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CT8--EX Interview with Croatia friends (English version)

Day 1,897, 22:27 Published in Republic of China (Taiwan) China by ONI MIKO

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, here is MIKO. I'm glad you for taking the time to read this article.

It's time to share this interview with youguys....but let's chat at first.The recent weather in Taiwan .... at least in northern Taiwan, was cold, but MIKO feel very pleasant more or less of the heart because of the holidays coming~

Taiwan's university entrance exam hold just these days,lots of group of students was a magnificent sight,sat on the floor to eat lunch .... can be seen everywhere in my school. The weather is still hot as hell when I had exam... good luck for you! Anyway, there is a summer exam, do not be too hard. Examination room is a battlefield, and with your ability to fight a wonderful war!

However, many people are wearing masks. If it is really bad because of a minor illness exam, it is trivial; minor ailments is a busy preparing for examinations and negligence has evolved into a serious illness, and that would be terrible. Especially ferocious threat of infectious diseases, in addition to ready to sit content, usually reforce body's student naturally at this time there will be a greater advantage.

(Halls of knowledge is dangerous and ruthless war, especially when your opponent physical condition particularly good - especially the respiratory tract - the time.)

Then we start the interview!MIKO also feel embarrassed bullsh * t anymore ....
The interviewer is a Croatian friend Agrammon!

ONI MIKO:Very honored to invite Agrammon as this interview with us.According to the traditional first can you introduce yourself please?

Agrammon:My RL name is Nenad and the closest explanation of that name on English would be suddenly so that's why my usual nick in every game, forum or so is Sudden but that name was already in use so Agrammon appeared. Agram on the other hand is German name for Zagreb so Agrammon would be something like the one from Zagreb. Zagreb is capitol city of Croatia, my home town. I'm 34 years of age, work as technologist and product developer in one company and still trying to get my college degree at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. If I had to describe myself, try to imagine organized free romantic spirit, my ancestors from mother side were Germans so from their I got punctuality, precision, liability, responsibility and from my father side, there are talks that my gran gran something was french soldier so romantic side, love for art and cooking and that kind of stuff I got from french ancestors. Music that I like to listen is country and symphonic rock. I think this is enough for my introduction.

ONI MIKO:This really is a complete introduction, in many parts, perhaps we can talk more in depth, but I am most interested in your hometown Croatia.

Can we talk about Croatia roughly? I think Taiwan nationals should be very interested to know.

Agrammon: Ahh Croatia! Where to start. I know that I'm biased but I really think that Croatia is the most beautiful country in the world. If not the prettiest it is sure in top5. We are not big country, only 56 000 square miles but also around 30 000 square miles of sea, almost 1200 islands and islets. Anything your heart desire this small package of country provides. We have beautiful rugged coastline, forests, mountains, caves, lowlands, marches, many national parks and nature parks. The most famous is the national park Plitvička jezera. This jewel simply must be seen in every seasons of the year. Maybe the world most famous city from Croatia is Dubrovnik where the series Game of Thrones is filmed. Interesting stuff about Dubrovnik is that this city was a Republic for a long time and it's one of the first Republic that supported Independece of USA, had first quarantine in the known world and many interesting stuff to discover. We have many medieval castles, manors and fortifications.

Our history is full of wars, fighting and turmoil. This is because of our position, we are on the crossroads of different religions, our land was for a long time border between greater empires and we were part of one, Austro-Hungarian Empire. We lost in wars almost all our noblemen so our Kingdom ceased to exist as Independent. Such a history had impact to our architecture so on the coast you have mostly roman architecture and on the north you have architecture similar to middle Europe cities like Prague, Wienna, Budapest etc. Many buildings in Zagreb was built by hungarian architects. I could spend hours and hours talk about Croatia but only few words should open the door for everyone and anyone who want can explore further for themselves.

Croatia is a country of pleasent people, tourism, many hedonist pleasures like food and wine, many varieties of landscapes and small stuff like the fact that we inveted the first usable parachute (Faust Vrančić), tie (kravat), first torpedo was built in city of Rijeka, first mechanical pencil and solid-ink fountain pen was invented by naturalized croat Slavoljub Penkala, world known inventor Nikola Tesla was born in Austro-Hungarian Empire in small village in Croatia. Lipizaner horses, Sinj (equestrian competition Sinjska Alka since 1715) and many more. Our national sport number one is football (we are in top 10 nations in a world for a quite some time) but we also like basketball, handball, waterpolo and some individual sports. Beside football player maybe the most famous world athlete is Mirko Filipović - Cro Cop.

I have fortune to live in a city that have hockey as well, I love this sport and our club Medveščak paricipating in EBEL (Austrian league) and from year 2014 or 2015 probably in one of the best league in a world KHL (Russian hockey league). It's crazy knowing that we have maybe one ice rink in a town and that we are mainly summer country. One interesting fact also is, thanks to Janica and Ivica Kostelić, world famous ski athletes we have many medals from Winter Olimpic Games and snow is almost exotic thing in our country. We have it but when you say Croatia, first thing that come to my mind is sun, sea, parties, fun, vacation, alcohol and last but not the least beautiful ladies, I mean realy natural beatuful girls.
I hope that you got small introduction of Croatia but if you really want to know more, the best thing is to visit us. There is a lot to see, a lot to eat, drink and many hours of parties to experience.

ONI MIKO:This is just the beginning of the intro!

Next questions you can answer them simply~ XD

But as a Croatian, your nationality now is American.
What is the reason for it?

Agrammon: I took American nationality when Croatia lost all their regions back in V2 so I must chose some country with good bonuses at that time, I had lots of companies. China and Brazil didn't give me their citizenship so USA, in that time our allies was one of the options. I'm in USA since then. There is no special reason other then simple game mechanic.

ONI MIKO:I understand.Today, however, Croatia can be said is a strong presence in EREP. Europe is Croatia dominates now.

Perhaps we wait talks to the situation in the country ....

It looks like you are involved in many fields , then we hope that the next part of interview you experience the game process first.

When you in the newbie development, is the development process faced a bit of trouble due to the difficult situation in Croatia when that time?

Agrammon:I'm not sure that I quite get the question but I will try to answer. When I started to play Croatia was not in very difficult situation but start for every player is difficult. You don't know anybody, everything is new, game mechanics is something you learn in process of playing and as a result you make many mistakes. I'm happy that I didn't made many of them. I can't tell was it more difficult for us before 3, 4 years or for new players in this days because this is my first account and I played only this one so I had only one first time. Don't like cheaters, multies, bots, scripts.

ONI MIKO:Yes, I want to ask you the novice starting experience, you answer my question completely. : )

If it has the limit number of three, what would you most want to tell novice 3 tips?

Agrammon:This game is in constant change so one tip doesn't have to be good for the next month, next week, even for the next day and because of that my list of priorities for novice player would be:

1. Before you make any decision, spend gold, money, points, invest something in something contact someone "older" and ask him or her for advice, for tutorials, tips and tricks, basically help, and after that see for confirmation from one or two more player the same stuff and if the tips are the same or similar then you are pretty sure that you are on the right path or at list you started it better than many others.

2. Any item that game offer and you can buy for RL money is valuable. In our situation that's gold, energy bar etc. Don't waste what you have at the beginning and be smart in days to come.

3. Game should be fun and not a burden so keep your nerves healthy and have fun.

ONI MIKO:Very good insights.In fact, I think a lot of newplayers joined this game are excited to fight for war,
I own the original, too, but really do not have to be that, impatience.

Developments on the novice, the predecessors of the game may give various subsidies,
And here in Taiwan, legion organization predecessors served this role.

I would like to ask you about legion.
I also notice that you are a commander of a regiment, which should be a considerable effort operating.
Can you talk about the process?

Agrammon:Quite opposite. It's not considerable effort at all. I. Civilna Brigada is the first civilian unit in the eWorld. What is special about us that we gathered not as a MU yet more like some group of people with economic interest when economic actually existed in this game. We gathered as a group even before MU was introduced as implementation in this game and if there were merely some club or some economic society to be found we would probably be that and not the military organization. Our policy was and still is to secure profit for every member to be self-sufficient through smart investments and seizing the opportunities to earn enough money to grow. I always though that daily giveaway is just wrong way and only thing that can produce is a lazy people and beggars (you know that shouts, give me some food, some wep and in that way for every day, not cool and annoying). In our unit we are all the same so I don't get any special treatment as a commander. I don't expect from people to praise me, to look at me like some icon. I'm just another player as the rest of them. Before me there were few more commanders and their position was the same as mine. We are simply group of eaual people. Rigid hierarchy doesn't exist in our MU. Obligation from our members is to have this border in avatars and to fight when they can and want for our country and our allies and that is it. As we have many members our wall is a vivid place where people can ask what they want and quickly get their answers.

ONI MIKO:Your answer makes me shocked and my heart feels very much in favor.
(Here I want to ask more closely, I think this is a good reflection of our country)

Newcomers can get from you predecessors what extent the assistance?
Weapons? Supplies? Salary? Or only pure experience sharing?

Agrammon:In short, newcomers need to learn how to earn money, how to invest in themselves. Donations should be the answers only for important battles. Strategy of account development shouldn't be beggary. Young players need to know their importance in d1 and d2 for waging wars. Fight over strength simply get you more experience and faster introduction to higher divisions and once you get in d4 with very low strength game can become frustrating. This is the way in our MU and as for eCroatia in global I think that there are to many donations, mainly to draw young players in political parties or MUs as voting force to secure some older players their positions in congress. We don't call people in our MU and everyone who feel like civilian is welcome but he or her need to decide for themselves that our MU is what they want. Once they join is the moment they get help but mostly with tips and tricks. As I sad, everyday donation is not good. How we don't participate in any political party as an organized group and there is no political party with our name on it we don't have urges to call people at any cost to join us. I. Civilna Brigada is apolitical MU. It's not forbidden for our members to join a party but they don't represent us yet only themselves.

ONI MIKO:I think I can understand why Croatia will be so powerful and prosperous.
Your members are fighting for the country, and have independent spirit,
Of course, I think there should be a reason you have quite an abundance of human and material resources.
... I do not think it was no effort can be owned.

Whether the national level of activity, or the domestic price index,
Croatia in EREP competitive top.
But you mentioned earlier, the V2 when Croatia is not very powerful.
Do you think what factors or what action, you can reverse this situation, to enhance national strength?

Agrammon:Croatia was influential country in V1 and had reputation as one of the best ally. We all acted as one being and if you needed help you usually didn't get few soldiers, we were all there, the whole nation. Even opponents respect that. Ok, to be true in that time eCroatia had almost 14000 people and was in top 6, 7 nations and that helped a lot. As new versions came by we lost many people but the main reason for our downfall was our inner quarrels. We seize to function as one nation, people put political party and MU above national interests. Game mechanics contributed also. We are old nation and this divisions came as another blow. This is not only our problem and to get stronger the only solution is to invite new players. Fortunately we managed to do that recently. It's not much but 1000 new players for nation that have 4500 in that moment is great. We would try to draw some more players. So shorter answer to your question how to make nation stronger is new players. Some country managed to do that like Chile and they became more important then they were in past.

ONI MIKO:Listen to what you said, I also learn a lot of history.
I was the player only recently added to EREP, a while ago, I was also in our country to see a lot of new players .....
.... But how much they will leave...... it should be a big amount.

What is the key let new players still play at here do you think?

Agrammon:What ever we do to keep someone in play final decision is left to player itself and nobody can restrain someone to play something he or she don't find entertaining. So question you must ask yourself is: what are the little things that you liked when you come to play and what still pushes you to play? That little stuff is something you need to provide to your newcomers as a society. Beside fighting, donations, provided help, this game is mostly socializing, similar to other social networks like facebook, twiter etc. Taking everything else newcomers must be involved in everyday action, what's going on and to do so the best way is to refer them to irc, to forums, to socialize. Without that you can be sure that 80% or maybe more would simply go. You need older players ready to provide answers, to be available, to walk the first steps with novice. Yet before all that you need advertising on newspapers, TV, social networks, forums to draw new people. In short story they had to be intrigued to check the game and if they come you need to be ready with articles explaining first steps to them etc. I don't know how it's on Taiwan but here in Croatia we have RL meetings and from personal experience I can tell you that this is the best part and important reason why some of the players still play this game.

ONI MIKO:Thank you very much for sharing this period.
I will be very seriously thinking about this part (privately), as you can see is quite grim, Taiwan's current diplomatic situation (DAY1886)
It is also in urgent need of national unity.
.... Of course, our interviews do not talk about war XD

So, as a corps commander, can you talk about what needs to be done? Whether when it's peace or war.
I want to know, as the interaction between a commander's responsibility and crop members.

Agrammon:This depends how MU is organized. Commander must be accessible for his members and be responsible enough to set MU priorities for national benefit and not for some private agendas like mercenary medals and he or she need to be active enough to check what is campaign of the day set by president and support that suggestion with MU orders. This has not to be a rule but simplest answer would be commander have to be responsible and active but before that he need to be a human and treat other persons like human beings and not like dirt. His every action should be measured because he doesn't represent only itself yet the whole MU. If I do something wrong people wouldn't say Agrammon did that, they would probably say: ah those civilians always make troubles.

ONI MIKO:I understand.You explained very clearly.

So then, let us discuss the international situation.

First can you discuss your personal view of Croatia current diplomatic situation and perspectives?

Agrammon:Croatia always cherished loyalty and most of us are very brave and will not run from a problem. We said many times that Croatia will be the last to turn off the light if Eden ever fall apart. About Croatian foreign politics I can't tell you details because I don't know it either. I know that the game mechanics is such you need resources to function so every country want to secure as much bonuses they can. In V1 that was simpler. You had few vital regions with high resources and the whole alliance had factories in that regions and alliance defended that regions like there is no tomorrow. In these days alliance objectives are to sparse and it is difficult to function like that. Unfortunately that small decisions of major and minor objective are the game breaker for some countries and they switch alliances or just leave. Croatia is not as strong as before and we need all the help we can get from our allies to survive but how to ask for help from smaller country if we are not able to provide at least one region for them. This is bad times for Eden because we have other two alliances against us and they are simply stronger but what I can promise is that Croatia will never surrender. We had good and bad decisions in diplomatic relations but what I can ask from friends and allies is not to judge the whole nation according to few people and their actions. I know that they are our representatives but first they are independent people and many decision and action are inconsiderate not just by Croatians, by all nations in this world.

ONI MIKO:My own point of view, I think that the diplomatic Union of EREP should be a changeable, a flexible relationship.
We all want in the game as much as possible to win over the favorable allies, of course,but that does not mean that the two hostile countries in private diplomacy can not make friends together,
That should be more open, more interesting.

Of course, if I can help the country for something I feel very happy XD

Do you ever have this idea: access to government decision-making levels, and try to improve from which the direction of the country?

Agrammon: I consider myself as a highly responsible person and I like to take a job where I'm sure that I will be capable to do it. Government positions demand devotion and huge amount of time and I don't have time to take it seriously. That's why I never consider candidacy for some position (like president or be part of administration) is an option for me. Many people asked me to be minister of economy, of informing even defense but I declined politely. I don't see myself as a person who doesn't care, who will take the job and knowingly not fulfill expectation of the people at least that part of being active.

ONI MIKO:Emmm ..... perhaps you can train your assistant to help you accomplish more things to do.
I know that the political and national management is not an easy thing,
However, you can also consider letting you experience play a broader value.

Although the recent diplomatic alliances is known as topic of concern,
But here we do not comment.
Another popular topic should be the economy.

Recently prices and raw material trends in many countries have suffered a slump problem.
How about Croatia in this problem?

Agrammon: I help people with tips, give them some pointers what to do in certain situations and I think there is no need for me to be official person to do that. I'm not the one chasing for glory. For me it's not important that people cheer my name, you know that chains of hail or o7 in articles and shouts.
Regarding economy, I think equalizing currency was the main problem of this situation. National money have the same value in every country and global price is formed according to countries that have the biggest production and that is often a low prices. Raw is a specific case because its low price is a result of a overproduction and people don't have such a big storages to keep it for a better days and must sell, result is a low price. This situation provoke many people to stop working as managers (I'm one of them, 50 raw factories that just sit there) and now you have small prices and shortage of raw when there is important battles and higher demand for quality weapons. We can struggle with taxes, prices etc. but main problem in this game is constant implementation of new stuff without reviewing how it will manifest to everything else. You can't give upgrades to companies without touching production of raw. They are connected and messing with one of them means collapse of the other. This is basic mathematics. Croatia have the same problem as 90% of other countries and this 10% also have problem but they don't fill it so highly because they have many citizens and high bonuses that provides them some distinction but even that it's not normal.

ONI MIKO:I heard that, before the economy because "buyers" will always "recovery" the goods which players produced in the market,
But now that "buyers" do not do this,
So the speed of goods consumed no longer keep up with the speed of the production of goods
It results items lose value.

I do not know if there are any ways to improve it.

In this case, what way would you recommend to invest?

Agrammon: Very tough question. Sometimes I feel like anything I say will be wrong. There is so much change that whatever I say for few days or weeks from now it will be wrong for sure. So if you don't intend to buy enough gold with RL money and upgrade your weapon company to q7 from the start only option for players is to invest their gold to training centers upgrade (when there is a discount off course).

Problem with raw production is that only q7 weapon factory is economical and there isn't great number of such factories so you have surplus of raw. I thought about that problem but I'm not in such position to make decision for game changes. But imagine if you put that divisions can use only certain type of weapons (example: d1 can use q1, q2, d2 can use from q1 to q4, d3 can use to q5 and only d4 can use all weapons to q7)All types of weapons will become desirable, factories will start running (all q) and you have greater demand for raw and price of a raw goes up. How much, I don't know.

ONI MIKO:My opinion, we should pay special advance toward the consumption of the goals of the weapons, perhaps, the chicken can consider to improve the practicality of the missile more.
Even if the weapon is ample, the battlefield is also be subject to the energy quota restrictions, it is also very helpless.

Thank you for accepting our interview and discuss so many topics. Whether in the final to say a few words to our friends in Taiwan?

Agrammon:I'm just sorry for not have opportunity to speak sooner with someone from Taiwan. It was my pleasure doing this interview.



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