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CP Update - Day 1,282

Day 1,282, 19:29 Published in Ireland Ireland by Sean MacDiarmata

Citizens of Ireland,

Your government has been working endless hours over the last eleven days to make sure we are making the right choices because these choices affect every Irish citizen.

When my cabinet and I stepped in, we where being hammered by the soldiers of the UK. We had lost multiple regions, most of the countries funds where spent and this left Ireland in a very bad position. We where engaged in a do or die war with the UK, they had control of two regions and attacking a third.

The Irish people should not be fooled or mislead by others, it was there to be seen we were a day or two away from being wiped off the map. To even avoid that for a few days would have needed to see some excellent military planning, top notch contact with our allies and some fantastic fighting from the soldiers of the Irish Army & Irish Citizens Army.

The Ministry of Defence has been working hard with the Irish Army to make sure all of our soldiers have been supplied and know where to fight. We have some new faces with in the Irish Army that I wish to announce to those not currently aware, Chance Harrison has been our Joint MoD for the past eleven days. He has done some great work and has been here for everything, supplying, fighting and coordinating. Ian Passmore has been the CoS for the past week or so and also has been working very hard for the Irish Army, he has been making sure all IA applicants have been directed to locations to work and getting supplies out (even donating a high amount of his own).

Our brothers in the ICA have also being done excellent work to keep Ireland free, their commanders have been up all hours, have donated over 1k Q5 weapons for tanks to defend Ireland and have been tanking a huge amount themselves. Without the support of the ICA Ireland would not be here for us to have congress elections.

Foreign Affairs
My Minister of Foreign Affairs IrishBhoy1967 has been working tirelessly to update our allies and advise them fully on where Ireland stands. We have signed two MPP's with our brothers and sisters in EDEN, this is key to me...we are EDEN always.

IrishBhoy1967 has being working with our EDEN allies on deals to aid all our allies and to arrange deals and to advise them on what we think of this war.

My MoF Sweet Drinker has been working very hard to bring in inititaves to try to improve our economy so it will help the average citizen. He has been very limited over the past eleven days due to very low funds to do any changes on the monetary market let alone bring in his idea's. I have been discussing in length the thoughts of what he wishes to bring in and what he thinks needs funds put into to add some stimulus to our economy.

I have discussed with Sweet and we have agreed a number on what could be needed and I as President will invest the necessary funds to do what ever we can to get a competitive currency and competitive market.

This has been a very interesting last eleven days within the Irish community, we have welcomed some of our fellow eRepublik citizens to Ireland and we have seen the MoC pick up aswell. I would like to say it was my fault for the MoC not performing up to the high standards that we have seen over the last number of months. I don't say this as anything to the ministers I chose, I say it about myself...I should have been more involved and talked about idea's we could have tried. To the Irish community I do openly say sorry for any failings you saw last month when I was CP.

I am very happy (delighted you may say) that DerBrad has been my Minister of Community, he has had some excellent idea's and we have seen a good upsurge in community participation.

Our Allies and Brothers
I want to take the time to thank all those who have aided Ireland in our ongoing war, these include people from battle planners to tanks to funders.

IrishBhoy1967 - This man is the Dwight Eisenhower to Ireland (for those of you who don't know..DE is know as the best military tactician of the 20th Century) and is always instrumental in battle plans and tactics on which route to choose. He stays up for serious god knows how many hours, he donates all his weapons and funds to tanks helping Ireland (Donated over 1k to Romper alone in the Cork battle).

IA Command
Seanan, Chance Harrison and Ian Passmore have worked their socks off over the last eleven days. They have all stayed up for crazy hours on end, made sure every person knew what was happening and making sure all soldiers had a gun in one hand and a beer in the other. I want to say fair play to Chance, who in his short time here has done an epic amount. He has done legendary hours, class amounts of tanking and like Ian donates his own stock when needed...without hesitation.

You are the guardians of Ireland, the men and women on the first and last line. You stand tall when all else is falling, your relentless desire for a free Ireland will never be diminished. You fight from the first minute till the last, you never give up and even when we fight the same person again and again. We will overcome him and I will gaurentee it, I can't thank the members of both armies enough. All serving with in either army knows how much I fight for our soldiers and I will never stop, we need all different type's of community members but I have always been a military man. I started on that route when caladbolg offered me a supply role at the old level of 7, since then military has always been my role or route in eRepublik.

Francois L. Pignon came in to do consistent damage for us over a number of days and although he will take the mick out of me over this...I honestly cant thank him enough. He was there at all hours for each battle and he is a soldier im proud to call my brother.

Romper along with Francois has came in and backed up his brothers in Ireland with epic damage. Romper has fought along side most Irish tanks and is always there to help.

EDEN backed us up when we explained the situation as they always do. You are our brothers as we are yours, we have been on the front lines of all our brother like Ukraine, Italy in Lazio, Bulgaria in Iran and on their home front. Our brothers Croatia and Bosnia, we have been there throught all you victories and defeats...when you bleed we bleed.

Libertad are a new community coming to Ireland to find a new home and they have come fighting like Irishmen. They helped us RW so many battle's and help in all attacks for the likes of the NI attack and I am proud to welcome them to Ireland to start a new journey for themselves.

TCO - You are always the brothers and sisters to Ireland, tbh you are basically 30% Irish. Since my 1st MoD term I learned about TCO, they back up their mates not matter what the cost.

I understand this may be a block of text but I want a full and as comprehensive as I can because after all is done and said I am only here to serve you, the citizens of Irelnd.

As always I ask the citizens of Ireland to contact me if they have any questions, taughts or idea. I am always on IRC and my nick is Marcus_Suridius.

Marcus Suridius
Ireland President



Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,282, 19:29

Did someone ask for a united Ireland?

Francois L. Pignon
Francois L. Pignon Day 1,282, 19:31

All hail Ireland!

Llort Zakharov
Llort Zakharov Day 1,282, 19:31

Nice article. Hopefully there's more to come; voted. Keep the good work up, gents.

Damien Wolf
Damien Wolf Day 1,282, 19:32


Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,282, 19:35

I read most. Will read the rest tomorrow. All I really read was Chance, Chance and Chance. LOL J/K Great article.! Voted hard!

Jiosen Day 1,282, 19:35

Now THIS is a good president.



Patrick O'leary
Patrick O'leary Day 1,282, 19:35

o7 Keep up the good work everyone!

Ian Passmore
Ian Passmore Day 1,282, 19:38

Hail Ireland o7

Lliam Costello
Lliam Costello Day 1,282, 19:40

Great stuff as usual, Mr President.

Eric Last
Eric Last Day 1,282, 19:41

Ireland o7
TCO o7

Othere Day 1,282, 19:42

meh, maybe you'll do better next month.

Linus Ben
Linus Ben Day 1,283, 00:51


Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,283, 02:41

Only 3 lines for Libertad!

mikroastos Day 1,283, 04:19


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,283, 08:33

Thats because a lot more will be said about our new brothers for months to come.

Kavrocks Day 1,283, 08:57

"Your government has been working endless hours over the last eleven days to make sure we are making the right choices because these choices affect every Irish citizen."

Working long hours can lead to bad choices being made. Whilst its good rhetoric and sounds good the smarter option would be to make sure you are well refreshed and relaxed.

Tomazim Day 1,283, 11:39

"We cried until EDEN dropped everything and sacrificed most of their shit to save our worthless regions"


MrConway Day 1,283, 11:58

Lol Kav

barakObamias Day 1,283, 12:41


pete sake
pete sake Day 1,283, 13:10

ICA Abu.o7

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,283, 14:11

Very good job. Keep it up please!

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,283, 14:27


DerBrad Day 1,283, 14:53

Thanks Marcus
Glad to be of Service to eIreland

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,283, 15:21

How did the ATO go guys?

S1lv3r M4X
S1lv3r M4X Day 1,283, 15:56

Nice work Marcus Your the best CP since ive been ealive!

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,283, 17:01

Labour Army was pretty active in the battles.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,283, 18:24

@Goku Jones - Did you enjoy it when we took Northern Ireland from you?

Riggy Day 1,283, 22:22

V, great job

KyriakosK Day 1,284, 04:37


ChewChewShoe Day 1,284, 10:37


Yuliy Tsederbaum
Yuliy Tsederbaum Day 1,284, 11:01


arkass Day 1,284, 17:46


Mikee1 Day 1,288, 12:39

v48 sub527 from Greece!

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 1,299, 12:33

Nice article but one point.

Ike was not the greatest military tactician of the 20th century. Don't get me wrong. I like Ike. But Ike was a political general who knew how to work the alliance. He left tactics to the combat generals. Patton, Bradley, Clark for the allies were better as well as others. There were many Germans who were way better.

That being said it does not take away from the article.

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