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Creating a Masterpiece

Day 1,993, 17:44 Published in USA USA by Derphoof

Just take a listen to either of these songs, depending on what you’re feeling like. Don’t worry, it’ll help you connect to the article.

Here’s something ya’ll will recognize and know once you listen:
O Fortuna - Carmina Burina

Here’s a kickin Gospel piece that sounds epically fantastic:
Ride on King Jesus - Moses Hogan (Religion doesn’t matter, its a cool piece)

Now what you’ll find in each video is an ensemble. One is symphonic with a chorus, the other is simply a choir and a piano. They are nearly flawless performances of their respective pieces. They both take several groups, and bring them together to make beautiful music.

Now think of America as that choir or that symphony. We have several branches of government all trying to work in concert with each other to create the optimal result for the country as a whole. Each department is a section of the choir or symphony, working as hard as they can to produce the best sound. The President stands up front and directs them all. He keeps them all on beat and working in sync to reach the desired sound.

However, what happens when someone decides to just do their own thing? “Screw what the director says, I’ve got a fun idea.” He decides that a certain note will sound great at a certain time. He doesn’t sing it in practice because the director will make him stop. So he waits until the performance. The time comes during the final chord, and he hits the note. However, he soon discovers that note does not fit the chord like he thought!

Suddenly, the whole choir is thrown off. He tries to get back on his note, but he can’t seem to find it. He’s thrown off the people around him and now they’re all over the place. They’re sharp, flat and some stopped singing because they couldn’t get back on pitch. He receives a deathly glare from the director as he is frozen in a mortified state. He’s ruined the whole piece, right at the end. All of that practice, all of that work... and it was all for naught. They failed to make their beautiful music. The objective was lost.

Such a scenario can be translated to the US Association of Independent Militias. A bit extreme, yes. However, one must exaggerate to get the point across. Fighting against Spain is certainly not as disastrous as some make it out to be. However, it is the disastrous potential that gets people ancy. What if there had been an ongoing major negotiation between the executive leadership of Spain and the United States that was only known by the executives? What if a treaty was being negotiated with Canada and Spain? What if...

The list goes on and on. For now, “what if” is the major factor. There is uncertainty when it comes to how the group may choose to act in the future. There is absolutely no question that AIM is a fantastic idea and organization. For once, we have a collective of MU’s coordinating and targeting their damage on a singular battle/target. This is a great tool for the nation’ future as well as for the members of the respective MU’s involved in the organization.

What worries people is how they choose their targets and how it could interfere with official government business. After all, they can say they are independent, but they still represent America. If business, not known by congress or the general public, is being done with a targeted nation, then the attack can derail government priorities. Just like the one guy in the choir, it can throw off everything and cause all of that work to go to waste.

The government and AIM need to work in concert with one another.

I’m not saying that the government needs to control AIM by any means, and AIM should not try to interfere with official government business. Instead they need to keep in close contact and coordination. When they come up with an operation, they should run it by the executive to make sure it will not get in the way of their business or create a volatile situation. Just as well, the executive should keep the leaders of AIM informed as to what nation will make a better target than another nation. They could even do some dirty work that the president is reluctant to perform with the national military.

Let’s not forget, we all dislike TWO to varying degrees. However, in such times of volatility in the realm of foreign affairs, we must be careful with our actions.

There is no question in my mind that AIM will prove to be extremely fun for those involved. They just need to be responsible in their actions. You can be responsible while having fun. Imagine when AIM helps to take out Servian or Polish held regions, much to the delight of Americans everywhere, while being confident there can be no repercussions.

It will be glorious.

When AIM and the government work in concert with one another, they can create a beautiful symphony. The works of their cooperation will be held in high esteem by the nation and its allies. With AIM working in sync with the US Government, we could prove to be a more efficient and powerful nation than ever before.

In “Ride on, King Jesus” they sing, “No man can hinder thee.”

When AIM picks a perfect target, the whole country is behind it, and even those outside of the group want to join in, nothing will be able to hinder us.

So come on America, nobody wants to be that guy in choir who messes up the sound of the whole group.

Lets come together and create some beautiful music.

Lets make a masterpiece.



Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,993, 17:46

I couldn't agree more. Both parties can achieve their goals, and work together for the USA.

Rubicon8 Day 1,994, 07:45

So the government should rule the militias?

Thats not a masterpiece, that's socialism!

I am sure the serbians and polish would be happy with a AIM more aligned with the...official foreign affairs agenda. Sort of a "status quo" agenda isn't it?

Luckily, that's why they call them "militias", they belong to the people, not to the government!

Just my thoughts.

Rubicon8 Day 1,994, 07:45

This is the vision of the militias:

That's a masterpiece!

Albert Kinchasse
Albert Kinchasse Day 1,994, 08:40

I sense more so a monarchy system within this structure...

Derphoof Day 1,994, 09:25

The government should not "rule" the militias. The government has its own fighting force in the USAF.

They should work together and coordinate in order to be more efficient and effective. Doing this will help the country as a whole.

The USAF may not continually fight against the same nations that AIM does, or vice versa, and that's perfectly fine. They both have their own respective priorities. However, if/when AIM is conducting an operation while the USAF is fighting against TWO in a different set of battles, that can cause immense harm to TWO. Suddenly, the full force of the American Military is spread out across TWO's empire, fighting in an extremely efficient manner. It would be very hard to stop the American forces from succeeding in their battles.

Evil.Elvis Day 1,994, 13:03

"Luckily, that's why they call them "militias", they belong to the people, not to the government!"

The Government IS the People!

Rubicon8 Day 1,994, 13:58

@Twisted-pixel: "The Government IS the People!"

Do you believe in fairy tales as well?

Derphoof Day 1,994, 14:36

Personally, I do happen to believe in democracy. The current government has been elected by the majority.

I'll repeat what I said on the eUS forums:

"Don't like what congress is doing? Elect a different PP who will fill congress with different people, people who align to your opinions. Don't like what the executive is doing? Prop up a candidate that aligns with your opinions and try to get him/her to win the election."

If you want government to change, perhaps you should go about changing it.

morningblur Day 1,994, 22:08

You hit the nail right on the head Derphoof. The media is filled these days with people complaining that the government doesn't act with the will of the majority. That is completely false. If the government acted against the will of the majority it is replaced. If those with complaints put as much effort into campaigning for change and lining up candidates who think as they do as they do in writing grand complaint articles they could change things. The fact that our affairs continue along much the same as previous months shows the majority is pretty much satisfied with how things are.

Derphoof Day 1,993, 17:46

First reserved for cooperation.

Derphoof Day 1,993, 17:47

Oh damn, I couldn't even type my "first in time"

note to self: comment before shouting...

klop123 Day 1,993, 17:46

Let's make a masterpiece! x2

Derphoof Day 1,993, 17:46

Comment deleted

some people really like to write.
I prefer short and to the point but what evs

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Day 1,993, 18:01

Strength and Honour

Albert Kinchasse
Albert Kinchasse Day 1,994, 08:39

Are elaborated within words...

Kooguy Day 1,993, 17:59


Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,993, 18:06

Great article! Voted!
One note from me too. One thing that has contributed to this process is the extreme lack of information to the general public as to the processes in the government. Especially when it comes to said international negotiations. We usually only get the results in a glorious article, but we rarely are given more about what brought these results. And, yes, I understand sometimes secrecy is needed, but not always. The average player shouldn't have to spend hours on IRC tracking down government officials to find out what's going on in the world today and where does the government stand on something. If we had more info about these things, folks like US-AIM could plan accordingly. And not only they. We vote for POTUS and Congress and so they are largely responsible for our fun, but not 100%. Being informed can only help

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,993, 18:27

AIM is what should have been done already with the government.

All they wanted to do was cut the funding as the MUs weren't as "important" as the other government armies....

olivermellors Day 1,993, 18:37

Nice article: I like the optimism.

Knew a guy who played in a symphony orchestra. He found the music unsatisfying. He teamed up with others to create a chamber orchestra. Their music is heavenly. Of late, they play with the symphony and its new conductor.

Symphony orchestras are not the only ones to make great music, just the best at performing symphonies.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,993, 18:37

I would have thought you would show so more love to the people responsible for liberating the country you were president of for two terms, they're independent and fight for who they want

Derphoof Day 1,993, 18:55

Oh, I love the group! I stated that in the article. I'm just saying that, even though they are independent and able to fight for who they want, they should work with the government to be more effective.

Doing things like fighting Spain, killing TWO, and helping old friends are more than welcome. As stated, we all dislike TWO to some degree.

Its about promoting camaraderie, cooperation, and fun for the national good rather than constant infighting and controversy.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,994, 02:40

This is a good example of taking a valid observation of what is happening and making it personal.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,994, 05:38

I guess I misread it 😛

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,993, 19:37

Stellar writing, Derphoof. The eUSA and AIM can work together in tandem, all they need to do is follow the director.


Cubby Day 1,993, 20:19

But, but, but... What if?
Time to lynch the director, then we can rock out instead of making easy listening music for my grandma.

Mr. A. Smith
Mr. A. Smith Day 1,993, 20:29

Sorry but you lost me at, Just take a listen

Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Day 1,993, 22:47

❤ derp

Othere Day 1,993, 22:54

I think future governments will consider this very situation when considering foreign affairs, and hopefully will collaborate with eUS MUs. MUs who, no doubt, have the best interests of eUS and its players at heart.

Candor Day 1,993, 23:54

It's not always about winning. Some of the time, at least, it's about how you play the game. Play with character, and play with a smile on your face.

panpitoo Day 1,994, 01:35

voted 538

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,994, 02:42

And now imagine a nasty piece of work who wants to be conductor is waiting in the wings to take advantage of any dissonance that might occur.

Good work.

avrukh Day 1,994, 03:07

avrukh was here

Coyote99 Day 1,994, 06:41

I like some of your articles.. I'm sorry, but this is not one. There was a time when a group like AIM and the government worked in tandem. Some know it as the JCS 😁 it was a great establishment all the way from beta through V2 and up until MU's were made, in which Avruch and Pfeiffer got rid of them for the UltraMarines. Anywayssss, my (main) point being that in my opinion, the military and government should be two separate entities with the only communication coming in the form of who are we trying to get treaties with, and who are we killing. Because, as everyone knows, absolute power corrupts absolutely. People complain about the way the country's heading now. It would be astronomically worse if the government had control over all MUs. This rant is being cut short because 1. it's 8 AM and I'm sure I've already made multiple errors, and 2. I have a physiology class in 15 minutes. So, food for thought. BAI

Albert Kinchasse
Albert Kinchasse Day 1,994, 08:38

What this article suggesting is actually more so a monarchy structure...

Derphoof Day 1,994, 09:08

Gah! If only you could've written more!

Now, I wasn't around for the whole JCS mess. However, I think that the government and the military should work together to be more efficient. AIM has already made the independent militias more efficient by bringing them all under one umbrella, so to speak.

What I am proposing is exactly what you said, "communication coming in the form of... who are we killing." If they can keep communication with and coordinate strikes with AIM and the USAF, then they can work together to be extremely efficient and effective.

Coyote99 Day 1,994, 10:29

Dear Derpy, get my teachers off my arse and I'll talk to you all day mate 😉 but I'm slightly more awake now (although I have another class shortly) but I understand your idea, I just misread it I suppose 😛 I wasn't here when the JCS fell either, it was after my (second) time at this game. But I was here when it started to collapse, and it turned into this boring tyranny where there is no real competition anymore 😕 JCS worked closely with the CP, but they were allowed to run their own organization ya know? 😛 more to come later, maybe we can chat about this on IRC later in the day 😁

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,994, 20:13

This is absolutely patently false, and is a total corruption of what actually DID go down. The congressional mandate is a matter of public record.

Coyote99 Day 1,994, 21:28

Really? There weren't JCS, then MU's, then Ultramarines, then Pfeiffer sucking himself to the top? Because I was there for 3/4s of that, and the last part is fairly common for him. I'd assume from your e-b-day, you were too, but I could be wrong. You could've been a brit at the time or something to that effect.

morningblur Day 1,994, 22:26

The JCS was great when under the leadership of Harlot. He understood the need for the military to function in tandem with the government. Harlot also took responsibility for the military's actions. When the USA was invaded by PEACE and states started falling left and right Harlot offered his resignation because of the perception that the military didn't stop it. In those days the JCS actually worked with and answered to the government. Later leaders of the JCS when faced with their mistakes refused to accept responsibility and told the government "Screw you guys, we're taking our ball and going home". So yes there was a time when the JCS system worked and was great, it was just a far different JCS at the time of the split than it was in it's days of greatness. The leaders of the JCS at the time of the split spent all their time insulated deep within the JCS and never made an effort to follow in previous leaders footsteps. That was the fatal flaw. Bradree just wasn't a Harlot, Jankems wasn't a Harlot and they didn't have it within them to be. They fostered a cult like mentality of us against the government in the JCS that carries on to this day.

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,994, 22:45

No, now you're nitpicking semantics that fits your argument. None of us "sucked our way to the top." The USAF got off the ground to fill a need because the JCS refused to account for the money they were spending to CONGRESS. Pfeiffer would love for you to think that it was all him, as it fits his playstyle, but any eUS CP at that time could have told you that the JCS split was a long time coming. 😛

Digitalixer Day 1,994, 07:18


Albert Kinchasse
Albert Kinchasse Day 1,994, 08:36

On the contrary, I abhor pictured propaganda, It is the epitaph of illiteracy. Give me words for the willing!

Rubicon8 Day 1,994, 07:38

Comment deleted

Rubicon8 Day 1,994, 07:41

Comment deleted

jver1207 Day 1,994, 09:36

pretty straight forward if you ask me....folks are bored!!!! take that to the round table (IRC) discussions and start listening to ecitizens.

If US-AIM fights where govt tells them.....back to same boring crap!

US-AIM almost makes me want to return to eUSA.

Derphoof Day 1,994, 10:03

Its not about fighting where the gov't tells you. Its about coordinating to have the best possible effect. US-AIM is great! However, it just needs to make sure its not accidentally making any kind of volatile foreign situation any worse.

As long as everything is clear, I would love to see AIM be a frequent nuisance to TWO.

We all like seeing Servians get butthurt and cry.

jver1207 Day 1,994, 10:15

must be just me. I left eUS because of all the bs, lies, and elitist govt. US-AIM is so awesome to me because they don't seem to want to be'coordinated' by gov't ideas of foreign affairs.

Derphoof Day 1,994, 10:25

I get that. They feel disenfranchised by the government, so they've taken matters into their own hands in the only way they can.

However, when foreign affairs pretty much consists now of "CoT is awesome, and TWO sucks" in the USA, I can't see how there would be much disagreement.

After all, EDEN just formally died:

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 1,994, 09:53

Correct link for O Fortuna:

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