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Critique of Ah Chuy Kak

Day 1,907, 07:59 Published in Saudi Arabia South Africa by Farbous
Salam Aleykum brothers and sisters from eKSA,

Today, I want to publish a slightly different article than the others before. I want to publish a critique of Ah Chuy Kak, or in his real name Alperen. They are already some articles about him, but as everybody know: Two are better than one!

A link: Ah Chuy Kaka

He say, he is originally from Istanbul, a wonderful city in Turkey. After he said that he didn't barge into the policy, his citizen application was accepted. But then, he wanted to seize power in Saudi Arabia. At the moment, he is the most popular PTO'er here and we can't really do anything against this fu*****.

Just ask experienced players what they think about him... You will see that we should guard against Ah Chuy Kak.

So, please please please new players, do not trust him if he say that he only want to support his fellow believers. He only want to dupe you into supporting him so that he are able to rob the Saudi Arabian account!

It's a shame, that we can't outlaw Ah Chuy Kak because such players ruin our country.

Hassan Salama
proud Saudi Arabian citizen
originally Arab


Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Day 1,907, 08:51

Without his damage or without licking the backside of two or three other countries, eSaudi Arabia will remain wiped forever. Soon additional parties will be available, so he will go for his own party...

hazem95 Day 1,907, 09:12

@Lawrence of Arabia

He can shove his unwanted damage up his hairy backside, and you two can continue giving oral to each other for as ever long as you wish. We will be happy to continue running our country how we wish. And btw, it's called Diplomatic negotiations you twit.

Altaer Day 1,907, 13:00

Good luck with your newspaper 🙂

napan jr
napan jr Day 1,907, 14:24

Everybody knows is a lie

I don't need anyone's money
I'm not a thief like you

Farbous Day 1,908, 09:51

@Alperen: Don't say to every citizen that he's a thief. You don't know it... If you would fight for your fellow believers, then behave like a believer and not like a sinner. If you think, that anybody'll stop to criticize you when you say that he or she's a thief, you're dead wrong.

Oh, and only because you fought sometimes well for KSA (but not if KSA fought against Turkey), you aren't allowed to interfere in our policy.

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