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Cowboy the F*CK up AMERICA

Day 1,854, 20:21 Published in USA USA by BeachBunny

Howdy y'all.

Is it just me or are you tired of how America has been acting as of late. To be honest it isn't just the AFA's fault for the current situation we are in. All of us are to blame. Every single one of you since the beginning didn't help with the ATO. Every single one of you who sat back and said it doesn't matter. Every single one of you said ahhh what the hell i don't like the unity candidate let me just throw my vote at the AFA. Everyone of you who said i didn't vote for him in the primary so he doesn't get my vote. Well guess what America? Its time to COWBOY the F*CK UP!

Over the last couple of months the AFA has gained some ground. They have a significant chunk of congress at their disposal as well as recently a slap in the face by Taking over INCI party. Now we all know INCI has been in decline as of late. It shows that they have no respect for the eUS other than themselves and their own personal gain. RGR has said many times all he cares about is becoming POTUS no matter what he has to do to get there. As he says here. As you can see there RGR doesnt care about the eUS, he only cares about himself as always.

Now it isn't just RGR and the AFA fault. It is our fault to. There are some of us who didn't take the threat of a PTO seriously. Maybe we haven't done enough to hault this PTO. Maybe when we Baptize the AFA and RGR in fire it does nothing of good. Maybe we should stop painting this picture of the AFA as a horrible place but paint ourselves as the alternative to evil. When we just hate hate hate against RGR and the AFA how does that make us better? Dont worry I will wait for an answer to that. But until then why don't we paint a better picture of ourselves. Because at this rate and current path we are no better than the AFA.

Its time to show America that we are the good guys and gals. Not the bad. Not the elitists. But that we are eAmericans fighting for the good of America. Fighting for the people, for the people are what make up this great enation.

America if we don't do something now, we will lose this country. We are nearly at our last stand. We must turn the tide now. I am asking that you stand with me at the congressional elections and help turn the tide!

America, Its time to COWBOY THE F*CK UP!



Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,854, 20:26

Boated! 1st!!!

Cowboy America here to fight against the PTO!!!


★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

BugsBunnyz Day 1,854, 20:28

Voted and Endorsed 😉

Of course lol

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,854, 20:43


Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,854, 20:49

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,854, 20:54


BugsBunnyz Day 1,854, 21:00

Hey Ajay guess what 🙂

I commented on it that means it is


Deal with it 😃

Syz2 Day 1,854, 21:06

I like it

wingfield Day 1,854, 21:19


Synesi Day 1,854, 21:21

/me nods

weasel2 Day 1,854, 21:26

Yippee ki-yay

o Gravy
o Gravy Day 1,854, 21:31

merica, fuck yea

Roberrto Day 1,854, 21:50

redbirdusa Day 1,854, 22:15

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


Time to Unite, Its time to show America that we are the good guys and gals. Not the bad. Not the elitists, Back to the old days of American Pride. New to the game or not please do not be fooled. We back in the day had a Great Reign of America and we can do it again.

For the old timers remember, wen were down to Florida and came back with a vengeance?

I believe its time to unite and to that again.

TheNorm Day 1,855, 23:31


TTi09 Day 1,855, 00:05

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

weezo1 Day 1,855, 00:12

Voted for the nipples

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 1,855, 01:06

Cowboys and bandits.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,855, 02:55


The.Dude Day 1,855, 05:35

Yippee ki-yay, MFer!

Mr.Tosi Day 1,855, 06:11


Temiser Day 1,855, 09:50

V! Yay
/me puts on her cowgirl dress

fingerguns Day 1,855, 10:06


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,855, 10:14

lol redbird.... the problem with that is everyone sees all the hate coming from your side 🙂

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,855, 11:56

voted 😃

Julian Caesar
Julian Caesar Day 1,855, 12:03

If Ajay hates it, then you know it's good 😛

Undisputedstrategy Day 1,855, 12:34


David North
David North Day 1,855, 12:54


kljuca Day 1,855, 13:04

in another life 😃

NueveOcho Day 1,855, 13:18

Voted for boobs

Hail AFA o/

Evilbastages Day 1,855, 13:38

Sure it has nothing to do with us turning on old allies and signing MPP with old enemies just because we are frighten of serbia 🙁

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,855, 14:28

Big Problem:

No leadership from the US Gov't.

We'll get PTO'ed.

It'll be easy. Because while there are thousands of potential volunteers to save America, there is no leadership in the US Gov't, to harness it.

The "Department of Homeland Security" ?

Don't make me laugh. If you do get a 6 week job with DHS before the PTO, your job will be to turn away volunteers as nicely as possible.

I don't know if they're doing it on purpose, or because they are simply incompetent. But they are engaged in, will lose, and be held responsible for losing the most important "war" the eUS ever fought.

Brush up on your Serbian. Now. It's not an easy language. But it will soon become the language of gov't and commerce here.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,855, 15:26

Hot chic pic at the end, the rest is "eh'

Mr_Pornstar Day 1,855, 15:36


Thedillpickl Day 1,855, 15:57

All of a sudden this is important? Where was everyone a year ago when we could have actually done something?

Viarizi Day 1,855, 16:08

I prefer Mexican girls!!!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,855, 16:12

lol Jon.. Serbs are 25% of our voters.... so not really.... we all speak english....

and I want to take over to LEAD the country, not destroy it, so FAIL on you.

Scott Spezio
Scott Spezio Day 1,855, 16:15

Ajay, no one takes you seriously. Save your energy.

Iamnameless Day 1,855, 16:32

All the Grifter's comments are pretty much a noun, a verb, and FAIL.

loftedraptor Day 1,855, 16:32

RGR will make an outstanding POTUS.!

kavinaugh Day 1,855, 16:54

rgr, ur party reeks of google translate;)

Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,855, 17:24

Awesome article! Cowboy up ladies and Gentlemen.

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★


Viarizi Day 1,855, 17:30

★ ★ ★ Feel the AFA ★ ★ ★

OMG they are TOing our stupid slogans now!

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,855, 18:14

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,855, 16:12

"lol Jon.. Serbs are 25% of our voters.... so not really.... we all speak english....

and I want to take over to LEAD the country, not destroy it, so FAIL on you."

25% of AFA voters are Serbian?

Interesting admission.

How many are Hungarian? Polish? Finnish? Macedonian? Bots?

I think we as voters deserve answers from our New Beloved Perfect Leader, since you have a policy of aiding a hostile takeover of the US by governments directly opposed by most Americans

Thedillpickl Day 1,855, 20:06


★ ★ ★ Feel my hot e-pein. ★ ★ ★

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,855, 20:24

<10< 3< 3< 20, 0.

lol, really? Romanians are our 2nd largest group.. they number in the hundreds.

Shade Gunner
Shade Gunner Day 1,856, 00:25

(cowgirlz ph0n3 number pls) xD

Dczip Day 1,856, 04:23

All your cowgirl pictures can't hide that this is just another Ajay hate post. Why don't we come up with a solution, rather than making post after post about Ajay. There has to be some exciting news out there.

Gravitas1555 Day 1,856, 04:43


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,856, 05:40

Not even going to read tell America to Cowboy Up and then put NO BODY in charge of the 'Unity Domestic ATO'...?

Another 'Fanatical Flufferist Failure'....

Deepchill Day 1,856, 06:31


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