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Countries of eWorld - results of survey

Day 1,876, 06:27 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992


Today the results of the survey about our perception of coutries of eWorld. Total number of votes - 22 - doesn't impress, but I think that results of the survey are trustworthy 😉
I think the results and general trends rather not surprise you, however we can draw some interesting conclusions.

First, "individual" results (in alphabetical order):


Argentina and Colombia - personally I'm not surprised by their good results - these two countries from South America are our proven allies. We often cooperated with Republic of China, as known as Taiwan, so it's normal to see them positively. Slightly different is it with Macedonia. Currently in our country is a considerable group of players coming from this country - and this is the main reason, I think. Ireland boasts the lowest percentage of negative votes - only 5%. Previous months shown that they are good ally, recently they were one of the few countries that have signed MPP with us.
The next in the ranking are Bulgaria and Chile - members of CoT. As you can see, we see this alliance quite positive.
Turkey - good result of this country isn't surprising - they are our ally for a long time, and everyone of us knows the Turks, who are currently in Philippines.
For me personally it is surprisingly good result for Serbia and poor for USA. Poor-average results for Croatia and Romania are understandable if you take into account some misunderstandings from previous months, when these countries have a border with us.
Definitely weakened our relationships with Canada and Malaysia (formerly they were our allies).
Australia, although is it quite close geographically, is indifferent for us.
Very bad rating of Spain is probably due to the current occupation.


I think that everyone has some thoughts in this case. Comments are welcome.

Perhaps in the near future there will be a new surveys on the issues important for us 🙂




MiczuTG Day 1,876, 06:31

First ! o7

Al PuniSheR
Al PuniSheR Day 1,876, 07:21

fajnie tam na filipinach?

Wilhelm Fink.
Wilhelm Fink. Day 1,876, 07:26

Very good article , o7

kb1992 Day 1,876, 09:31

@Pawel Zuk
Mnie się podoba : )

Kyronte Day 1,876, 11:09

Excelent work!

Thanks from eColombia. o7

kmm225 Day 1,876, 22:53

kb1992 well done,
as I can see NE for Macedonia and Turkey 😉

bercdo Day 1,877, 04:39

good article. is this survey will lead our country to an alliagnce?

Parmacki Day 1,877, 10:27

nice article
well done

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Day 1,877, 13:54

looks like CoT might be a popular option. eUSA and eAustralia also started shifting to pro-CoT stance so maybe those perceptions could improve in future

interesting study, v+s

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