CP ELECTION DEC 2019 Dinnyin v. chickensguys

Day 4,396, 22:33 Published in USA USA by Animis
I am going to make this simple.

I am also going to be very careful, which means I am going to be deliberately vague because this information is still classified and I am duty bound to both warn all of you how dangerously over reactive Dinnyin is and equally duty bound to not reveal things that are spoken about in PRIVATE CONGRESS.

Before going into the situation a bit of background
- Over the years, chickensguys has been the crazy, lunatic nut that he has been accused of being. He has had terrible periods of bad behavior, vile temper tantrums and have been vengeful towards individuals, parties and groups whom he he had previously charmed. He also has been a dedicated player, and very passionate about his actions; be them good, bad or worse.

As a CP, he has proven me 100% wrong. I was once part of the NEVER-CG crowd. I voted against him and wrote passionately against him over the years. He has shown us all his very best as our current CP. Yes, he is still imperfect but he is one of the best CP's we have had in a long while. He communicates well and on a timely basis. He sets up potential moves like he is playing chess and keeps congress up to date with clear instructions about when and why to hold our votes and then gives us reasoned instructions about the strategic moves he is making. This is exactly what we want in a CP.

Back to Dinnyin.
He also was and remains in the NEVER-CG group. However, instead of accepting a month of CG as CP, with all variety of bad behavior as a possibility, Dinnyin opened up a very serious discussion in PRIVATE CONGRESS that seemed reckless, reactionary and extreme. I am not at liberty to discuss any details about this but it was so extreme that I and many others have solid reasons to question his judgement. In another month or so this will all be declassified and rest assured; no extreme action was taken.

As PP of the tCP
, we ran a primary process and Dinnyin failed to get any nominations while CG got enough noms to qualify for our internal primary ballot. Because there was no opposition, no vote was required and tCP endorsed CG.

Personally, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised and happy that CG has turned out to be not just an OK CP but a good one and equally surprised that Dinnyin has shown himself to be so extreme and as such, inflexible.

I plan to vote for CG and hope the eUSA reelects him as our CP.