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Counter Offensive: Lightning strike! This day is ours, America.

Day 974, 17:03 Published in USA USA by Candor
Battle of Oregon/Washington Special Report

DoD Civilian Chat or Rizon #defense

DoD Civilian Orders

6am: A clear and sunny day breaks in the Willamete Valley.

8am: The Russians invade Oregon (This reporter’s home state) on what is expected to be a continued break for the gold that is California.

The Russians have control north of the river, and have taken Astoria (Goonies fans are sheding tears) and the western half of Oregon.

Defending the bridge over the Willamete at 18/14 is MrTuktoyaktak, a proud American.

Defending the bridge over the Columbia to the north at 14/11 are Synesi (US), FreddieNix (US), and numerous allies including Zgraja of Poland, and Rodr10 of Spain.

Defending the southern plains are valliant warriors, including Field Marshal MyBad, and allies vejderr from Slovakia and ganzhenguo, of China. So far, they are holding ground. But even as this is written, the dead are falling all around them.

200 Americans sit in Portland to defend the Rose City from harm, and many more in the surrounding towns and countryside. I can hear the tanks roll past as I write this, and the ground shakes and rolls.


5:00pm There has been a noble counter attack led by our very own Colin Lantrip and Clemens65 into the northwest corner of the state! It appears the Russians are being pushed back to their original lines, and that they will soon lose supply lines to their forces in the north east!

Ivar Gizteb is making a dash for the northern border with Washington, and will soon cut off all hope of Russian resupply to the east!

This appears to be a major counter offensive by the American’s to split and surround the confused Russian troops, who are clearly now retreating or fighting for their lives to entrench and stay put.

5:40 The Russians have nearly been pushed out of southern Oregon, and are attempting to reorganize their mangled and fleeing troops for a new line, about where they started 10 hours ago.

5:51 The American line is forming strong in the north, but there appears to be a trap being set in the south, the Americans leaving what appears to be a southern route for the Capital.

ESCL and his Canadian boys digging in at the far northern line of Oregon

6pm ESCL, a Canadian Field Marshal, holds our northern most line, and a solid line of defense has been formed stretching from Washington all the way to California. A strike team has been formed, and it appears will be moving to split the Russian forces into a northern and a southern army.

6:10pm It appears the northern American army is moving to envelope the northern Russian army. It appears they would like to push the Russians to the south. The Russians didn't fall for the trap down south, so strategy has been updated, from this reporters view. Now we're taking it to them, up north.

I'm guessing we are soon to see a skirmish-battle over Bridge 4/14. Control of 4/14 effectually leaves the Russians 1/8th of the state, all in the NW corner.

Battle of the Bulge at 9/13


6:20pm There's a bulge in the line at 9/13, some crazy (brave?) Russian air units, followed by three tanks, appears to be making a dash to the 300 defenders in the Capital. It appears to be stalling, but reinforcements are on the way.

Cbowman87 and the United States Army heading to counter the Russians at grid 9/13

Cbowmom87, United States Army Field Marshal arrives with a division of internationals and destroys the Russian bulge at 9/13. End of that I guess.

6:25pm Washington: The United States attacks Washington in a massive attack! The Russians have been overwhelmed in shock and dismay, command and communications have been disrupted. This is a feat of brilliance!

Artists rendition of American forces lightning surprise attack on Washington Day 974

Can you say this battles over? Lol. We got 'em on the run now.

We think this is a photo of Colin Lantrip in the street fight in Astoria (grid 3/08). Unconfirmed battlefield report

6:30pm Oregon: Colin Lantrip reappears leading a relief attack on Astoria at grid 3/08, and again the Russian northern line disintigrates. Retaking control of 15 grid in the strike, get that man some reinforcements fellas!

Holy Shite! They've retaken Bridge 10/2!

6:52pm Washington: The United States Army retook Bridge 10/2. Led by MSuracer, Devin Kesten and Belldandi, and backed by others including the famous Blue Holt and others, we have retaken the infamous Bridge at 10/2! This is a glorious day indeed to be an American.

The taking of Seattle: deerslayer77, miramotosanda, maruishima ,arons led the way into Seattle today, freeing our American POW's (who had barely found bunks).

There is an open battle in Oregon for 21 more hours, and Washington for 10.5. the battles aren't over, but the day is ours.

Congratulations to our brilliant JCS and all the military, civilian, and militia groups involved.

American soldiers asleep outside Astoria, Oregon day 974

Sleep now boys. The war's not over yet.

Author's note: PM me with battle details and I'll add them in

Join the Oregon battle
Join the Washington battle

Stay tuned…

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America, we are now at war. The fourth World War has begun.

Join: The United States Training Corps

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DoD Civilian Orders

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Wang Chung
Wang Chung Day 974, 17:10

Russians = Fratellis. Let's give 'em Hell.....HEY YOU GUUUUUUYS!!!!!

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 974, 17:25

Hopefully the battle won't time out on our turn for hours at a time 😛

lintyelm Day 974, 17:32

good job Candor

lintyelm Day 974, 17:35

Russkies fail at failing in Oregon

Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 974, 18:21

Good reporting, kid.

See you on the front lines. ~

MR. travis
MR. travis Day 974, 18:38

I fought and got shot up but nearly killed 2 ruskies before dudes came and stole my kills 🙁 but I war -part of majer offensive

Charmader95 Day 974, 19:21


Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 974, 19:57

Great day for America! I plan to detail how I and the USMC Commandant found ourselves behind enemy lines in Slavonia, only to be rescued by the one and only Bia Pandora after slaying the shit out of some Servs.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 974, 20:25

it's 20:20 now.. looks like a mop-up operation now. there's three, maybe four Reds left on the field.
but there's 11-1/2 hours of regulation time left in this fight. it remains to be seen whether they pour back into Oregon after reset, or try to defend Russian Washington State, or move ahead and attack California.
I think we're beginning to see how many hours a full force lasts and how much ground can be covered and recovered in a day. We have no solid answers but we should be seeing indications.

Candor Day 974, 20:29

There's 'Ol Fightin' Bradley himself! <0 Sir, you and your Generals have led us to overwhellming victories today!

mdande05 Day 974, 20:32

Good reporting. This makes the battles alot more interesting. Lol.

Halfie Day 974, 21:53

hell yeah. im sweeping up also. ive taken down at least 9 russians 3 of them were field marshalls :>

Greekdude829 Day 974, 22:18

Good Job, from Greece. 😃

SpoonyJank Day 974, 22:55

Salem 😕= Portland

Olympia 😕= Seattle

Chrono994 Day 974, 23:38

went from Oregon to Washington. helping Croatia and a bit with Sweden, there really wasn't much there well when i got there anyway. back to Oregon and ended in Washington. and almost died. it was a very fun day. i mean it.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 975, 03:48

Great reporting. Thanks.

Ivar Gizteb
Ivar Gizteb Day 975, 05:48

You're numbers at the end are wrong, Oregon battle is open for 3 more hours and Washington for 13.5. And I got my name is your article for the 2nd straight time lol.

lintyelm Day 975, 14:57

they got to california

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