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Daily Bulldogs News , Q7 on hand today

Day 1,731, 23:06 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Prince Harry.

Hello all Bulldogs, hope everyone is well !


We now have 4 captains please add them as your friend

steve021 regiment 1

baskb regiment 2

gocevojvoda regiment 3

Trblsum1 regiment 4

Now regiment 4 is for all fighter well outside the UK's time zone like GMT + 6 +7 +8 this is so we can keep the orders upto date please mail either me or Trblsum1 as it important you move there !

We also have 2 new , second in command please all add

Friedrich Barbarosa


Head of Catering is Cindy021 she will be handing out 400 health each day once you complete your daily order and add your name to the shout board.


Hi we have lot of q7 to give away today and over the weekend , please visit our chat room or mail steve021

Fantasy Football

Hi we now have a league set up for all Bulldogs so please join prizes will be given

Fantasy Football League go to make yr team then join our league

The Killing Game
Guys we want to start handing our prizes for the most kills please add google crome and erepublik advance and your get the kills

Sunday Strike / Stats

Guys we will be having a strike on 3pm UK time sunday, we also want a strike once in the week at night let me know the best time for you all, we now have around 50 active members who fight each day now we have captains let try and make this the best unit the only way we can do that is as a team 🙂 , any ideas to make the unit better please mail me


Yesterday again we finished in the Top 5 for kills 1122 , we are a top 5 unit now everyday we have been in top 5 for weeks , but others are coming for our place to keep this up there is plenty of q7 to get kills guys either on chat or mail steve021 we have a powerful unit lets make the most of it !


Guys the chat room is dead most the time apart from a few loyal Bulldogs, next week if you IDLE in chat your get 10 q7 a day how is that we need to build this up somewhere so from monday idle the day in that chat and get 10 q7 worth 450 gbp

Battlehero Club

Guys if you want a battlehero award come on chat next week I will help you find a good battle and talk you though the process


It worth buying a rocket factory if your a few gold short let me know I will try to help you put towards it

John Bull

We have 55 members we nned another 10 more to get into 5th anyone not in a party please join us






Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,731, 23:24

All Bulldogs please subscribe to this newspaper

BaskB Day 1,732, 00:04

Voted + Subscribed 🙂

Trblsum1 Day 1,732, 01:26

excellent write-up, voted

GuiltyJoker Day 1,732, 02:21

Voted + Subscribed

cenodekaMKD Day 1,732, 02:44


Jordee14 Day 1,732, 04:36

Definitely get a level 2 Rocket Factory if in Div 2.
You can clean up with the Bh's EASILY I made loads of gold out of it!!

Cindy021 Day 1,732, 04:37

voted and subscribed 🙂

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