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CTRL, ultimatum and theories

Day 1,792, 06:56 Published in Slovenia Slovenia by SmoothZiga
First of all I would like to point out that this is my own personal point of view and does not express the belive of Slovenian goverment or Slovenian population. So please ignore my status in profile which says Minister of foreign afairs.

For the last few days most of the world eyes were looking at the situation going on inside the CTRL. First Polish CP announced that USA gave an ultimatum to them that if they wont drop Balkan MPP’s they will re-sign some of EDEN MPP’s such as Croatian MPP’s and even invade Poland. The second part ofc didn’t happen but they did sign Croatian MPP who is big enemy of Poland.
Today there was another article written by the CTRL SG Alexander_Auctoritas who basicly said to Poland and Spain that they need to drop Balkan MPP’s or GTFO.

Now lets get back to CTRL as an alliance. It is made of USA, Brazil, Poland and Spain. Main goal of this alliance is to have in it countries who are capable of holding 10/10 resources for long period of time and to avoid constant Balkan conflicts.
But the problem as I see is that no matter how you look they can not avoid Balkan or Balkan conflicts.

Now many people, mostly from USA and EDEN are saying that CTRL was made so that Poland and Spain can get USA and Brazil on the exONE side, but for me there is also another side of the story. Before CTRL was made Poland and USA were enemies and even went in to the war few times. Also Spain had big problems with Brazil and USA who occupy them few times. So with making this alliance the ones who profit the most are USA and Spain since they both got read of their biggest rivals. While Poland and Brazil still get some benefits but not as big as other two countries.

Now lets get to the ultimatum from USA and CTRL SG. First Poland should see that this act is very dangerous because who said USA wont use it again when they will try to achieve something? They can use it every time Poland don’t agree with their decision and keep Poland under their control.
By dropping Balkan MPP’s who benefits and who will be in danger? While USA and Brazil are far away from Balkan they don’t need to worry much but for Poland and Spain this is big issue since they are right next to Balkan powers. And how will Balkan countries like Hungary look at Poland if they decide to side with their big enemy Brazil or how will Serbia look at Poland if they side with their enemy USA and totally abandon Hungary and Serbia? For now those three countries are still friends and working together but if Poland break the MPP’s and succumbs to USA ultimatum they wont see her as a friend anymore.
And this bring us to the fact that CTRL wont be able to avoid Balkan since Balkan will come to them. Serbia will try to get resources in France and Hungary will most likely try to seek revenge. Now Poland and Spain are strong countries and they are able to resist Balkan attacks since Balkan will most likely never unite, but they will lose some economic bonuses while USA and Brazil will just watch from the safe distance and help PL/SP thru MPP’s. And even if some Balkan country manage to get to USA or Brazil borders they wont do much damage since that country will still have to bother with PL or SP RW’s and attacks.
While Poland and Spain would be in constant danger USA and Brazil will be relatively safe since USA will never attack China or other way around and Russia tbh is not realy a big danger. And Brazil will never go in war with Argentina while Chile isn’t big threat since Argentina is already taking them under control.

Now I want to talk about some theories. What can happen if CTRL do drop all Balkan MPP’s? As I said before CTRL is safe of China or Argentina invasion, actually those two countries will most likely work closely with CTRL.
Balkan countries who are constantly fighting each other will soon realize that its all pointless since they are fighting because of what? Nationalism? They don’t benefit much from bonuses point of view since they cant hold each other under occupation for long. So the logical thing to do is to unite against big power like CTRL who have under their possession a lot of economic bonuses and take them.
Croatia and Romania are already in Asia and theoretically can attack USA and Brazil while other Balkan countries can go after Poland and Spain.

So the big question here is… are Spain and mostly Poland ready to risk their big empires and drop MPP’s with countries who fought for them a lot of times? Are they sure they can trust USA who already shown that they are ready to use ultimatum to get what they want?
Or is bether to return to their friends like Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia who would never use ultimatums?

Again, this article express my own point of view and does not necessary express the view of Slovenian government or Slovenian population.

Kind Regards



Matrix Pegaz
Matrix Pegaz Day 1,792, 07:00

berem zdaj, glas si zaslužiš ne glede na vsebino : )

Troter Day 1,792, 07:03

W8ING !!!

Slovenian players - part 2.

Prophet009 Day 1,792, 07:13

vote my friend ( :

suprvilce Day 1,792, 07:16


Lepo napisano, Smooth

GrifinNS Day 1,792, 07:23


FraneSLO Day 1,792, 07:38


Jarilok Day 1,792, 07:48

Dober članek.
Na koncu drzne predpostavke.

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,792, 07:50

Voted great article.

Mr.CaCkO Day 1,792, 07:56

BIIIG vote for you 😉

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,792, 08:00


Daz840 Day 1,792, 08:54

Bones is that you? omerts coccada top?

if so hey bud

SIKARSI Day 1,792, 11:16

very good article, big vote

T1M3K Day 1,792, 11:39

i want to hear the comment of Howly xD

Exclusive Day 1,792, 11:41

T1M3K u will u will just wait few minutes;)

Plainswalker Day 1,792, 11:43

hmm, not interesting enough...

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,792, 11:52

Voted for my friend Prophet!

Erik-Ero Day 1,792, 13:27

Vote because Ice said so!

Markolol Day 1,792, 14:02


Colonel Bruce
Colonel Bruce Day 1,792, 16:43


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