CP Candidature Announcement

Day 4,348, 11:59 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

My fellow citizens: It has been an honor of a lifetime to serve you as Minister of Education the past two terms. As OG's would remember, the last two terms were not the first time I honorably served in this position. There were 3 other instances.


As much I hate to relive the darkest moments in the land. It is from the past we can learn and improve upon in the future. A bit more than a month ago, an "ally" and "old friend" came back to our land. Sadly, he had no good intention. Upon his arrival he joined my party - Given his previous glorious status and at the time the party was young, I was honored he gave my party a chance. As soon as I learned of his ill will, I alerted a giant and our current CP Chris of the situation. Luckily, with no damages to the land, disaster was averted. It meant, my party lost 3 members (He and 2 others he bring in from elsewhere) as a result and by it a top 5 status at the time, but never did I regret the decision. It is always country first and selfish agenda second with me. Now, I lead a top 3 party. Good things do get rewarded one way or the other after all. I have personally funded giveaways both as MoED and a private citizen throughout my time here - not taking a dime from our national treasure. Initially, the giveaways were a bit of a competition and limited in benefits. It was for 3 people who had the most kills for the land in the weekly boards. Now, it is literally for anyone who asks for it. I am a renowned writer who has entertained and informed the land whether it be as a private citizen or a sworn government official. In my last campaign for CP, I was only 3 votes short which indicates, I command love and respect among a significant portion of the land.

Where we are and where we should go

Lately our nation has been doing excellent. I am impressed with the last 3 presidencies of Chris and Vincent.

It is now time to take the baton.

I consider Taiwan as one of our allies. I still believe recent events are genuine mistakes. That said, we had a good TW with our friends but all good times must end and we should search for a different TW partner.

Traditional allies such as France, Nigeria and Italy are good potential TW Partners. I also think we need to expand our allies. Better relations with USA under Tef1 administration are likely. It is in our best interest to follow through it.

Aegis is not working. We need a better alliance. It is the humble opinion of Tef1 that we join Asteria. Genuine friends such as Iran and Italy are already in it. It is a mutual benefit for the alliance and for us to be allies.

We need to be a better community and get to know each other more. Our National Discord Channel is inactive to say the least. We are not writing articles as much anymore. Tef1 will institute giveaways for best writers. It will not be much but it will be worth writing it. Writers must submit their article to me and I will reward them with 1500CC per article per week per person. *No spamming the system please.

Our next MoED should do international recruitment to get us a "Baby Boom" we will always be cautious of not accepting bad characters and no one is more trust worthy than Tef1 on this. The 2 Gold payment will be funded by me personally.

We will maintain our MPPs and with Congressional approval we will have new ones. USA and Montenegro come in mind here.

We will have a great cabinet. As of this moment, I do not have a list to provide but I can tell you I seek to have Rican and Liakouris in their current position. Please apply to be considered.

In terms of the state of the economy - I will not increase your taxes. Not a penny more.

We will have a Citizenship committee consisted of the top 4 parties. Tim will have a veto power on who is in the committee but PP's of the top 4 parties nominate their candidates first.

I shall be a uniter. Unity will be maintained. Lets debate but lets do it fairly and respectfully.

Thank you for the chance. It is appreciated.