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Day 5,926, 10:55 Published in Belgium Belgium by Curlybear

Figured it's been a long time since I posted about these in article form. These scripts I wrote offers a range of enhancements in various aspects of the game, while staying within the rules.

1. Warspage+

eRepublik Warspage+ presents an alternative layout for the [wars page]( It goes beyond the standard interface by providing an overview of walls and top damage done for each division. This script transforms the way players engage with military campaigns, offering valuable insights at a glance.

2. BattleTracker
The BattleTracker script keeps players informed by providing an always-on-screen view of tracked battles. Not only does it allow the addition of regions for constant tracking, but it also features a medal-winning tracker. Integration with Warspage+ streamlines the process of monitoring battles, ensuring players stay on top of their game.

3. Zone Switcher
eRepublik Zone Switcher offers a swift alternative for switching between divisions in battles. Additionally, it displays the top damage in each division, providing essential information for strategic decision-making during gameplay.

4. ErepCO
For those interested in combat orders, ErepCO provides an overview of all available orders along with their respective budgets. This script acts as a valuable resource for players seeking organized and efficient participation in battles.

5. True Patriot Tracking
True Patriot Tracking takes the gaming experience a step further by providing detailed tracking of true patriot damage evolution. Players can also view the income generated from true patriot damage over the past 10 days. This script adds a strategic layer to understanding the impact of player contributions.

6. CleanProfiles
CleanProfiles removes medals and excessive TP history, ensuring a clutter-free and focused profile view.

7. eRepArticleBanner
eRepArticleBanner is aesthetically pleasing and functional, displaying the titles of the latest 10 articles in a scrolling banner.

8. eRepLaws
eRepLaws offers a comprehensive display of the last ten laws globally, excluding donations. This script facilitates quick access to vital legislative information, allowing players to stay informed about the current legal landscape in the eRepublik universe.

Installing and Using eRepublik Scripts

To make the most of these scripts, players can follow these general steps:

1. Ensure you have a userscript manager extension installed in your browser (such as Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey).
2. Visit the provided script links.
3. Click on the "Install" button to add the script to your userscript manager.
4. Refresh your eRepublik page to activate the script.
5. You might need to accept an external domain ( for some of the scripts to be fully functional.

It's important to note that using scripts should comply with the game's terms of service. Additionally, users should exercise caution and verify the source of scripts to avoid potential security risks.

I'd like to thank ChatGPT for the writing assistance since I couldn't be bothered to write the whole thing.

Cheers everyone,