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Counting the ePhilippines Population [Internal Affairs Comitee]

Day 1,754, 04:20 Published in Philippines Cyprus by bercdo

hello comaredes,

after the election, which eldarion and socialism won, i am appointed as the Secretary of Internal Affairs Comitee.

so here is the first article.

During the war with Indos we always say "there are too many Indo players we can't beat them" and i start to think how many active ePinoy were playing this game.

as we said with the pre election article "Every ePhilipines Citizen have rights for good suply and better development. We will give every active citizen a standart ration of foods and weapons for his/her development." every ePinoy who fill this form ( the link to your browser) will get a weekly support (weapons and food)

- the only term about receiving support is to join a military unit.

here are the links of the military units in ePhilippines.
(according to the rankings)
- (International Brigades)

- (New People eArmy)

- (Pinoy Mobsters)

- (Philippine Military Academy)

- (Junji Battalion)

Note: the number of the receiving weps and food depends on the active citizen number and the weekly tax income so please sell and buy something at the ePhilippines market.

Any questions please ask me with pm.



bercdo Day 1,754, 04:20

aha pirinci de kendim aldım

alfaChe Day 1,754, 04:21

sana öyle geliyor 😛

leto1 Day 1,754, 04:27

sal gelsin bercdo

Etheridge Day 1,754, 05:53

You have to copy the URL and paste it into your browser.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,754, 06:57 (Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino), also a Philippine MU (MvG Royal Army), also a Philippine MU

kadayao Day 1,754, 09:07

Vincenzo Roque +1

Eldarion Sionnodel
Eldarion Sionnodel Day 1,754, 09:18

vincenzo thanks for update.

John Jurassic
John Jurassic Day 1,754, 18:37


BasilanWhiteDevil Day 1,755, 17:44

good good... im not that active at the moment due to RL stuff but i login on a daily basis

i will fill that up when im on an active phase

sansae2 Day 1,755, 21:32


Ertugrul Cinar
Ertugrul Cinar Day 1,758, 00:05

Türkçesini neden yazmıyorsunuz. bir ülkede 2 ya da daha fazla ana dil olamaz mı ? ülke nüfusunun %30 u Türkçe konuşuyor. bazı salaklar kabul etmek istemesede bu bir gerçek

Tito Enrique
Tito Enrique Day 1,759, 08:00

döküman hatası deniliyor sorun var sanırım salabiliyorsan sal direk hocam

Tito Enrique
Tito Enrique Day 1,759, 08:00

v+s bu arada

Tito Enrique
Tito Enrique Day 1,760, 10:15

2 gündür sorun mu var dağıtımda gelmiyor bana 🙁

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