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Day 2,142, 14:18 Published in Japan Serbia by kowalski_afc

First of all, I need to tell you that I’m sorry. I never wrote serious political articles, especially with candidacy. So, this is my first time to write an article like this. And also, this is your first time that you read my article like this. So relax, I heard it’s less painful when you are relaxed during first time.

So let’s start…


I was eborn long time ago. 30th of October 2009. Almost four years of playing this game, every single day.
First days, I didn’t like this game too much. Just few minutes of game per day. Then, I join chat channels. And find out that there is a lot more then just a silly game where we were trying to keep the wall. I find out that there are good people, ready to help, to talk, to share serious thoughts or just to have fun.

From the start, I decided to be a soldier. Soldiers have their moral codes and that is what I liked. Also, I had some experience like a writer, also in politics… But I’m soldier because I like discipline.

More then three years I’m a part of White Eagles, one of the oldest Military Units in our eworld. Also, I was several months in Command of White Eagles and SSF forces.

When Oraizan was our President, I was MoFA one month. I can’t tell that I did too many things, but at least I didn’t make any stupidities.

I came back to eJapan because I have one idea. I have one wish. And I need your help to make that wish becomes true.

I wish to be the end of eJapan. The end of eJapan like you know it…
I wish to be the start of new eJapan. The eJapan for which we’ll work all together.

What are our problems in eJapan?

We are closed country. Let’s face it. We are country of trolls and drama. We don’t like new faces around. We are suspicious to them. And the roots of that are we. We want to hold our positions. Political positions, economy positions, just name it. We all have our small interests from which we don’t want to give up.

But, we forget the main things. This is a game. This is a multiplayer game. And we all need to have one common goal, the thing or goal which we all love, for which we are all ready to sacrifice all what we have.

What is our main goal here? I don’t know for the rest of you, but I have only one thing about which I care about in this moment. It’s my country, it’s eJapan. And I’ll do everything what I can to keep eJapan free and try everything what I can do that our country become stabile and respected.

So, open your mind. Let’s make the new start for all of us. Let’s make all together something, let’s make our eJapan the country on which we can be proud. The country which will have respect all around this eworld.

My idea is very simple. We are all oldies here. People on political positions are there for years. And those people have all the time same ideas, same friends, same enemies. It’s all the same, only the names are changed.
Geezus, Ceda, Tarasino, Nowe, Ardishabutaro, Squibeel, me… And not only us. We are all old for this. We need to retire, to take one geisha on the lap and give the advice to young people around. (disclaimer: I took only examples, and my friends mentioned here, I don’t have anything against you)

I want to be the end of eJapan like this. I want to bring new, people full of energy in the Cabinet, people which won’t care about political parties, but which care only about our homeland. About our eJapan.

It want to be the new start. And let’s start it. All together.

All Ministries will have the same homework. They will need to find one or two people which are ready to become professional politicians. New sort of politicians.

For that, we need experienced people. People which worked in Cabinet, which know how this game lives and which are experts in their areas.

So, allow me introduce you my future Cabinet and main ideas:

Country President
- me, myself and I
In every part of this game, there are experts. And there is no player which is the best in every single aspect of the game. I won’t lie to you. I’m not the expert in many aspects. But the main thing for the Country President is not to be expert in particular aspect. The main thing is that he or she knows people which are the best, to put them on right places and to give them goals.

vCP - Jetishumadinac and Auraborus
Jetishumadinac and Auraborus are experienced players. In the same time, no one can’t say anything bad about them They should be our new leaders in the future, and for that, the best training is to be vice Country Presidents. They will cover me when I won’t be online, and in the same time, they will help me in my job.

MoF – Ahava3233 and her team
My dear friend Ahava has ideas how to improve our finance. She is experienced, she has ideas, she’s flame-haired blazing-eyed hunter. I will be honest once again. Tarasino made a great job last months. But, we should push that on new, higher level and I can guarantee that Ahava is ready to do it.

MoFA - Jetishumadinac and Kitarou Yuki
One experienced MoFA and our new wave of politicians. They will be equal and they will make their team. The main goals of MoFA for next month will be Ambassador’s program, connections with our neighbors and connection with our alliance.
In the light of last events and war with Portugal, I need to mention that we will try to improve our positions in CoT, to help to our allies and to become respectable member of CoT. That doesn’t mean that, in case that we see that CoT doesn’t respect us, we won’t start the discussion on all levels. But, as they helped us when we needed it most, we should be thankful and help to other member of CoT in the same manner.
In the same manner, we should keep connections with our closest neighbors. We should have warm and friendly relations with them.
They will need to send Ambassadors to every allied country, but also, to send Ambassadors to countries which are not allied with us, but in the same time, which can help up when we need. This is two – way process. If we want help – we must to give a help. That is where our MoD should act.

MoD - William of Edenbury and Watrogasac Nesa
William of Edenbury showed great professionalism like a MoD. He is young, he is active, and he has ideas. In the hardest moments, our MoD worked perfectly and we should keep it like that. Of course, new ideas are always welcome.
Watrogasac Nesa is experienced player, ready to help and ready for a hard work. I’m sure that he will be a great help to William.
Like a soldier, I always liked eCroatia and their motto. “When allies needs the help, we are not sending our units. We are sending our whole population to help to our allies”.
We should take those words seriously. We should all work together, and help to our allies as much a swe can. Like that, we will be respected ally. Like that, we can ask for the help to our allies when we need it. And we will be proud enation, which can look everyone straight in the eyes and say: We were there and we were fighting side by side with you. Until the last man.

MoE - Nicolas Bonaparte
New face in our eJapan, but showed great way of thinking and proved that he can be Minister of Education. When people are working hard and working good – we should let them continue their job. And let’s leave Nicolas to do the best what he can. I’m sure that he will be great on that position. Like always.

MoS – Ardishabutaro
MoS will have very hard work as we are planning to invite players to eJapan. He will need to check all them and let the best of them to become our citizens. Ardishabutaro has a lot of experience and I’m sure that he won’t fall under pressure. So, we are leaving one more professional on his place.

MoCH – Sir Robin Ibz and Ardishabutaro
Both of them already worked in MoCH. Besides their regular articles, they will need to write articles for Ambassador’s program and to try to get new people in eJapan. I believe that they can do that and this Ministry will be one of the most important part of Cabinet in the future.

So, this didn’t hurt you too much? If it is, sorry, but this was just a short introduction of my future Cabinet 🙂

Everything is on you.

This is our last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. We will continue to live with old faces, with old ideas and old politicians. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and we will see how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

So, take my hand and let’s take a ride!

Let the best candidate win on elections.

One of us,

P.S. Sorry for typos, i won't take care of them as i'm too old and too tired 🙂



kowalski_afc Day 2,142, 14:19

First denied!

ahava3233 Day 2,142, 14:21

Second denied

BODA90 Day 2,142, 14:23


arhangellord Day 2,142, 14:24


ahava3233 Day 2,142, 14:28

My review:
I Love The Matrix reference.
And I love the vision for Japan, Japan indeed needs new leaders and new faces to replace those of the tired and old, I can agree with that point. 😉
Impress me more both of you!

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 2,142, 14:29

Aye its not just the cabinet that could use fresh faces and new blood

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 2,142, 14:28

I disagree with your assesment that "We don’t like new faces around. We are suspicious to them." There is a certain specific group that went about joining eJapan in the worst possible way and have kept themselves segregated from the larger community that have earned themselves suspicion and dislike. For the average person coming into eJapan we're a lot more open, welcoming, and helpful, most especially if they hop into IRC and/or Forums and speak with us. 🙂

Narlindir Day 2,142, 14:30

Let me tell u something...

Good guy , great friend , give him support to become great leader of Japan xD
Salute 0/

Zarmael Day 2,142, 14:36

Good guy , great friend , give him support to become great leader of Japan xD


synhro Day 2,142, 14:53

Like your visions for the future and the cabinet is well balanced..'tried and true' together with 'new and aspiring'.

Looking forward to the new citizens you intend to bring..hope that the some of them would be genuinely interested in Japanese culture 😛

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,142, 17:25

Turt.. really? Kowalski lied all the way through his talk about new faces.. The cabinet is still just a bunch of oldfags -.- Also don't get your hopes up on those new citizens.. Japanese culture is not on CtGs agenda og interest.

synhro Day 2,143, 02:12

Well, decided to push aside whatever concerns I may have and have a little faith in genuine change. Fool me once..etc.

And last but not the least..a man sticks by his word.

kowalski_afc Day 2,143, 02:18

Hizaya, read the article careful. Ministers will choose people, not me. If i make the list, you will first scream that i'm trying PTO. And both of us know that it's not true.
Also, it's long range process. You can't put new people in Cabinet only like that. They will need some time to get the routine.
And the last, I watched anime before i even knew it's anime :PPPP

synhro Day 2,143, 05:36

Like Maya the Bee, Triton of the Sea and Mado King Granzort? :3

kowalski_afc Day 2,143, 05:43

Like Transformers from '80s :PPPP

synhro Day 2,143, 06:15

Yeah, those were the ones airing on TV late 80's/early 90's..Robotech also. Watched them as a kid.

ardishabutaro Day 2,143, 19:02

i'll add hizaya notification with my message here >.>

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,142, 15:00

I hope you will do a great job. 🙂

Supp o/

Petar Popara Crni x2

BG Pobednik
BG Pobednik Day 2,142, 15:21

Best solution for great country Japan!

JetiShumadinac Day 2,142, 15:53

Vote for Kowalski, make him most important penguin in eJapan 😃

Queen Reptila
Queen Reptila Day 2,142, 15:55

Mrletova i Ubodova skola, gejse ne verujte mu nista!!!

EL FAT PADRE Day 2,142, 17:06

Nema mene, nema vote.

Aryzn Day 2,142, 17:10

I wish you good luck in the election, and should you win, I wish you a successful term.

Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,142, 18:38

Comment deleted

Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,142, 18:40

Comment deleted

Tomoyuki Yamashita
Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,142, 18:40

TL;DR: Serbian.

ardishabutaro Day 2,142, 19:20

Voted. Good luck for election 🙂

maska_bgd Day 2,142, 23:12

Podrška usvakom smislu o7 Good luck o7

NacistGeo Day 2,142, 23:30

Vote for Kowalski, make him most important penguin in eJapan 😃 x2

nikol000 Day 2,142, 23:37

Kawasaki o/

mcmoox Day 2,143, 00:13

teo bi cvaki dima zivot vaki da bude kriminalac porse kavasaki .....

MCMOOX je bio ovde !!!!

Darshu Day 2,143, 00:34


bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Day 2,143, 02:15

ko ima ovaki kawasaki

elveon Day 2,143, 02:18

kawasaki_afc o/

SashaL Day 2,143, 02:27

o7 good luck

DaRkO 206
DaRkO 206 Day 2,143, 03:02

good luck \o/

Georgian woolf
Georgian woolf Day 2,143, 03:45

Srecno, razbucaj ove kosooke o/

fuson Day 2,143, 04:39


Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,143, 05:47

Good luck.

Sumnjivo_Lice Day 2,143, 08:30

Kowalski is something the best for eJapan. Great chap, fantastic virtual friend and good visionary

tarasino Day 2,143, 08:34

GL, my love!

How the hell did i end up in the "oldfags" list!
I am younger than the youngest in your cabinet!

kowalski_afc Day 2,143, 09:23

heh, you don't need to hide your years, baby 😛 Girls are hiding years after 30 😛

Btw, i really think that you did good job in MoF. Congrats 🙂

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 2,143, 10:50

"What are our problems in eJapan?

We are closed country."

It's not problem Imao...

Anyway, good luck!

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 2,143, 18:44

You're a good lad but I have to comment on that New People part.

We like new people, I like new people, the problem is when the new people migrate to our country as some sort of clan, PTO a small yet quite active party, constantly brings in citizens of their native land to vote for them in elections, fights against us because because we are on the opposite side of their native country during this world war, and has the audacity to declare themselves as the saviors of our country because a few us are upset at their actions(which is their only argument when we do become upset at them)

Other than that, good article and good luck.

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 2,143, 18:50

Some individuals(SSG) may disagree because their opinions in this matter are changing to "maybe being a Thailand, New Zealand or Montenegro won't be so bad"

Auraborus Day 2,144, 04:49


ljubisavljev Day 2,144, 05:45

di su konstantinovci

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,145, 17:06

Looks like Serbian PTO
Smells like Serbian PTO

Q: What is it?

It's a S_ _ _ _ _ _ PTO!

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