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Dartreal Comics

Day 1,910, 08:27 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

For those of you who don't know Dartreal, he is currently an eCanadian Citizen who writes comics. In memory of Fredrok, (ecitizen who passed away IRL) he has started a new series with the "Fredrok Four"

This is the first episode. Check it out!
Go Vote, Sub and let him know how much you like it!



kuckuck Day 1,910, 09:48


Stephan IV
Stephan IV Day 1,910, 10:09


Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Day 1,910, 10:13


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,910, 14:40


Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 1,911, 12:49

Always loved his stuff. o7

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