaka svoju politiku vodi

mcmoox Day 1,865, 23:20

OMG još jedan vonabibanša ....

MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!

booom3r Day 1,865, 03:05


LaserV Day 1,865, 03:24

Great article keep writing man 🙂

Alexander of Babylon
Alexander of Babylon Day 1,865, 04:10

Great article keep writing man X2

Jasonnor Day 1,865, 05:57


Zdlemmy Day 1,865, 06:01

Great article (:

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,865, 06:02

Some great analysis! Although in the latest official TWO paper mention was made that Poland were headed through Turkey for China, meaning potentially an Indo-Polish attack against China.


CelarentE Day 1,865, 06:10

odlicna analiza, and I like your style

Ruthain Day 1,865, 06:22


Otto Von Max
Otto Von Max Day 1,865, 07:16

Alexander of Babylon ( ) IS AN SCAMMER DO NOT BUY anything from him!

Bosnausrcu Day 1,865, 07:52

svaka cast .. dugo nisam bolju analizu procitao .. bez prepucavanja ono pobijedit cemo bez muke i slicno .. jos jednom svaka cast v+sub

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,865, 09:44

Good job so I am glad to vote and subscribe to you.

Croatia currently winning in Madyha so looks like you might survive! Azores for Portugal is free now thanks to Canada and Ireland, UK has retreated to original regions and is having a training war with Ireland. All our focus now is on Croatia, China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Spain and Brazil.

This is where the world will end

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,865, 09:48

Portugal isn't alone, we made UK to back off and took NFL 😉

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,865, 11:21

voted and subs

send something : (

TigerOrchid Day 1,866, 02:16


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